8 Positively Simple Rules for a Happier 2018

“Happiness is there for the taking and the making.” ~ Oprah

In last weeks article on making one positive promise for the new year, I touched upon why it was SO imperative to be kind to yourself in the coming year. Cause let’s face it, those resolutions we each try and make every year, have crash and burn written all over them even before they are made! And when they do crash and burn, we get so critical of ourselves. We start to wallow in all things negative and dismal. Where is the kindness or happiness in that? So my take, NO RESOLUTIONS, only kinder promises ❤

In this weeks article we will dig deeper into what core positive rules you need to follow consciously in order to make 2018 your happiest and most positive year yet.

Why? Cause come on, there is that big dream(s) we want fulfilled…right?? There are those burning desires that we want to make a reality…right?? And what better way to put more positive happy energy into them than a new year with fresh new possibilities 🙂

So here goes…

8 Positively Simple Rules for a Happier 2018

8 Positively Simple Rules for a Happier 2018

1} Make PEACE with the Past – As you review the whole of 2017 in these last days leading up to the 2018, forgive yourself and others who have hurt you. Not because you are weak, but because you are far above those negative feelings of resentment. Start with yourself. Let go of the old and begin the new year with a clean slate full of possibilities and positivity. You past year does NOT define you, but how and what you learn from it sure reflects on your future happiness.

2} Use GRATITUDE to create Miracles daily – We all love those little serendipitous moments that come by surprise and make us believe in the magic of the Universe. We can consciously create those moments daily in the new year. Think of the last time you had such a magical moment…was it forced or painful or difficult? Not really, right? These moments come when we are in a state of gratitude that makes us already feel like we have enough. So you see, like attracts like. If, on a daily basis, you can write a small list of 5 things you are grateful for, that energy carries you forward positively into the next day and the next and the next. It becomes a chain of thankful days, everyday. That beautiful magic then creates the aura of happiness in you and around you, You will notice the beauty in and around you more. Life will be come even more miraculous. Make gratitude a daily habit in 2018.

3} Your OPINION is the Only one that matters – When it comes to others opinions, we are often given a free flowing supply of it almost everyday. I’m sure you were on the receiving end of these as well, as was I. What you must remember is that others opinions is none of your business and you literally have no control over it. Your opinion of you however is in your control and how much you value YOU is truly all that matters. Understand that you can’t please everybody…but if you are pleased with yourself, everyone just HAS TO follow suit whether they like it or not 🙂

4} Time HEALS (almost) everything eventually – Healing begins at the cell level and slowly makes its way to our hearts and minds. When you look back at this past year, feel how what hurt you in January probably doesn’t hurt so much in December. Its proof that time has the power to lessen the degree of pain and offer a healing balm. No, the scars don’t go away so easily, and I do understand that..but it sure feels better that sometimes, things just heal with time. Let time do its job especially now as you move into a new year of your life. Leave the old pains behind and look forward.

5} No one is responsible for your HAPPINESS – Over the past year there is one thing I have understood with great depth and that is that NO ONE is the keeper of my happiness except me. I’ve come to a point in my life where anyone coming and going from my life will have no effect on my core happiness and that to me is a great achievement…as I used to be emotionally very needy in my younger insecure days. Today, I generate my own happiness joo joo and don’t wait for anyone to make it for me. I’m perfectly capable of being happy in my own company and that my darlings is what you need to come to as well. Its when we feel it in our gut that “I AM ENOUGH” ….ahh that’s the most empowering feeling ever. Just make sure you keep affirming to yourself that “YOU ARE ENOUGH”.

6} Stop unnecessary THINKING – We are all prey to the monkey mind…yeah me included. If I don’t catch those brain tossing thoughts that can take a very negative spiral on autopilot, it just sucks your happy joo joo. And I don’t like that feeling. I prefer dwelling in higher vibrations as compared to the negative mucky vibrations. The trick is to catch the negative thought in its tracks and flip it with a positive thought instead. The past year is gone. Think about how much time you wasted on that negative spiral…and make a promise to yourself that the next year, YOU and your happiness will be in control and NOT the monkey mind!

7} SMILE more – Right now, yup right now…are you smiling? I didn’t think so. No worries, just think of a happy thought and SMILE. Allow your heart to be free to smile as and when it wants to. Allow yourself the luxury to make YOU happy with a heart smile every single day starting NOW. Honestly, we don’t smile enough. Imagine if everyone got out of the house every morning with a beaming smile, how contagious would that feeling be and how happy would the result of that high vibration be? Wowza! Lets do that…lets SMILE more in 2017. Lets live on high vibrations. Its just So much more fun.

8} Say NO to the COMPARISON trap – Half of our kill joy of this past year has been the comparison trap. “Why can’t I have what she/he has?” is the most common question I get asked from those who are looking for happiness in the wrong places. Think of it this way, not one finger print or DNA is the same as the other. NOT ONE! What makes you think any life can be compared to the other at all? No way! We are each unique, beautiful and awesome in our own light. And there is literally NO comparison. Also, before we can compare our life to others, we need to understand that we don’t know their journey and what problems they are shrugging under the carpet. Believe me if you only knew the problems that the SHINY people you admire face, you will want your problems back and be very happy with them.

Lets make our own Happiness in this new year darlings. Lets LIVE like never before and make those BIG beautiful dreams a reality.

A happier YOU will allow you to live SO optimally it will astonish you at the end of 2018!

Let these positively simple rules be your guide to a happier more shiny 2018.

Tell me->Which positive rule above resonated with you the most? Share your thoughts in the comments below. I would love to hear from you.

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17 thoughts on “8 Positively Simple Rules for a Happier 2018

  1. I don’t believe in making resolutions and I love your idea of kind promises. Your 8 rules are spot on! I especially love the one about generating our own happiness joo joo, it is an empowering way to take charge of our own happiness and lives.

  2. Appreciating all of your suggestions, Zeenat. Right now the one that pops for me in the COMPARISON TRAP. You and I travel with such powerfully, dynamic lightworkers who are doing so much to serve the world. If I spend too much thinking about what they’re doing, I can go “down the rabbit hole” and become lethargic that what I’m doing isn’t enough, good enough, blah, blah,blah. Instead, I put my focus back ON THE WORK THAT IS MINE TO DO in sacred service. Thank you for the gentle reminder.

  3. kelleygrimes

    I love your positivity rules and the wonderful reminder that we can actively cultivate our own happiness each and every day. I love your comment about imagining how transformative smiling can be to your day and the ripple effects of raising the vibration and energy with each person you smile at! Lovely! Thank you Zeenat!

  4. For me, it was to heal the past! Sometimes we don’t realize how the traumas from the past keep us shackled to pain from old results. To be great leaders in our own life, we must have the courage to take risks and try something new. Set our own trail.

  5. Great post Zeenat! The positive rule that resonated for me the most is #1 – Make peace with the past. Forgiveness is huge for us all, and when I forgive myself and others I am much lighter and happier. Thanks for sharing your wisdom.

  6. Oh, Zeenat… May I choose them all?

    Actually, I’m teasing. I have had a daily gratitude practice for more than 30 years — I find it both grounding and joyful. And my business partner and I have elected to “soft launch” our new project because we want to enjoy the process. Happy New Year, m’dear.

  7. bluesjunkie6969

    Hey Zeenat,

    Surprise! Merry Christmas!

    I have started a Top 10 “Best of the Web” Evergreen Roundup Post.

    You are included in my first one. Hope you like your Christmas gift!

    The post is now live and you can view it here: http://livelovelaughbehappy.com/top-10-best-of-the-web-evergreen-roundup-post/

    Thank You for helping me out by writing a simply excellent post in March, 2013 from among several other posts that I could choose from.

    Wishing you and your family all the best this holiday season!


  8. I love the idea of no resolutions – just kind promises. All eight that you list here are important. I think the one about no one being responsible for your happiness but you is my favorite.

  9. Oh my goodness, these re so good. I especially like #1 and #6. I wish time healed all wounds, so are so deep that they take longer. And it’s true, at the end of the year, the sting is less.

  10. Love these! I can attest to the power of a daily gratitude practice. Over the years it has changed my depression to a level of inner happiness that I didn’t think was possible. Every day, I write at least ten things I’m grateful for. Sometimes it’s hard to stop at ten. Knowing that you’re responsible for your own happiness is also critical to having lasting happiness. No person, thing or event can make and keep us happy. We have to decide to be happy, to make our own joo joo, every day, no matter what life is throwing at us.

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