5 Simple Tips to Be Positive while IN the Eye of the Storm

“Accept periods of suffering with gratitude, knowing that suffering can teach you very important lessons.”– Barbara Ann Kipfer

Human beings are sticklers for routine. Whether we accept it or not, we like to know where everything is coming from, what time everything is happening. There is a time for eating, sleeping, schooling, reading….and lately I’ve noticed people even taking out time during the week to ‘just talk’. All in all we love our routine knowing.

But, what happens when you don’t know, when your routines go topsy turvy, when your plans go flying with the wind? Do you curb under the pressure of the unpredictability and uncertainty?

Aha! there in lay situations and experiences where we really need to stay positive. Anyone can be positive and happy when every thing is going your way. The real test of a strong evolved human being comes forth if he can stay positive and calm in the most trying of times. But how can we do that? Yes, how can we be positive while in the eye of the storm? Read on and the simplicity of it all will elevate you for sure.

An example about following patterns:
Recently, I shifted my refrigerator from one point in the kitchen to another. Mostly cause I wanted a change and cause I wanted to add some new pieces of decor to that previous refrigerator space. The shift itself was fine, but what happened after that shift for nearly 2 weeks was funny, interesting and thought altering.
After the shift, everytime any of my family members needed anything from the fridge, they would automatically reach for that old refrigerator space, even me. I literally had to tell myself after a few times of doing the same thing….”the fridge is there NOT here.” I did the same for my little girl. After which we slowly got used to the new space of the refrigerator.

The point of sharing that above refrigerator shift example is, we are all subconsciously conditioning our thoughts and actions, whether we realize it or not. This conditioning while happens on the subconscious level, it precipitates into our physical actions.

The five tips that I will share with you here, WILL help you condition your thoughts in such a way that no amount of negative situations or experiences will be able to shake that internal positive conditioning, thereby making your experience “in the eye of the storm”(while in a negative or traumatic situation) more peaceful and simple.

5 Simple Tips to Be Positive while IN the Eye of the Storm

  1. Breathe and THEN Think
    “I have time to breathe, time to be myself more often, I am a lot more relaxed and less guarded.”~Cathy Freeman
    Focusing on the act of breathing clears the mind of all daily distractions and clears our energy enabling us to better connect with the Spirit within. Most often in traumatic or problematic situation we literally forget to breathe, to relax. In this time, a deep breathe with eyes closed, brings clarity back. It removes all negative clutter from your heart and mind and lets you think positively for a solution to the problem at hand.
  2. Be the Solution NOT the Problem too
    “The important thing about a problem is not its solution, but the strength we gain in finding the solution”~Seneca
    Every problem comes into our lives with its own solution. The problem is, while IN the situation, we cant see the solution and ironically we end up making the situation/problem worse by reacting and thinking negatively. The “what ifs” kick in and amplify our fears, making the situation at hand much bigger in our head than it naturally is. Being calm IN this situation can automatically be the biggest solution to the problem, because while calm the answers and solutions come more naturally to you. Remember to breathe.
  3. Look at the view by taking a step back
    “Take a step back, evaluate what is important, and enjoy life.”~ Teri Garr
    Its imperative that we make ourself see the situation at hand form the point of view of an outsider. Which simply means, without too many emotions getting in the way. Yes, its hard, but not impossible if we can make up our mind to do so. I personally ask myself this question-“What would the best advice be for someone else in the same situation? What would they do?” Basically, when we think from another outsiders angle, we see more clearly. We can prioritize whats important, whats not and go ahead and act on it.
  4. Focus on the Big Picture
    “The soul never thinks without a picture.” ~Aristotle
    We are very visual creatures. If I ask you to think of cutting a lemon, squeezing it into a jug and stirring it, you will not only get that picture in your minds eye, but you will literally feel your tongue get wet thinking of the taste of that lemon. Such is the power of visualization. We think in pictures. Creating a Big picture in your mind of how you can solve or ease the situation at hand is extremely helpful. Not only will this picture make you calm, but will also provide detailed ideas for handling the problem/situation at hand.
  5. Let Nature Take its course
    “We’ll let nature take its course, and time will tell where he winds up.”~ Jeff Borris
    There are only two ways of looking at any problem:
    (1) can be solved- When we can solve a problem, then its necessary for us to act in a way that will facilitate that positive solution.
    (2) canNot be solved-  In this case, there is no use fretting or worrying about the problem at all. Let nature take its course and hand you the solution.

Nobody lives a problem free or storm free life. We cant stop the storm from coming, but we can choose and decide how much damage we are going to let it cause. That choice is entirely upto us.

I feel that problems come into our life to build our mental and spiritual muscles. They come to teach us lessons about ourself we wouldn’t normally have learned. I Thank God for giving me the many problems I have had in my life, for they have made me ME. They have helped me rediscover my strengths, understand my shortcomings and taught me to create new and exciting ways to be happy.

No storms can heave damage on me anymore, cause I wont let them.When you create a positive thought pattern, your subconscious lends you ways to consciously handle even the worst storms with immense calm.

What are YOUR thoughts on this topic? How do you remain calm in the eye of the storm? Do you have any tips to share as to how you handle negative or traumatic situations? What lessons have you learned from these situations? Share your beautiful thoughts in the comments below. And if you liked this article, please share it on your favorite social networks. Lets spread positivity by leaps and bounds 🙂 Thank you so much for reading and being here, I appreciate your support!

With Immense Love & Gratitude,
Counseling Psychologist/Spiritual Counselor
Motivational Speaker/Naturopath

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41 thoughts on “5 Simple Tips to Be Positive while IN the Eye of the Storm

  1. I always find it interesting the way I (and everyone else) have adopted means of solving problems that have to do with whatever I had success doing as a young adult. Because teaching myself (mostly) guitar through hours and hours of practice and observation was so empowering and enjoyable, I tend to approach all problems that way at first. (Practice, practice, practice – and LISTEN). For most of my life before age 40, my eyesight was very poor, so “the big picture” for me means not visualization so much as trying to understand CONTEXT. Everything has a place within something bigger. All melodies grow from repeated core phrases (motifs). All lives in balance begin with healthy routines – good diet, enough exercise, enough rest, equilibrium between contemplation and excited engagement.

    I am always grateful for your approach, dear Z. Your methods are seeds. Good things grow from them if we only watch, weed and water them a little.

    1. Hi Mikey,
      Your comments make me go ah.. 🙂
      Practice is the key for sure. It helps develop a habit of being positive…until one day it becomes second nature. Watch weed and water….such beautiful suggestions for all the beautiful positivity we truly need to nurture.
      I’m glad you liked my little ideas here.
      Thank you for your exhilarating comment here Mikey.
      Much love~

  2. Hi Zeenat, As you know I’ve been battling with some health issues of late and for a while there last month…I felt as though I was going under…too tired of trying. But once my feeet touched the bottom point it dawned on me that I don’t have to stay under, because just like if someone is drowning there is no point in letting negativity take over so that they panic and give in. For me, the most important plateau I reached was acceptance which gave me a chance to breathe and gather strength. With that came calmer water and I am now floating with the current. Slower and more measured strokes are taking me where I want to go now. And I can see the light of day again as I make my way back up to the surface. Ah Zeenat your posts always resonate so deeply with me. Thank you for this one.

    1. Darling Rosemary,
      I love what you share here. Acceptance is such an important part of truly understanding positive growth. I had a similar situation many years back where I thought “well how much lower can it get from this point?..” And in that moment and even after that, everything seemed to look only up…cause really there was no other way to look at it after that. Slow and steady my dear….each day will rbing with it challenges you will face with grace and acceptance. You are a brave brave gal 🙂
      I’m glad this post resonated with you dear one. I hope you only look and go higher and higher …
      Lots of love~

  3. When in a real pressure situation your first point about breathing is key. Being aware of your breathing is something we can always do – whatever our circumstances. Plus, deep breaths get some much needing oxygen into the bloodstream which assists our performance.

    1. Hi David,
      I’m so glad you agree with me on the the deep breathing point. I personally love how simple deep breathing really is…and can literally bring about such amazing clarity of thought and action after.
      Thank you for reading and sharing your lovely thoughts here.
      Much love~

  4. Hi Zeenat, I like what you have shared: “Every problem comes into our lives with its own solution”. It made me think rightaway that the sentence is so true. We have the resources to solve the problem. Or at least, we have the resources to bring about resources that can help solve the problem. The issue is that we don’t believe we do. We become so clouded by fear that we are unable to have clarity. We lose our connection with source and hence the spiritual support that we can otherwise be receiving to help solve the problem. We are far more powerful than we realize consciously.

    1. HI Evelyn,
      I agree with you completely. We are immensely powerful…but the realization and utter belief in that fact needs to sink in. Fear or failure among other things is what holds us back from positive clarity. Once that nasty fear cloud goes away…the world becomes our oyster 🙂
      Thank you for sharing your wisdom here.
      So Much Love to you~

  5. HI Zeenat,

    The refrigerator example is so thought-provoking! These are great methods for staying calm in the storm. I noticed the strong resolve you have to not allow the storms to adversely impact you. I think that resolves goes a long way in terms of influencing your unconscious. I think these are all excellent methods for managing in a storm. At the same time, I’m struck by how we need to practice them consistently to completely reverse the tide. Thank you!

    1. Hi Sandra,
      That refrigerator incident kept me thinking for so long too! Unconscious conditioning happens anytime.
      I have to agree that practice does make it easier for us to condition our minds….but the resolve to do so comes from the purest of intention.
      A storm cant hurt us unless we really allow it to na..
      Am glad you liked my suggestions here.
      Thank you for your lovely comment here.
      Much Love~

  6. Hi Darling Z,
    My entire life, I’ve never used “storm” as a label, so I didn’t know I was in the eye unless someone told me so. I just tend to take things in stride, and when I began to allow for unfolding in my life, I take things even more in stride. Not sure if it is an abundance of faith, patience, peace..or a combination. I also do experience fear, but not debilitating as most experience, rather as an inspirational friend. External truly has little bearing on what I am creating. Internal may be a barrier (I find I have wounds to heal, and if I am “hurt” I have a tendency to revert to push away or “run” until I access my heart space, then all is balanced again.
    You provide amazing tips for choosing how to experience external..and I love love love your last affirmation! As I write, my heart says that storms occur naturally outdoors– when we resist them, we create damage; when we allow for them, we create growth…Living on my boat has taught me much about heavy weather, prep as best as you can, then enjoy the “ride” and when it is over, fix whatever is broken…:)

    1. Darling Joy,
      I love how you say a storm is not a storm in your life unless someone makes you notice otherwise. I’m the same 🙂 I feel it is infact an abundance of faith in the Divine…
      Each storm comes with its own set of ups and downs…and youre right, we can grow and then just mend so simply. Enjoying the ride is such a wonderful way of looking at life. Let both enjoy it all…every little millimeter of it 😉
      Thank you for your amazing comment here. I’m blessed to have you share your wisdom here.
      Lots of love~

  7. Hi Zeenat,
    I agree – our challenges are our teachers. I’ve had to relearn the same lessons a few times in my life before I finally “got it.” One of the best parts of being older is being wiser!

    1. Hi Angela,
      ohhh just recently I was telling someone the same thing. I love getting older- the wiser is just such a superb perk to it all na 🙂
      Yup, sometimes it takes a lots of mistakes to actually learn the lesson.But when learnt it becomes so well ingrained…makes for better living for sure.
      Thank you for your loving comment here.
      Much Love~

  8. This last while I have been faced with health challenges and while I’m normally up for a challenge I wasn’t this time. I found value in your article and in your refrigerator example. This part resonated for me:

    “Every problem comes into our lives with its own solution. The problem is, while IN the situation, we can’t see the solution and ironically we end up making the situation/problem worse by reacting and thinking negatively. ”

    I was attached to my spring unfolding in a specific way. I was adverse to any other scenario unfolding and I became negatively focused when the unexpectedly happened. Overcoming “clinging” to the way I thought things ought to be is not going to change what is.

    Your 5 tips for conditioning my thoughts in such a way that no number of seemingly negative situations will be able to upset me and send me off-course are valuable means of coping with change — changes we may not appreciate — changes we may see as setbacks rather than opportunities.

    Thank you for always being here sharing your wisdom, exactly when I need to hear it.

    Love and peace,

    1. Hi TiTi,
      I love how honestly you speak about your clinging to an outcome and how its the cause and start of many specific negative thoughts.
      Change of any sort has the ability to push us out of our comfort zone…not a place we really like to go if we are closed to adventure and learning. But like you rightly pointed out they hold in them opportunities for growth…change maybe stormy, but many a times can be very fulfilling too.
      I’m so glad this article resonated with you at just the right time.
      Thank you for your lovely comment here.
      Much Love~

  9. Rocket Bunny

    Staying positive is sometimes very hard.
    Recently I was reflecting what accomplishments, I have and accepting I was turning 33 in a few days.Acknowledging my friends and family were going to celebrate along with me.
    I had conjured up the courage to take a trip and spend a few days with a friend. Trivial stuff.
    The next day
    I was emailing my friend about my trip,had to take the dogs for a walk and came back to a house filled with smoke.
    Life will take a sudden turn when least expected.Once I was over the shock which was in a couple of days,I could see a clear picture of what I needed to do. I can work from anywhere but where to live has been the question I am stuck on.
    I guess what I want to say is there is life after an arsonist sets your home on fire.

    1. Hi Bunny,
      Oh sweetie..I had no idea you were going through something like that. That certainly is a storm!
      You bouncing back from this shows what an amazing gal you really are. It takes courage darling…
      The answer to your where to live question…will also appear happily when you least expect it….you just wait and see.
      I’ll keep you in my prayers.
      So Much Love to you~

  10. Relaxing when in a stressful situation is an art, but it is the best way to solve the situation.
    By de-escalating the situation, stepping back, thinking about what you really want, what an ideal solution to this problem would be; Things start sorting themselves out.

    All it takes is a bit of action, in the right direction.

    Thanks for a great post.

    1. HI Daniel,
      What a lovely approach you have shared here. Stepping back and thinking works wonders for sure. The solutions appear where we least expect them…and that so awesome na. Less effort, more great intention….does the trick.
      I’m glad you liked this article.
      Thank you for your lovely comment here.
      Much Love~

  11. Hi Zeenat,
    Thanks for the sweet mention.The quote you opened with tells it all. Even the hardest times are blessings because they have beautiful lessons for us to learn. It’s all about learning from our experiences so we don’t have to go through them again. Life is a series of lessons/blessings.
    Thanks for the reminder. Loving blessings

    1. Hi Andrea,
      Life can be superbly enriching when we learn new lessons along the way. Blessings just come in plentiful when we allow for the Diving to flow through…
      I’m glad you liked this article. Thank you for your lovely comment here.
      So much Love~

  12. Sue Alexander | Inspired Type

    This is always so hard to remember in the heat of the moment! The one that I’d like to focus on is to quickly bring to mind “Be part of the solution, not part of the problem”.

    1. HI Sue,
      We do forget in the heat of the moment…really the time when we really need to breathe and be the solution the most. I’m glad being the solution resonated with you….somehow I feel like why add to the problem when we can actually be a solution to it.
      Thank you for your lovely comment here.
      Much Love~

  13. Hi Zeenat,

    Very nice post! These 5 steps are important in handling difficult situations. Taking a deep breath, focusing on the solution and letting nature take its course are wonderful tips. I also ask myself “What the advice I would give someone if he/she faces this situation?” Then, follow that answer. 🙂 Thanks for sharing my friend

    1. Hi Dia,
      I’m glad you liked this article. I always love seeing your smile and comment here. Your energy is beautiful.
      Thank you for being here and sharing your thoughts here my friend.
      Much Love~

  14. A helpful post on many levels, beginning with the charming story of the fridge, which we can all relate to! Recently our power was out for awhile, and I kept walking into a room and flipping the switch! Habits!!

    On a deeper level, my life took some unexpected turns this spring. Headed for a relaxing retirement (happening this month), when two of my daughters surprised me by getting pregnant! Breathing is a very good technique, I can tell you that for sure!

    I like what someone else said about a storm. I was thrown off balance by the surprise, but I guess the methods I’ve been practicing these last years work, because they kicked in and I settled back into a good place.

    I think you are exactly right that the real issue is the habits we develop. If we develop good habits when things are smooth, they will be there when we need them.

    Thanks for a very helpful and insightful post.

    1. Hi Galen,
      Wow both girls getting pregnant together! Thats double the happiness and double the stress too hmm… But I prefer double the happiness 🙂 May they be happy and healthy mothers …
      Its so true na..that we can hardly expect what life is going to send our way…but the storms do come…having a great support system in tact like good thinking can serve so well in coping.
      May you be a happy and Hip grandma too 😉
      Thank you for your lovely comment here.
      Lots of love~

  15. Hi Zeenat, thx for this wonderful post. I love the refrigerator example. My partner likes changing furniture around the house too and more often than I would do. At times I find myself searching for the couch in the living room. Though his furniture-moving-hobby really annoyed me initially with time I learned, that his behaviour also taught me a certain flexibility and now each time I find the couch I’m really grateful and do not take it for granted. 🙂

    1. Hi Michaela,
      How wonderful to have a partner who loves changing things up so often. Its such a lovely conscious living exercise. It makes you so aware all the time of whats happening around you na…
      Thank you for sharing your lovely thoughts here…and I love seeing a new reader here. Welcome!
      Much Love~

  16. I’m so happy to read this. I have a post I’m publishing that is very similar and it is in regards to happiness verse inner peace. I’ve always thought of inner peace being the eye of the storm. The place that remains steady when all else is chaos around you. I’ve had this thought for a long time now and decided to write about it, and then discover this post with the same idea. Serendipity.
    I think knowing and understanding the adage “this too shall pass” keeps you calm and steady. All things good and bad will come and go, if you understand this then you will have peace and allow it to be so.

    1. HI Caz,
      So sorry for the delay to replying to your beautiful comment. It went into the spam and went right past me 🙂
      This too shall pass is kind of a mantra I live by too!
      I’ll definitely be connecting with you further and reading your thoughts on the topic too.
      Thank you for stopping by, reading and sharing your beautiful thoughts.
      So Much Love~

  17. Hi Zeenat,

    Unpredictability and uncertainty are some of my favourite topics. I am always intrigued by how to manage chaos and survive. Given my love for military history, I once read that war is essentially extreme crisis management and there are many things written throughout the ages on how to manage war. What is interesting is that these ideas are applicable to everyday life and problems. As such, I love your 5 simple tips on how to be positive in the eye of the storm. The ones that stand out for me are as follows.

    2. Be the Soultion not the Problem too

    The motto that changed my life and the one that I abide by today is “focus on the solution, not the problem.” For a long time, I used to brood over my problems and did nothing to resolve them. Not only did this waste energy and opportunity, it did nothing to resolve the problems I faced. Nothing changed while I brooded and went round in circles. But today when I focus on the solutions to my problems, I tackle the root source of my distress. When I resolve my problems, the eye of the storm passes.

    4. Focus on the Big Picture

    It is easy to get lost in the tiny details when we are in the midst of a storm. We forget what we have to do and why we are struggling. By remembering the big picture we place our problems in perspective. We know what we have to do and why we must do it. This naturally gives us the determination we need to press on. By focusing on the big picture, everything becomes clearer and easier to manage.

    Like you I believe that we should face problems because they help us to grow in experience and wisdom. To remain calm in the storm requires practice. It is said that to have peace we must prepare for war. Applied to everyday life it means we should always prepare to face problems. We should always nourish our minds with ways and ideas on how to resolve problems and maintain our calm and composure in the midst of them. When all these things become second nature to us, we remain calm in the eye of the storm naturally.

    Thank you for sharing this lovely article! 🙂

    Irving the Vizier

    1. Hi Irving,
      I bow to thee wisdom 🙂 I truly am amazed by your sheer insight-fulness of all that I have shared here. I love your take on each of the ways too!
      There is so much wisdom in “When all these things become second nature to us, we remain calm in the eye of the storm naturally.” WOW!!
      Thank you for sharing your beautiful de-storming ways.
      So Much Love~

  18. Rand

    Hi Z!

    Well, I got to say that #4 is really appreciated by me…and its great that you took a quote from Terri Gar (one of my all-time favorite comedians) to go up with the likes of Aristotle!

    Yes…look at the storm from another’s perspective…so lets use Mel Brooks and his view:

    My serious point here is that *humor* can be a great healing force. It was for me when coming out of a dark storm this past year. The key is not to ‘truely hurt’ anyone (particularly the one that helped you out of the storm) with reckless giddy humor. The feeling of being released from, and the overwhelming feeling of graditude, can ‘blind’ one…

    1. Hi Rand,
      I agree with you completely…Humor is amazing for healing and refocusing too.
      I’m so happy that it helped you to find the calm within the storm you were going through.
      My fav are ofcourse those silly charlie Chaplin movies 😉 Crack me up and make me happy….Humor and chocolate 😉
      Thank you for sharing your lovely thoughts here.
      Much Love~

  19. I found this post the exact second that I needed to be uplifted. My husband has left me while I’m unemployed and totally alone. In terms of emotional and finanical health, I’ve been pushed back 20+ years. With my 53rd birthday looming in the very near future and no success at finding at finding a job, I needed to find a peaceful place in my head and heart. Thank you so much for helping me see the “calm”.

    1. HI Steffanie,
      I’m so glad you stopped by at just the right time. Sometimes the Universe works in mysterious ways to bring people together na 🙂
      Reading about your situation…I can see you are a brave brave woman, full of life. Yes, sometimes unforseen circumstances can make us feel otherwise…but just remember you are in control of your situation now. The right attitude can put you 20 years ahead 🙂
      If you ever need to talk…just email me. I’m here.
      So Much Love~

  20. I LOVED the refrigerator example. Truly, if a simple refrigerator position change makes it difficult for us to be aware for it actually is, then it must indeed be more difficult to change our thoughts…And yet how much thoughts affect us!

    Thank you for emphasizing that positive thinking is something that must REALLY be inculcated somehow..

  21. I liked finding this – it’s a nice refresher course, ideas I “know” but that have slipped away from me lately. And “this” is both this particular article and the whole blog. Thank you.

  22. Shyteria Gibson

    I love it:, and the problems that comes into my life only makes me stronger and wiser…My storms makes me a better person to the point where nobody can ‘t harm or hurt me….Because my storms keep me LIFTED…and just to let u know anytime i read your messages I feel nothing but POSITIVE energy….So i just want to tell u THank u even though i may not know u,but i feel like i Do…

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