How to Believe in Divine Love and Deal With Loneliness

“Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all of the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.” ~ RUMI

And just like that my darlings, we are in February 2019 the Month of Valentine and all things Love. While Love is our default setting, I like how atleast in one month of the year, its SO in your face its hard to miss 🙂

But yet, when it comes to understanding love, we all have different notions of what love is. Today I will attempt to help you understand, how love heals you, motivates you, inspires you and makes you truly come alive. And how LOVE is Divine and nothing less. I’m not talking about the love that makes you dependent….but the love that makes you Free.

Swimming in the Light of Love

Just close your eyes for a split second right now and open it….what did you see? Did you see darkness or did you see rays of light? I bet you saw little rays of light amid the gray. It just goes to show, even in that split second you are surrounded and swimming in light. Divine light. Divine energy. Divine love.

Loneliness and “pandora’s box” of negative feelings

No matter the day, time of year or life itself, many of us feel like we are completely alone. Many people, even when they are in committed relationships feel lonely. The loneliness creeps in irrespective of your situation. We all go through this phase of feeling completely alone. And its not a very good feeling. This feeling can open a  “pandora’s box” of negative feelings from the past, present and future. Somehow, its during these times we can pick up bad habits like alcohol, smoking, gambling, overeating….among others. We try to escape the feeling by filling in the void we feel within us with external negative habits. But that’s not the solution, rather it becomes a bigger issue, we will inevitably have to deal with at some point in the future.

No amount of external stimulus can bring you at peace within yourself. The answer and the solution lies within us. Again, close your eyes for that split second…and just soak in the light, the love, the divine that is in you and readily available at all times.

You are never ever alone

We might feel alone at times, lost at times…but its in these times if you notice, that after a while the pain subsides, the feeling becomes less severe. How did that happen? From feeling completely alone and devastated to feeling better in an hour or a day or two or three…how did this transformation happen within you? Have you ever thought about it? When you cry for so many hours, and then amazingly feel calmed. Its not because you cried and let it all out, its because its the Divine helping you heal. Our soul and our heart is inherently pure. Its full of Divine love and completely connected to the Divine at all times. At no given time are you disconnected with Divinity.

You might feel disconnected with yourself, but you are never disconnected from that Divine. Hence, you are never ever alone. In-fact, in your most trying times, when you pray or just ask for help from this Divine power, you will be amazed at the power that you feel. A new energy comes forth for you to face life, and truly LIVE.

You heal from the inside out, not the other way around. This healing love, not only heals you of your issues, your loneliness, your problems…but also heals all those who come in contact with you. Thus becoming Healing Love in action. You need not even make the effort, you just need to think of another person with love and the Divine healing energy will be directed in that direction. Its simple. You just need to be aware of this divine love you are swimming in.

“There are two ways of spreading light…To be the candle, or the mirror that reflects it.” ~ Edith Wharton

Our constant awareness allows us to truly be the mirror, the candle that not only glows with healing Divine love but also spreads it to all it encounters. We are all pure divine souls. Embracing that fact can rid you of any and all negativity in and around you.

Try it…close your eyes for that split second and take a deep breath.

The First Moment I Felt Divine Love

Do you know the first moment I truly felt this divine love? It was just after my brother passed away in a sudden car accident. He was only 23 years old at the time. Before I saw him(his body), before I told my mother about it, before anyone in my family knew about it. I was standing at a booth, trying to call my brother, when my fingers automatically dialed a friend. As soon as I said hello, I got the news. I must’ve frozen there for nearly 4 minutes after hearing the news, but it seemed like an eternity. In that moment as I closed my eyes, I saw light. I felt like someone was making my heart beat calmer, was holding my shoulders and telling me…..go on, be brave. The next week after that went by as if I was being constantly hugged by Divine love. I don’t know where I got the strength to take care of it all…the arrangements, my mother, my younger brother, the family etc.…Even as I type this my fingers are shivering. Not cause I’m scared or sad or upset…But because I am so in Awe of this glorious Divine love. My strength, my confidence comes from the simple and certain belief that I am always loved and protected no matter what.


When we accept this ultimate truth is when we will truly break out of that shell of negativity around us and live our life to its truest potential or as I have come to believe, as the Divine intended for us to live.

I pray all of you are having a love filled February, and an even lovelier life. May all your days be filled with amazing loving Divinity. If you ever feel you need to talk or vent, please know I’m here for you always.

Happy Valentine’s Month Darling!

What are your thoughts on love, divine love or life? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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  1. Great reminders about love and our divine connection. Thanks for sharing your heart and healing story Zeenat. You are a champion for love and positivity. Hugs and belated Valentine’s wishes! 🙂

  2. Zeenat, I would love to tap into this feeling of divine love and connection more and more, but I don’t find it as easy as you do. I don’t understand how seeing light when we close our eyes is related to divine love or light. I’m inspired by your connection and conviction!!!!! That alone brings me more peace.

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