5 Positive Ways to Contentment

“Man falls from the pursuit of the ideal of plan living and high thinking the moment he wants to multiply his daily wants. Man’s happiness really lies in contentment.” ~ Gandhi

What is contentment really? Is happiness more important or is contentment more important?

I believe that contentment and happiness are very intertwined. Infact one can’t BE without the other.

To me happiness is a state of being. We tend to come in and out of happiness depending on our situation…but contentment is not like that. Contentment once achieved becomes an ingrained part of you, which does not change or fluctuate…no matter what your state of mind or situation.

To achieve contentment takes practice and persistence. While I agree that I have not always been the content type, I also know that it was that time that was very very unhappy for me too. Which only proves, that contentment is as essential to our happiness as air is to our being alive.

Like I mentioned before, we each are gifted with contentment at birth, but we our self choose to plague it with vanity and variety. Below are five starting ways which will help you to resurface that Content part of you.

5 Positive Ways to Contentment

1) Trust Yourself :

You will never be content with what you have until you make peace with who you are.

Whether you believe it or not, you have a pretty hard time trusting yourself. You dont trust your own decisions and spend your days second guessing yourself. This is what you need to address first….you need to learn to trust yourself. How? Start by liking your self. Do you have habits and qualities you love? If no, then develop habits you like yourself..when you can like yourself , you can trust yourself too.

2) Don’t Judge Yourself:

Do not spoil what you have by desiring what you have not; remember that what you now have was once among the things you only hoped for.~ Epicurus

Comparing yourself to others in a very unreal way is judging yourself. If you judge yourself constantly, how then can you be content with your self or your life? There will always be more out there that you dont have…in the comparison dont forget what you already have. You are awesome just the way you are.

3) Break the ideal mold:

I am not in this world to live up to other people’s expectations, nor do I feel that the world must live up to mine.~ Fritz Perls

Expectations are a ^%&$&^!! I know, its the worst killer for self-confidence. But, breaking that cycle of expectations, from yourself and from others is what will make you literally taste contentment and happiness within. Rather than expecting to touch the stars in a day, why not get realistic and touch those stars in 7 days…gives us more time to plan and work on those big dreams right? Break that mold of expectations you or others have created for you and break free into a world of contentment.

4) Simplify Yourself:

Contentment consist not in adding more fuel, but in taking away some fire. ~ Thomas Fuller

My favorite way of them all! A physical act of simplifying yourself and your surroundings instantly has a positive impact on your overall feelings of contentment. Try it! Just look at the space you are sitting in right now and remove what is unnecessary to your productivity. These things pose barriers to your mental clarity. Do away with them and see how you are left with just the basics…and that is enough for you in this moment.  Simplify darlings…it kick starts and resurfaces those divinely content cells instantly.

5) Stop, Breathe and Count Your Blessings:

We tend to forget that happiness doesn’t come as a result of getting something we don’t have, but rather of recognizing and appreciating what we do have. ~  Frederick Keonig

How often do you just STOP? Take a pause, take a break….not the kind that you take from work. A break from the constant expectations and judgments and rut of life….Yeah now thats a break. Give yourself just five minutes a day to breathe silently. No externals, just you stopping and breathing…breathing and recollecting yourself. After that 5 minute STOP, make a mental list of all your blessings. Read this list and keep adding to it everyday. This practice will make you aware of what you already have and thereby rekindle the contentment within.

Contentment Equals Happiness

There is a famous misconception about contentment. People often think that a content person should be sitting around sipping lemonade in his/her garden without a care in the world. That is completely wrong ofcourse. I am a content person who is still working towards her big goals and dreams. That work is not posing a barrier to my state of constant contentment…infact it helps in clarifying the way to my big dreams. Being content to me means, being completely ME at all times. It means jumping and playing in the rain without a care in the world of what people might think of me. It means I do what I want to do, without letting others expectations of me mask my own dreams. It means I am perfectly satisfied with whatever I have right now….the gratefulness of which paves way for more happiness everyday.

Contentment brings constant happiness. Contentment is the way to happiness.

What is your definition of contentment? Do you think its essential to your happiness? Share your thoughts, your wisdom in the comments below. And, thank you for reading. I love having you here 🙂 If you like this post please share it with you friends and family with the sharing buttons below the post. I appreciate your love and support! 

With Immense Love & Gratitude,

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14 thoughts on “5 Positive Ways to Contentment

  1. I think that contentment is also temporary… I’ve a few example to support this:
    1. I was satisfied ( contentment ) with my tablet/mobile… But with time my level of satisfaction was not full.
    2. Similar things for girlfriends — have one and someone more beautiful will surely make some room in your mind.

    According to me contentment is time dependent… For a while you may be satisfied with something but you can’t be sure of being satisfied forever 😉

    1. Hi Rahul,
      Satisfaction is not contentment my dear. Satisfaction is a temporary feeling while contentment is not temporary….as I state in the post above. And just to clarify, a phone or girlfriend cannot bring you lasting happiness or contentment.
      The more your wants increase, the more your satisfaction decreases. Reduce wants and living a simple life is one tried and tested way to contentment and happiness…. I’ve tried it 🙂
      But I love that you took the time to share your thoughts here. We learn from each other everyday 🙂
      Much Love~

  2. Zeenat,
    I love all your tips for finding contentment. I truly think this is the ideal way to live your life rather than focusing so much on “achieving” or outshining your competition. If we concentrate on creating a good life we love that we are content with then those other things will come int due time anyway!
    Big hugs to you girlfriend,

    1. Angela, I see so many running behind the competition that some times it makes me wonder who they are running for…. themselves or to show off to their peers.
      You are so right, of we can create a happy and content life…all the world’s success will come in due time.
      Love your comment here.
      Much love~

  3. Wonderful tips and post Zeenat.
    Number one is the hardest for me, self trust and acceptance. Maybe that’s why I feel stuck in my life? And I am finding more contentment that is rooted deeper in me, trust and watching the circumstances, feelings and thoughts flow by ( including happiness which I consider a passing feeling).
    blessings, Brad

    1. Brad, we all struggle with self doubt from time to time. The key is to-be conscious of this self doubt and nip it at the bud…
      Instilling our self with qualities we love…is a start…
      You will soon come to a point where you will trust yourself so much that no other can change your inner determination.
      Sending you love~

  4. I liked your post as the thoughts are so well organized. Contentment !!!! well, it comes very slowly….with age, with self dialogue, with self assurance, with positive thinking and a host of other things and it is so subjective! your space of contentment may not match with mine and many others but it is definitely self inventive, self enlightening, more of a spiritual experience if it is real.

  5. Jean

    thanks Zeenat,

    I think the message here is to live simple and for you! “Life is what you make”. These are the words from my Maths teacher when I was a 12 yr old kid, I really didn’t understand the meaning of this phrase then, but now I tell the very same phrase to my 2 boys. I tell them to be happy with what they have ! Many people now a days want more and more! and they try to compare with others first!

    I love your post, and I read it regularly

  6. Let me know if I am wrong, but as I understand how you explain contentment, it would be the same as just being now. People aren’t content when they are not living in the now, they focus so much on the past and the future as if it presented an escape from something they don’t want to face, like they need to fix something. It is a relief to release that burden and just focus on where you are now, be happy with that because there is no reason not to, and build the life we want from that starting point.

  7. Hemant

    Wonderful. I have been saying these very things to my friends and have now added “be happy with less”. There is a difference between wants and needs. Our wants never end and in their pursuit we miss contentment. Be happy with what you have and what you are.

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