Believe in YOU because YOU can do anything!

Believe in YOU because YOU can do anything!“Believe in yourself! Have faith in your abilities! Without a humble but reasonable confidence in your own powers you cannot be successful or happy.” ~ Norman Vincent Peale 

Many people will spend their entire life being told(like me) that their dreams are something that they can’t do. I was told many such things -> “You can’t play football with the boys!”(I was the only girl in an all boys team for so long), or “No one would make you a psychologist” (see me now 🙂 the jokes on them right!)

You find it hard to hear everyone around you tell you “You can’t”. Can’t is such an ugly word. The more times you hear it, the easier it is to believe the lies that are being told. You have to search for a way to respond to it. Don’t listen to it or any negative thoughts that people say about what you can do. Only you truly KNOW what you can or cannot do!

Who are you destined to be?

There are two different types of people in the world. There are those who take every no they hear for an answer, and then there are people who say ‘yes’ when people tell them that they can’t.

Which type of individual are you destined to be?

We find it easy to classify ourself as one or the other, but in real life we are a bit of a yes person and a little bit of a no person. There are different people in our lives that make us respond differently. For example; if someone in your life has gained your trust, like your parents, say that there is no way that you could do something, you might believe them. But, if someone that you are only acquaintances with tells you that you can’t do it, you may be driven to prove them wrong.

Instead of taking the truth of others to heart, learn to say yes for yourself. The truth is, you can do anything you want. If you want to do it then know if you try your best that you can get it, no questions asked. Put the power of positive thinking to work and put your dreams and goals out there.

You are destined to be YOU and no one else. Don’t let others negativity overshadow your awesomeness 🙂

Focus on the Positive like your life depended on it!

“Believe you can and you’re halfway there.” ~ Theodore Roosevelt

The first and most important step is to focus on the positive things in your life. When you feel that something is going wrong, even something minor, you need to take the time to find something positive in it. For example:

Negative: You get wet in a the pouring rain.
Positive: The rain is going to be great for the garden.

Negative: You get cut off by the traffic on a busy road.
Positive: By slowing down may have saved yourself from being in an accident.

Negative: You drop your shopping bags.
Positive: You run into an old friend because you wait to pick up your shopping bags.

When you make an effort and take the time to see the positive things in life, you can focus on being able to say ‘yes I can’ when others say ‘no you can’t’.

You must believe that you too are worthy of having positive experiences in life.

You CAN do Anything!

“You have to believe in yourself.” ~ Sun Tzu

Believe this: “You have everything it takes to make what you want to happen, actually happen.”

Keep that big dream in mind and make sure you set your sights to it and just say YES. Take the first step(believing in yourself) to getting what you want and follow through with each consecutive step. Don’t try to jump from step one to step fifty. It’s not going to work. When you actually work steadily and diligently to get what you want in life it will come to you.

You deserve it, you want it, and you will accomplish it. Period.

Please don’t let difficulties, obstacles or discouragement hold you back from the life you truly deserve. You can have all you want by staying focused and taking it one step at a time through any controversy.

Believe, stay focused on the positive and all the world can be in your hands.

Anything is possible for you through your strength of mind and perseverance.

My unbeatable and unshakable focus on the positive has got me where I am today…it can for you too.

So what are you waiting for?? March towards the destiny that is waiting for YOU and only YOU.

What do YOU think? How many times have you been told you “can’t” do something? How many times have you listened to your heart and just ‘done’ it and felt so good later? How do you believe in yourself and your abilities? Share your thoughts in the comments below. If you’re reading this in your inbox then click here to add your comment. I’d love to hear from you!

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With Immense Love & Gratitude,

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14 thoughts on “Believe in YOU because YOU can do anything!

  1. Believe me, I’ve heard my share of “can’ts” over the years and, when I was young, they really got to me. Today, though, I believe I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength and loves me unconditionally. I look at each day with a positive and grateful attitude, trusting God to use my talents for His honor and glory.
    Blessings, Zeenat!

  2. synchronicitybridge

    After reading your post…pausing to reflect who I may have told that they could not do something?

    My brother was a delicate balance of what he could do and could not do.

    When he lived with me for his final four years we (social workers, in house care givers and myself) worked as a team in *helping* to give him a very reasonable independence and self respect.

    He did very well for a dual diagnosed ‘mentally challenged / schizophrenic’ person.

    Now what we are basically talking about in your post is something directed to more of an average mentality…or above average.

    Goes to show many of you have a bit of head start to reaching your dreams…

    Thanks Zeenat …

  3. Hi Zeenat, A very positive way of motivating ourselves and all around us! I am totally with you in Believe in Yourself and most of the times I used this phrase to motivate my students and even my own children to enthuse new energy into them at each step of life and I know it really touches the heart and soul of impressionable minds.
    Thanks for reminding and it should be used more often, especially for sound mental health.

  4. reflectingalife

    Hi Zeenat, I’m not too sure where I learned about what I could or couldn’t do, but at some point in my life the biggest naysayer was myself! It was a tough habit to break…and your advice here to belief in yourself is absolutely key. I so agreed, begin right now, begin today, even if it’s only a tiny step towards self belief, it’s going to make a big difference to the life we lead.

    e-hugs Zeenat.

    1. Hi Elle,
      You say it rightly, that more than others many times we are our own worst naysayers….
      There are many who even though life throws them curve-balls don’t learn the fine art of Self belief. Its an acquired positive habit 🙂 One that creates huge positive results.
      E-hugs and Big Love right back~

  5. Hi Zeenat,

    It is so easy to fall into the trap of our own beliefs, especially the ‘can’t’ mentality. It is important that we challenge our self-talk and beliefs around things that are in our control, i.e. our own responses to situations. This is day-to-day positivity in everything we do which will affect our approach to the bigger things.

    If we listen to our hearts we know what is right and what is a pipe-dream, i.e. something not within our capabilities. The key is to identify what we want, why we want it, and to persevere in spite of all nay-sayers and adversity. And very importantly, as you said, take step 1 first 🙂

  6. Great post. It is so natural to think in “negative” terms even in goals, for example “i need to be able to do this thing that I can’t do” or “I should be able to do this and I can’t.” It takes discipline and is very powerful to shift to believing in your success and taking steps towards it in a healthy way.

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