7 Things to Let Go Of As You Heal

“The first half of life is devoted to forming a healthy ego, the second half is going inward and letting go of it.” ~ Carl Jung

My own journey of healing continues to this day. Learning new things everyday about myself is interesting to say the least. In no way has it been easy, but it has been incredibly satisfying to move forward with a joyous and light heart.

One thing I have learnt during this journey is that I cannot grow into who I want to be if I refuse to let go. It will be hard for me to touch my joy if I choose to rest in the depth of my pain forever.

I’m learning to honor my joy as I grieve the losses of my past. There was a point in my healing journey when I had a very hard time releasing the things that I knew didn’t serve me or align with my path. Holding on kept me stuck in the places I knew I wanted to heal through.

As I heal, I’m starting to accept that some things NEED to be released in order for us to receive clarity of thought and peace in our heart.

This is a challenge, I know, but we can learn so much about ourselves when we stop resisting and start surrendering to our highest good.

🦋7 Things to Let Go Of As You Heal🦋

“People have a hard time letting go of their suffering. Out of a fear of the unknown, they prefer suffering that is familiar.” ~ Thich Nhat Hanh

So here are the things I have let go of and so should you, in order to truly heal:

1} Let Go of Holding yourself hostage:
Stop holding yourself hostage for your past, your mistakes, your failures and your shortcomings. The past can’t be changed and it gets very hard to create the future you want if you are stuck in the past. Self forgiveness and healing go hand in hand.

2} Let go of limiting beliefs:
Let go of the lie that its too late for you to heal and make the life of your dreams. Its NOT. Keep changing. Keep moving. Keep breaking negative cycles. Keep healing. Keep showing up for yourself and your own well being. Release the self doubt and the limiting beliefs that are robbing you of your inner peace.

3} Let go of the Clutter:
A cleaner space can lead to a cleaner mind. Let go of the tangible things that are cluttering your physical and emotional space and causing chaos in your life. Letting go of material things that do not bring value to your life can be incredibly liberating.

4} Let go of “making everyone understand you”:
Free yourself from the idea that everyone must understand you or your healing journey. Some will get it, some won’t. Your job is to heal yourself and not spend your energy in trying to convince others to understand or be on board with you. That is their choice. You make the choice to move forward and heal. Focus on your deeper healing instead.

5} Let go of “Settling”:
Just because you love someone and are forgiving does not mean you have to settle for mistreatment. Your boundaries are important and anyone who repeatedly violates your boundaries, creates confusion and behaves irrationally with you needs to be let go of. Love and forgiveness does not always mean reconnection. Create distance when and where neccessary to protect your peace of mind. Always be kind to yourself and know that everytime you settle with an irrational person, you are giving yourself emotional pain.

6} Let go of “Avoidance”:
Sometimes we use boundaries as a coping mechanism for avoidance. Avoiding discomfort or conflicts does not make the issues magically go away. That is classic avoidance. And it is easy, that is why we all do it. Facing things head on can be uncofortable, but it creates safer relationships, healthier communication and emotional clarity. Being passive-aggressive is being avoidant and it does not help you heal. So simply, say what you mean and mean what you say.

7} Let go of the “Old You”:
Give yourself the permission to shed and release the old versions of you that you are still holding on to. You have outgrown the older versions of yourself, and that is perfectly ok. You don’t have to stay the same. Infact changing is a sign that you are growing and evolving, which is how you move forward and heal.

The one thing that I had to let go of first in order to truly begin healing, is the limiting belief that I was a burden to others. We grow up with the limiting belief that if we ask for help, if we need a break, if we need support…we are weak. In reality, it takes courage to allow others to lighten our load. It took me so long to understand that I am not weak for reaching out for help. That was a burden I let go of before anything else.

Let go of the ego and let go of the familiar suffering today. Your joy depends on it!

❓💭What are you going to let go of first to heal and move forward?

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14 thoughts on “7 Things to Let Go Of As You Heal

  1. The Inner Healing journey I feel is an ongoing expansion of learning Zeenat.. I know I am always learning, like you every day..
    I still have to combat letting go of clutter.. LOL… You should see my Yarn stash… 🙂 But to me that is creative storage for the future LOL… #
    Lovely insightful post Zeenat… Sending Love and Blessings your way ❤

  2. Number 4 is a big one for me but I’m slowly getting there. It’s all a learning process and one that will continue as long as we’re on this Earth I imagine. Wonderful post Zeenat.

  3. “Letting go” is tremendously healing. I let go of my old self in a big way when I had a brain injury. Even though it was very painful, it was a healing process leaving me healthier mentally and physically Funny how that works! 🙂

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