Simplify and Forgive Yourself for True Emotional Healing

Simplify and Forgive Yourself for True Emotional Healing“Healing takes courage, and we all have courage, even if we have to dig a little to find it.” ~ Tori Amos 

I am not one of those people who plan their every move. I just cant live that way. I prefer going with the flow or rather going with my heart.

In doing so, sometimes I make mistakes.

I never said I was perfect, nor do I aspire to be perfect.

But, somehow we have all been hardwired to be that way.. isn’t it?

From the time you think you start to understand or comprehend life, we are fed the perfectionism myth. The perfect look, the perfect body, the perfect scores in academics, the perfect set of friends. …Anything remotely less than perfect is just not acceptable.

I grew up in a time when if you didn’t have the right look, the perfect high marks in academics, you were considered a lost cause. Its only when I grew up {Ok maybe I do refuse to still actually grow up ;) } , did I realize that Its not how much you score, or how perfect everything in you or around you is that matters…. What matters is just already right there…its our own true self. IN fulfilling the qualms of society and its perfectionism attitude we do often forget what we truly are. We are living lives we are supposed to, but not lives we want to.

How many of us can look at ourself in the mirror today and say with utmost belief- YES, I AM HAPPY! That too with glee and a skip in our heart and step…????

If you can then You are on the right track….but if you cant, then there are two reasons for that:

  1. Hard Wired Perfectionism
  2. The inability to forgive YOURSELF

Coincidentally both these reasons are intertwined and go hand in hand.

Try and think about your life, and analyze where you are automatically falling into the trap of perfectionism. See how you look or try to look-is it for your happiness or for society’s. See how you eat, drink, talk, play, Live….is it for your happiness or for that of others who expect a certain something from you? You will find the answer yourself.

In living or trying to live the perfect life for so long, haven’t you held yourself responsible for so many things that have not gone right in your life? I know I was living under that very cloud for far too long. I just couldn’t forgive myself for my imperfections.

What helped me is Simplifying

It had the most positive impact on my life and my being.

When I talk about simplifying I am not just talking about material possessions, I am talking about those emotional possessions, those emotional scars we give ourselves, every time something doesn’t go according to plan or according to our expectations. Be it in relationships, family, work…..We hold on to those scars, till they become so deep that they hurt at every turn of our life. They hinder in your emotional growth.

You need only keep the happy and positive emotional possessions and permanently do away with the negative and painful possessions. I know, its not easy. But its not impossible.

The first step is to simplify yourself physically and emotionally only then will you quite literally feel yourself healing towards a more happy and positive YOU. It’s one of the best decision you will make….I talk from personal experience.

I am a follower of the simple life and that makes me very happy.

Simplifying your life can truly enrich your soul, cause there isn’t a better more satisfying way to live.

There is only so much you can do and so much you can hurt…..allow yourself happiness by forgiving yourself and truly healing from within.

Today as I look into the window of my soul, the window to myself….all I see is light, love and happiness, the best emotional possessions which make me rich and fulfilled. What more can I ask for?

What do you see when you look through the window of your soul? Are there a lot of negative emotional possessions? Or have you been able to forgive yourself..?? Please share your thoughts in the comments below. I would love to hear from you.

With Immense Love & Gratitude,

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13 thoughts on “Simplify and Forgive Yourself for True Emotional Healing

  1. Jill Washelli

    I am aware that perfectionism has/is stealing my happiness and that it has hindered my emotional growth. I just wish that I could figure out how to let that and the mental/emotional clutter go…. I’m at a place where it’s been an ingrained habit for so long, that I’m finding that figuring out how to change is overwhelming…. I want to do it “right” (there goes that perfectionism again.

    1. Hi Jill,
      Firstly welcome to my little piece of heaven!
      As for figuring out a way to get rid of that emotional and mental clutter….the next article is going to be on that topic precisely.
      Till then breathe and decide to rid yourself of the scarring emotional baggage. Just making up your mind can be a BIG step towards your emotional healing.
      So happy you stopped by and shared your thoughts here.
      Much love~

  2. For years, I was a very unhappy perfectionist. Not any more! I’ve learned to live life in the moment, forgive myself and others when things don’t go as planned, and generally, try to do the right thing without worrying about a “right” outcome.
    So glad we connected through Vishnu! I’m subscribing now. 🙂

  3. Betsy at Zen Mama

    I love when my life is simple but that just can’t always be the case when you have children and a job. So I try to opt for simplicity when I can instead. But I do mange to keep my positive attitude that that sees me through!

    1. Dear Betsy,
      We are both alike in the then we can simplify part…cause having kids like you said brings about a lot of happy unexpected stuff you have to work around.
      What helps me the conscious effort and resolve to not let the clutter of the world get to me.
      A positive attitude helps immensely.
      Thank you for your beautiful comment here.
      Much love~

  4. Zeenat – How right you are that not forgiving oneself, perfectionism and I’ll add in ‘not being good enough’ (which segues into the other 2) are perfect ingredients for not being happy. We all have choices to make about how we live ~ I wish I could say that I was accepting of myself all of the time but I am still a piece of ‘swiss cheese’ – a work in progress. Your words are an affirmation and give me a nudge to stay on the journey. xxoo-Fran

  5. Simplicity is powerful. I love minimalism for the freedom and happiness it brings into my life.

    But I love how you took it one step further and spoke about simplifying our own emotional baggage. By working out those inner problems, all the outer stuff will become much easier to tackle.

    Good stuff Zeenat!

  6. Thank you for sharing this post.

    I guess there is no need to expect that we are perfect and that we never make any mistakes, because tis is not the way we are wired.
    It’s ok to make mistakes, but the key is to learn and grow from them, and then to move on.

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