A Simple Way to Fully Grasp Love, Kindness & Happiness

“Love recognizes no barriers. It jumps hurdles, leaps fences, penetrates walls to arrive at its destination full of hope.” ~ Maya Angelou

Love is splendorous. This feeling of a warm and deep attachment leading to enthusiasm, devotion and admiration continues to exist and grow between many varied personal relationships e.g. Man and God, Parents and Children, Brothers and Sisters, Husband and wife, Teachers and Pupils, Friends both men and women and among many other bonds that we human beings develop and nurture of our own free will, in our life’s journey from the earlier days of childhood to the later evenings of life.

It is said that “love begins at the beginning and goes beyond the end”Love is ever giving and can be described in many many ways :-

  • A warm tender feeling,
  • A deep affection,
  • An overwhelming fondness.
  • A passionate attachment,
  • A profound emotional regard.
  • An intensely personal relationship.

Love stands much above endearment, infatuation, attraction or enchantment, need and desire…which can wear off after a certain span of time or change of environment. Love is a many sided sacrifice ; It means Thoughtfulness for the one you love. It means, putting their good before self gratification. Love is an impulse, no doubt…but true love is an impulse wisely directed and has to stand the test of time.

“Kindness in words creates confidence. Kindness in thinking creates profoundness. Kindness in giving creates love.” ~ Lao Tzu

To be kind is to show and express gestures of good will, combining empathy, forbearance, graciousness and humanity. 

Kindness is a microwave that heats, thaws, heals and mends in many simple ways and manners i.e. a soothing touch; a gentle word, a warm smile, a loving look, a soft expression, a show of genuine concern, giving a helping hand, offering of support and encouragement, and sharing of feelings.

Love and Kindness open the most impossible gates to Happiness

In the pursuit of happiness both love and kindness are vital inputs. As they symbolize sharing, caring and giving of your self and add to its glow. If love is a feeling that is experienced and kindness that is felt, then Happiness is a feeling that radiates from within the heart.

Happiness is a state of heart and mind. It comes from counting our blessings and being grateful for what The Divine has given us and being content with what we are able to gain and gather because of our own dedicated and determined endeavors.

Pour some water into a glass and ask yourself the classic question -”Whether the glass is half full or half empty?” It depends how your mind reacts, because it is, in fact, only a different perspective of the exact same thing.

Unhappy is the heart who has not loved and miserable is the heart who has not been touched by kindness.

A Simple Way to fully grasp Love, Kindness and Happiness

To grasp fully the feelings of Love, Kindness and Happiness …..You must catch all the murmurs of your heart, which the beholders, your admirers or detractors , can never hope to hear. These murmurs are faint and ONLY yours. You have to hold them very close to the minds ear to capture them within your heart, so that all you capture may facilitate self understanding and personal growth.

Such a total state may be expressed as – “A day of such serene feelings spent, Is worth an age of splendid discontent”~James Montgomery

We each have an array of feelings floating within us in any given moment. To slow down, listen and ask yourself why a particular feeling arises within is the beginning of immense happiness. For if you truly understanding yourself, will you understand the world. And when you understand you will have fully grasped Love, Kindness and true Happiness within your ever glowing heart.

Positive Tip: Give yourself the gift of a few minutes a day to just be with your feelings. Don’t suppress them…simply be with them and ask yourself with kindness why these feelings exist. Love whatever feelings come up. Accept them and work with them. I promise you will discover treasures within yourself only this serene listening can bring about. 

Have you fully grasped the feelings of Love, Kindness and Happiness? Have you caught all the murmurs of your heart? Please share your precious thoughts and feelings in the comments below. I’d love to fully understand YOU through your sharing.

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9 thoughts on “A Simple Way to Fully Grasp Love, Kindness & Happiness

  1. cathytaugh

    Hi Zeenat, I have found that having love, kindness, and happiness be the guiding light of my life gives me peace of mind. That approach feels better and keeps me calms and centered. I like your reminder about the glass being half full or half empty. I have found it is important to notice what the positive aspects of life and to have gratitude.

  2. Hi Zeenat. Wonderful thoughts. I practice random acts of kindness each day in the hope that someone who needed to know they are valued as fellow human beings gets the support they deserve. It never hurts to be kind.

  3. A beautiful post Zeenat! Often we resist uncomfortable feelings and try to cover them up with lots of noise and activity. By slowing down and listening within, we can learn to love all parts of ourselves and grow in kindness for ourselves and others. xx

  4. debraoakland

    Your article is beautiful Zeenat and very heartfelt. Kindness is one of the most important aspects of life we can share with each other. The best part – it’s free and non-toxic!

  5. I love these thoughts. Love and kindness are the basis for all goodness in life…and it starts with extending these to yourself. Only then, can you expand to really give it freely to others. Kindness DOES work miracles – for yourself and others.

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