How to Create Positive Experiences in Just Two Minutes!


How many times have you got up on the wrong side of the bed? You know, with a grumpy mood early in the morning… Of course, you have. That too, many times. That is because many people experience less than awesome starts to their days. The alarm goes off, the snooze button is punched several times and somethings(not so pleasant..) get grumbled about it being too early. There is little excitement or anticipation about the new day ahead when the day starts off with this kind of grumpy negative emotion. But there is Good News!

The Good News!

If your day begins without much excitement, there is good news! You can easily transform your morning into a magical time that welcomes the potential of good things happening to you! The news gets even better. You don’t have to lose all that weight first. You don’t have to have life all figured out. No matter what is going on in your life right now, it is in your control to create a positive experience for yourself – today.

What is your morning ritual when you first wake up? Are you consciously setting aside a few minutes to create your day with vision and positive expectation? By taking just a few minutes every morning, you can set your mood, put yourself in the right frame of mind, and maximize your outcomes for the upcoming day. You could also remember what is most important to you, and consciously place those tasks at the top of your mental to-do list.

And now…DrumRoll please….. I present to you……

The Two Minute Morning Ritual to Start Your Day on a Positive Note:

By spending  just two minutes in the morning can turn your day into a magical land of opportunity! Below is one idea that is fun, takes just a few minutes, and puts you back in the driver’s seat of your own life. Take a few days and try this exercise on for size. If it doesn’t fit, alter it or create your own morning ritual. The important thing is that you recognize your own ability to breathe, center, and decide for yourself how to begin your day.

1. Start by choosing a specific Goal or Direction
One of the first things you can do to get your morning started right is to focus on an attitude, direction, or goal that is meaningful to you. This helps you know both what you want to move away from in your life, and what you want to move toward. Being aware of what you want strengthens you as an individual and helps you feel good about your life.

2. Please Be Super Specific
As you focus on your life direction or goal, allow yourself to generate several creative action steps. What could you do today that would move you forward? What action could you take that would allow you to feel good about yourself? Instead of waking up and thinking, “I’m going to do better today,” “Today I won’t blow it,” or, “I will not binge eat today,” try something different. Choose an action that is specific, and that you already know you can accomplish. Don’t select the hardest, biggest or most impossible thing you can think of. Pick something small and achievable. Be kind and realistic with yourself.

3. Lets Get excited!
Get excited about the action that you chose for yourself. Use your imagination and bring a sense of fun into what you are going to achieve today. Be silly, adventurous, or playful. Take your two minutes and visualize yourself feeling good, being competent, or accomplishing your chosen specific action. What does it feel like to achieve this action? Breathe, relax, notice what it feels like in your body to be excited and filled with the expectation that you can have what you want.

Simply….That’s it! Spend a few minutes each morning improving the visual picture you want for yourself. See yourself fit, a confident leader in your own life, standing strong in your choices, and a happy self-motivator. Instead of starting your day in a grumpy, crappy mood, take a few minutes to center and get excited about all the wonderful potentials that lie in store for you today.

Another Drum-roll please…this ones for YOU!! Yes!! YOU!!!

….Now you’re ready to begin everyday of your life in a Positive way! Feeling awesome yet ?? 🙂

Psst…this is my little 2 minute secret positive tool, that I use every morning too!

What are your thoughts on this topic? Do you like this little 2 minute secret I just shared? How do you turn a grumpy day into a positive one? Have any of your own secrets to share…. Do share your thoughts in the comments below. I’m eager to hear from you 🙂

Please Note: After receiving nearly a thousand emails(not exaggerating!) on the topic of ‘infidelity’….in the next article I will be talking about “Infidelity” and how to handle and heal this HUGE issue in a loving and positive way. Stay tuned!

With Immense Love & Gratitude,
Counseling Psychologist/ Spiritual Counselor
Motivational Speaker/Naturopath
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28 thoughts on “How to Create Positive Experiences in Just Two Minutes!

  1. Hi Zeenat,

    I loved this 2 minute tool and will be using it tomorrow, first thing in the morning.

    I have found personally, that when I wake up in the morning and am quite specific about the attitude I want to adopt that day, then this usually works out very well.

    You are right. We can definitely create the day we want by spending a little time, first thing, to think about and visualise exactly what we want to do and in what way we want to do it.

    Thanks for sharing this great technique! 🙂

    1. Hi Hiten,
      Its awesome to know that you’ll be using this technique. Do let me know how it works out 🙂
      Creating our very own positive experience can be incredibly empowering.
      Thank you for your insightful comment.
      Much love~

  2. Yes Zeenat,
    We must set our personal compass for the right heading, know where we are going AND be excited about it!…thankyou for sharing this exhilarating way to having a better day and many of them
    be good to yourself

    1. Dear David,
      I love how you say ‘personal compass’. That’s exactly what we should do..set it to head in the positive direction!
      So glad you liked this post and thenk you for your awesome comment here.
      Much love~

  3. Wonderful post Zeenat!

    Yes indeed, it really doesn’t take much time to feel good about yourself – if you really want to. As I keep saying so often – it’s all in the mind and if we think and want to feel good – anytime is a good time. 🙂

    But yes, as you so rightly mentioned that there are some days when the mornings or the day as such hasn’t gone off too well and you do get up from the wrong side of the bed not feeling too good about things as such. Your tips will work wonders there.

    If we have an aim or are well planned about what we want to do during the day, everything seems to fall into place and you literally jump start your day because you have a goal planned out. I often see the elders at our end sit and sulk all day because they really don’t have anything to do. On the other hand, there are some elders who make it their aim and motive to socialize and do something for the society.They lead very healthy lives and are always peppy and energetic. Two sides of the same coin, where what matters is the positive attitude each one has.

    Yes indeed, we need to be specific about the aim or goal we want to achieve during the day, and enjoy doing whatever we do. That makes life all the more beautiful and interesting – isn’t it?

    Thanks for sharing and reminding all of us to always remain positive. 🙂

    1. Darling Harleena,
      Yes! Its all in the attitude…and making up our mind I.e. Setting our intention to the positive is actually half the goal already done.
      There will always be challenges in life, the right attitude can make all of them seem like opportunities.
      Thank you for your insightful comment here. Loved it!
      Much love~

  4. swarna

    Hi Zee,

    I loved your two minute energizing tip to start the day. Its simple, awesome and pretty creative. I have jotted the points in my diary and will follow them regularly.

    1. Darling Swarna,
      Now that’s one diary I would love to read 🙂 I wonder what little gems you have jotted in it ..
      So happy you liked these tips. Try them and let ne know how its working for you.
      Much love always~

  5. Priyanka

    A very lovely and positive post dear Zeenat. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it. Will sure try your two minutes mantra.
    love and only love!

    1. Sweet Priyanka,
      Love and more love to you dearest. Thank you for stopping by to let me know you liked this 2 minute technique. Appreciate you so much!
      Hugs and love~

  6. Brilliant Zeenat

    I have so many morning routines for my health, plus meditation and journaling I have forgotten that one to set my daily intention. This will help me get back on track
    thank you ❤

    1. Darling Suzie,
      I know you’re in healing mode dear one. Just thinking of all the lovely routines you are doing makes me smile. May you be supremely healed soon…and this positive intention be a great reliever to you…as it has been for me.
      Sending you lots og love and healing. Gratitude for yor lovely comment here.
      Hugs and love~

  7. Zeenat…, love, love this one. I’m a firm believer in ‘bite size changes’ and specific actions to go with it. Your idea of doing immediately when you get out of bed…and rather than seeing it as drudgery, view it as an opportunity to be playful, directed and yet open to possibility. Who knows what can happen in a day just by making one small change?? with love, Fran

    1. Hi Fran,
      You and me both! I love little baby steps to healing and happiness to!
      Life is short and full of fun if we allow it to be right 🙂
      I believe miracles can happen with the a positive mind set.
      Thank you for your thoughtful comment here.
      Much love~

  8. Loved this Zeenat. I’m a morning contemplator as I sit and drink my tea. But before I even get out of bed I choose what I’m going to feel for the rest of the day. Sometimes I choose simply happy, sometimes contentment, sometimes peaceful…whatever it is I’m setting the tone for my day. And I thank you for the added inspiration. 🙂


    1. Elle sweetie, I can just picture you serenely sitting and contemplating with your tea in the early hours of the morning 🙂 And your choices in those moments of calm are what set the mood for the whole day ahead. We get what we decide to choose.
      May your mornings always remain blissful.
      Thank you for your loving comment here.
      Much love~

  9. What a sweet post, Zeenat! Mornings are my best time. I rise early and enjoy the hour and a half by myself before the others wake up. I love my time in the kitchen and prayer room. I always start my day on a positive note, because each day is a special and brand new gift to me.

    Hugs! Lovely reading your 2-minute tool! The best things are the simplest, aren’t they?

    1. Darling Vidya,
      Simple is best for sure 🙂 I’m like you too…my mornings are my most special ME times. Lots happens during this time for me. Positive thoughts bring positive results in our life..right?
      So glad you liked this post. Thank you for your sweet comment here.
      Much love~

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  11. Hi Z!

    I am up a bit late tonight…morning will be in about 40 minutes.

    As an IATSE stagehand I just got to do it:

    …so four days ago I was working the out for WWE at the Sports Arena (about 12 tractor trailors of gear). I got home at 1:30 a.m. and to sleep at 2:00 a.m. somewhere after. I woke up for work at 5:40 a.m.

    …so as I prepared for the 11 hour day of work ahead of me it was *attitude* that I focused on. Despite being physically tired from WWE I told myself to go into this day relaxed in the moment as the day progressed. I told myself that the setting up of the general session at the convention center was going to be nice and quite. I told myself that I will have fun working with who ever showed up on the call. I did take a B-complex vitamin and drank fluids during the day. I did make a mistake on the job due to being tired, but was “Be kind and realistic with yourself.”

    …so I finished the day with three hours of overtime…had chinese food to go at home …went into a long sound sleep and woke up to:

    Good Morning! Good Morning!

  12. galenpearl

    I agree–how we start our day sets the tone for the rest of the day. I like to start with a prayer as soon as I come into consciousness. Then some belly breathing and stretching. Now I’m going to add your two minute drill as well–I’m sure to get the day off to a great start.

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  14. This is wonderful, Zeenat! My husband once read that you need to think a positive thought before your feet hit the ground in the morning. But I always forget until I’m up and walking around. Your two minutes are easy and fun and will make the day go better!! Thank you!!

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  16. very inspiring, i loved the way you expressed it, mornings are very important for me, and i refuse to share with anything or anyone else -i take that time for myself,i walk a little, stretch a little, i do some deep breathing, meditate and wind up with prayer, i just create a to do list for the day in my mind and begin on a very positive note, thanks for sharing !

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