How to End the Year on a Gentle, Healing Note

“Year’s end is neither an end nor a beginning but a going on, with all the wisdom that experience can instill in us.”
~ Hal Borland

2022, the year when the world started getting back to normal after the pandemic. The collective human consciousness was in a state of lets go back to normal mode. Everyone wanted to live like they lived pre-pandemic. This was that year when we all made ourselves believe it was almost back to normal. But really, was it? Or rather, is it back to normal?

Normal, I think is totally overrated. When were we all totally normal anyway? But the human mind likes to feel like it can recreate a familiar space, because it needs to feel safe.

But try as we all might, our lives completely changed after the pandemic. I know this year was especially hard on so many souls. It was hard to get back to normal. Hard to get back to work, hard to socialize again, hard to be in relationships again, hard to be with family again, hard to be productive again, hard to live again.

Instead of New Year Resolutions, Simply BE

Everyone put so much pressure on themselves in 2022, that emotional breakdowns became common in most households. Some were silent breakdowns, while some were loud. Both were emotionally draining and difficult to go through.

So this year end, instead of putting more pressure on yourself to do more or be more and make the socially required New year resolutions, I urge you to simply BE.

Be gentle with youself.

Be soft with yourself.

Be calm with yourself.

Be kind with yourself.

Be nurturing with yourself.

Be at ease with yourself.

Know that simply LIVING through 2022 was an achievement all on its own.

Look back, reflect and be grateful for all that you went through and still survived….instead of focusing on all the things you didn’t achieve.

Take some downtime to recharge, and use the holidays to close out this year on a gentle and self loving note. Then you can get ready to move on to the new year with a clear mind, a calmer heart and a nourished soul.

Here is how you can begin being gentle with yourself:

4 Healing Ways to Be Gentle With Yourself

  1. Talk to yourself like you’d talk to a dear friend: If you wouldn’t tell your best friend that she/he is a fool for making a mistake, then why is it ok to say that to yourself? It’s not. Stop holding yourself to a high standard by being harsh with yourself. Instead of being overly self-critical, you might as well practice telling yourself the more supportive things you would tell a loved one. Try it! If it doesn’t feel natural to do, that just means it’s important you keep practicing.
  2. Be mindful of “should” thoughts: Thoughts with the word “should” are almost always self-critical. Practice noticing these thoughts when they come up, and remember, they’re just thoughts, not facts. Remind yourself that every thought that pops in your head need not be believed.
  3. Contemplate your strengths: Make an effort to contemplate the things you’re good at and the good qualities you already have. Remind yourself about the complimentary things others say about you (even if you think they aren’t true) and ask yourself, “could those people actually be right?”
  4. Value yourself: Remember that you add value to the lives of those around you. It’s always always always more than you think!

When you are gentle and kind with your thoughts, you are giving yourself space to heal. And that is what we all need more of.

I would like to leave you with a gentle positive affirmation I am going to be using for 2023:

In 2023, I will BE gentle, loving and kind with Myself.

Happy New Year 2023 darlings! May the end of this year bring you peaceful healing, the kind that you truly deserve.

I will see you again in the New Year with a lot of healing articles….(and a few surprises!) 🤗❤️

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