One Positive Promise for a Truly LOVING 2018

“Greet everyone you meet with a warm smile. No matter how busy you are, don’t rush encounters with co-workers, family and friends.Speak softly. Listen attentively.Act as if every conversation you have is the most important thing on your mind today.Look your children and your partner in the eyes when they talk to you.Stroke the cat, caress the dog. Lavish love on every living being you meet. See how different you feel at the end of the day.” ~ Sarah Ban Breathnach (from ‘Simple Abundance : A Daybook of Comfort and Joy’) ~

We often think that someday we will settle old scores. Someday we will muster the courage to speak to that person. Someday we will go and have a chat with the quite lady at the end of the street. Someday we will ask for that raise we so badly deserve. Some day we will face our fears. Someday………

With the New Year 2018 at the Horizon, we are all in the new year resolution mood. How many of us make them and break them. More so because we make them out of tradition and not love.

Think and decide to do something for the sheer love of it, and see how you follow through with your decisions.

Why must we keep putting off  what we can do now for tomorrow or some day or the new year?? 

In the true sense of it, this “someday” never really comes. All we have is “Today”. And if we dont do something today, we will never really get to it tomorrow either. We will still have the same excuse we have today.

I want to take the plunge and do something Today!!!

One Positive Promise for a Truly Loving 2018

My one and only Positive Promise for the coming year(and every year really 🙂 )–> “Spread love everywhere you go. Let no one ever come to you without leaving happier.” – Mother Teresa

Today I resolve to embrace each and every person that comes my way with Love straight from the bottom of my heart. I will shine a heart smile to every soul I encounter.

Yes, today!!

Are you with me? Will you take this small step today in spreading the love?

We are all Beings Of Love, full of Love, just waiting to spread this Divine blessing. Let your heart feel this love, that’s coming from the very core of your spiritual being and Lavish this love on all you meet and greet today and everyday from today. 

When all you do and say shines with love, every resolution easily gets done, every task is with passion, every moment is memorable.

Lets be loving to ourselves too in this New Year. Allow yourself to BE your truest self without judgment. Embrace your flaws and Shine your loving self anyway. Because when love comes from the inside out, it is in its purest form…and absolutely accepted by everyone around you too.

Won’t that make for a positively loving year ahead? Take that 2018, we are ready for you with LOVE as the only ammunition we will ever need.

🙂 🙂 🙂 This is me beaming a Heart Smile to you 🙂 🙂 🙂

What positive promises are you going to make for this coming new year? What are your thoughts on my promise? You know I would love love love to hear from you in the comments below.

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❤ With Immense Love & Gratitude, ~Zeenat~

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9 thoughts on “One Positive Promise for a Truly LOVING 2018

  1. I love this. It just makes me feel good. My one positive promise for the coming year is to trust and not stress so much – trust that good investment will u=yield good results and everything will fall into place. I like the thought of that!

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  3. To love and make peace with every one, have a deeper connection and ask for I want and go for it-This was my promise in 2017 and I stucked through it -I am a different person today because of that.This was the most challenging thing I had to do Tho! But guess what the rewards are beyond what you will ever expect!!
    This year my promise is to improve my communication with every one- work on my confidence – spread love and positivity -and say what’s on my mind without offending others to be softer kinder and bolder – grabing life by the bull horn and holding on for dear life until my dreams are realized!!

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