Intellect without Emotion is Direction-less!

Emotions form pure, profound bonds
Emotions may blind us but they bind us.

Editors Note: This is an insightful guest post by the lovely author Balroop Singh! Enjoy!

Emotions form an intrinsic part of our personality. Emotionally impaired individuals fail to express what lies in their heart and their relationships lack affection and warmth. Emotionally starved children become insensitive to love, respect and care.

“All learning has an emotional base.” ~ Plato

If we don’t have any emotions…what would we apply our intellect to? Emotions nurture our intellect, give a boost to our dreams and define our goals. Intellect is just used to figure out the means to the goals.

It is our hope of success that steers us through the dark corridors of life. It is our fear of failure that gives us a push to persevere. It is the inspiration to touch the horizon that boosts our efforts. And let me remind you friends, all these emotions come from our heart, not from the head!

Let us think of a person very dear to our heart. I am sure the first image that comes to your mind is either of your father or your mother. Now think, why? Why do these two persons occupy such an exalted position in our minds?

Emotions, my friends! I am sure all of you will agree that emotions rule us, not intellect. That is why we think first of all, of those who introduced us to the basic emotion of love, guided us, acquainted us with our goals and even navigated us towards them.

It is due to their love, their care and concern that we are able to move ahead in life. Actually, our emotions tell us what we really think. On a deeper and more value-oriented level, emotions actually lead us to true values of life.

“If emotions are free, intellect will look after itself.” ~ Alexander Sutherland Neill

Emotions are inherent, intellect is developed over the years and that too if the right learning opportunities are provided to a child. A penury-ridden child, with no access to education cherishes the desire to learn. Tell me, what leads such a child to acquire intellectual enlightenment? Undoubtedly it is the emotion…the yearning to know more.

Even if you do not go into higher studies, you can still be successful in life because your emotional intelligence has the capability to guide you towards your target. And let me tell you, when we are intellectually free, our progress can transcend all the barriers, all the impediments of class and creed.

Let me say it in the words of Roger Ebert: “Your intellect may be confused but your emotions will never lie to you.”

Intellect is insufficient without courage, love, friendship, compassion, and empathy. Why do we thank God everyday? Does gratitude come from the intellect? It might have refined our efforts but the feeling to celebrate the blessings of God, the feeling to revel in His glorious gifts comes from our heart.

Emotions tell us the value of our accomplishments, our work, our festivities and our relationships. In fact all our cultural activities revolve around our emotions.

“In the last decade or so, science has discovered a tremendous amount about the role emotions play in our lives. Researchers have found that even more than IQ, your emotional awareness and abilities to handle feelings will determine your success and happiness in all walks of life, including family relationships.”
– John Gottman.

Do you think emotions are evolutionary relics? Do they confuse us; make us weak, sentimental and skeptical? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

About the Author 

Balroop Singh

Balroop Singh is a former teacher and an educationalist, a passionate reader, a published writer and always lives through her heart.

She blogs at Emotional Shadows where she talks about people’s emotions, how emotions mould personalities and what is our role in all this.

Her Book SUBLIME SHADOWS OF LIFE is available on Amazon

You can connect with Balroop on Facebook and Twitter.

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7 thoughts on “Intellect without Emotion is Direction-less!

  1. Balroop, Thank you for reminding us that the mind and heart are linked and work together optimally for our personal and collective growth! When thoughts become Love and we share that Love in our words, thoughts and actions, then we know that our hearts and minds are in synch.

    1. Hi Martine, I am so pleased to meet you here. I agree with you, when the mind and the heart beat in harmony, that is the moment of sublime bliss…the moment of peace and contentment. This harmony leads us towards great fulfilment and we don’t have to chase materialistic happiness. This harmony doesn’t come without emotional balance!

      Thanks for adding your perspective, it is indeed valuable for us.

  2. Zeenat, I would like to express my gratitude for inviting me to post here, at one of my favourite blogs, which has always inspired me and touched my emotions in a positive manner. I am feeling so elated and honored! THANK YOU is a very small word to say what I feel deep down, in my heart. You have made a special place in my heart…it reminds me of…tera mujse hai pehle ka nata koyi!

  3. Hi Balroop. Thanks for an intriguing perspective. I agree that emotions are deep and powerful, and need to be combined with mind and heart to be most effective in life. I don’t think the title fits. To me emotions are the fuel, intellect is the focus and heart is the integrator and core. Heart is where we integrate, bond and align for a most harmonious and effective life. Congrats on your guest post and book!

  4. Hi, Brad…Thanks for adding your insight, I like your honest opinion. The title is meant to be provocative here, to arouse the emotions of readers like you, who only say something if they really get the ‘fuel’ to speak!!

    I have seen that emotions often get sidelined in our pursuit of success and amassing all that we need and don’t even need, at times. That could be the reason for modern stress, degenerating into depression so often. I am just trying to point out that integration of both, a healthy mixture could be the natural panacea.

  5. So nice to read this post and thank you for writing here, Balroop. We don’t talk about emotions enough – instead they are often suppressed, hidden and ignored. Emotional intelligence has to start with acknowledgment and understanding, so I’m glad to see you writing about the topic and sharing your thoughts about it. Emotions impact every aspect of our life and it deserves to be talked about more – on the blogosphere and in life.

    1. Hi Vishnu, thanks for your visit. I appreciate your perspective…you are so right, many natural emotions are pushed aside and ignored…may be because life has become so fast, so self oriented that we hardly ever get the time. For me, emotions have always been pivotal, without them my day is almost incomplete. Sometimes I wonder how this basic trait of living beings can be overlooked! My conviction is that IQ can only develop further only if we understand EQ. Both have to move hand in hand, in harmony.

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