5 Essential Yoga Principles for Positive Thinking

5 Essential Yoga Principles for Positive Thinking‘You are what you think!

This statement is true when it comes to positive thinking.
Being positive is a state of mind. It is the ‘feel good’ factor that we all talk about.

But how do we train our brain? Yoga is your answer.

Please note: This is a guest post from Chetna of Style Craze! Enjoy!

There are no specific yoga asanas or techniques that could render positive thinking. It is a synergic outcome of the five principles of yoga – asanas, pranayamas, relaxation, meditating, and the right diet. These work with your thoughts, healing you in the process. When the body and mind work in a synchronized fashion, the outcome is bound to be positive.

5 Yoga Principles for Positive Thinking:

Here’s how the five yoga principles train your brain for positive thinking.

1. Yoga Asanas:
The first principle is yoga asanas. In simple words, asanas are exercise poses. Any form of exercise is known to improve your circulation, leaving you refreshed and rejuvenated by triggering the release of ‘positive’ hormones. The yoga poses stretch, stimulate, and strengthen your body, rendering it an amazing level of flexibility. It unblocks the seven chakras of your body – Mooladhara, Swadhisthana, Manipura, Anahata, Vishuddha, Ajna, and Sahasrara. It helps in thwarting off negative thoughts, igniting positive thinking.

2. Pranayama:
Do you know how you breathe? Is your breathing right? The answer is no. Most of us do this wrong. Worry not! Yogic breathing or Pranayama helps in breathing the right way and creates awareness about the pattern of breathing too.
Rhythmic breathing learnt via assorted patterns allows better absorption of oxygen. This paves way for a better detoxified body. The lesser the toxins in the body, the more refreshed and rejuvenated you will be. This creates more space for positive thoughts.

3. Relaxation:
Practicing asanas along with proper breathing will help in dispelling stress and anxiety – two of the most powerful triggers of negative thoughts. You can easily experience the clutter of your mind draining away while energy surges into those tired muscles and refreshes you. A stress-free body creates space for a relaxed mind. This in turn expels the negative thought process.

4. Meditation:
If you know yourself thoroughly, then where is the space for negative thoughts? There was a time when people used to leave the physical aspects of life behind and find peace with meditation. Sages used mediation as a powerful technique to create self-awareness. You too can make use of this powerful yoga doctrine to introduce your brain to positive thinking. Close your eyes and breathe right. Forget everything else except your breath. In a few days you will understand yourself. Practicing Yoga Nidra and Antar Mouna regularly will definitely leave their mark on your thinking process.

5. The Right Diet:
Are you following the right diet? What exactly does the right diet mean in yoga? Yoga practitioners believe that what you eat impacts your mind in the same way it impacts your body. Adhering strictly to a diet packed with fresh, wholesome foods, including veggies and fruits, helps you keep fresh – physically as well as psychologically. A fresh mind always thinks positively.

Eat in moderation, avoid non-vegetarian foods, chew your food properly, eat slowly, eat with concentration, and adhere to your meal timings.

The Gist:

You can actually put the same thing mentioned above in a shorter and simpler way, and here it goes:

Be aware: Yes, know what and how your mind thinks and works. This can be achieved by practicing asanas, pranayamas, and meditating regularly.

Accept yourself: Love yourself. Accept others as such. It is perfectly fine the way you are and others are. The moment you start accepting, you will start thinking positively. And, this can be achieved with intense practice of asanas and meditation.

Change your attitude: There is a famous saying – beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. It can be applied here too. Your attitude matters. The moment you make a change in the way you perceive things, life will look simpler and positivity will always glow in you.

Yoga helps in dispelling negative thoughts, allowing you to enjoy a fresh lease of positive energy. Start practising and train your brain with a combo of the five basic doctrines of yoga for positive thinking.

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  1. Hello Chetana,
    I became a yogini when I was in college and now I`m approaching retirement. This is a fabulous post. Thanks to you for creating it and thanks to Zeenat for publishing it.

  2. Hi Chetana

    Glad to meet you here, Thanks to Zeenat for her benevolence and love that she spreads through her loving gestures!
    This post reinforces the positive effects of yoga and meditation quite forcefully…thanks for reminding us how powerful Yoga is!

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