Healing with The Power of Positive Affirmations (part three)

I speak and think positively“You are what you think you are.” Z~

Life has a way of throwing many curve balls in your path. My life has been no exception to those very unpleasant curve balls. From a broken heart, to a broken soul, to coming down a negative spiral….I’ve been everywhere.

In those very very negative times, the few things that helped me heal were my faith in the Divine and my own self talk.

Although spirituality came to me at a very early age, its not until pretty late that I realized it wasn’t anyone or anything that’s hurting me…it was me all along! HOW? My own thinking was eating me alive. When I read and learnt about positive thinking and positive affirmations…I was already too muddled to realize the full benefits of this simple healing magic. It was while IN one of these trying times that I revisited my own thoughts and began putting my knowledge to good practical use. Within no time, I was OUT of my negative patterns and could see clearly. I was feeling alive again.

Don’t wait to Heal

I don’t want YOU to wait to heal…till its too late and you are left with more regrets than good memories. The time to heal is NOW! I want you to decide that you are going to take the first imperative step to heal…..and that step is to cut the problem at its root: our thinking. The best way to start is by using affirmations. The what, why and how to use Positive Affirmations was answered in the second part of this series of articles.

My Favorite Positive Affirmations

The Positive Affirmations that I created for myself in those times have proved immensely powerful for my healing…I use them even today. I want to share them with you…so that you too may heal and live the positive life.

While mending my broken heart I used this Positive Affirmation :

I give out love and it is returned to me multiplied

Whenever I felt a negative, self destructive pattern carrying on too long I used this Positive Affirmation:

I am willing to release old patterns and negative beliefs

When I feel those piercing eyes over my gorgeous curves…and I feel the pressure of crazy dieting, just to fit it in…this Positive Affirmation centers me and makes me feel Gorgeous again 🙂 :

I love and accept myself without question

Just before I have to stand in front of thousands of people to give a big speech or talk…this Positive Affirmation calms me and makes me feel like I’m off to conquer the world 🙂 :

I believe in ME

I asked some of the Big Wigs of Personal Development about what was their favorite affirmation and why. Here are the enlightening replies: 

Sandra Pawula @ Always Well Within“I am loving awareness.”  Thoughts and emotions are ever-changing like the clouds.  But loving awareness – my true essence – is vast and open like a brilliant blue sky.  Relaxed, spacious, and at ease, when I center myself in loving awareness I am carefree.


Angela Artemis @ Powered By Intuition : Discovering affirmations has been like discovering that magic is real! Louise Hay’s book, “You Can Heal Your Life,” will help you to tame the “monkey mind” and change your life from the inside out. I have purchased twenty copies and given 19 away since first reading this book in 1990 – that’s how important I think it is. If you haven’t read it – you should. It will change your life. My Favorite affirmation “I experience love wherever I go.”


Aileen @ Kaizen Vision : I’ve been working with affirmations since I was about 18 they can be incredibly powerful. Affirmations  have allowed me to become a more positive person. They’ve increased the quality of my life, relationships, and life experiences by allowing me to become more courageous, more assertive, and more confident. They’ve allowed me to change the way I  see myself and life.
Two of my current favorite life affirmations are: “I am so grateful, I am so blessed. Thank you God for all of my blessings and abundance even the ones I cannot see.” This one helps when I’m feeling that nothing is really working out the way I’d like, and I’m feeling down. It’s a great pick-me-up reminding me there’s so much more than I comprehend at the moment. And this one, There is nothing that will happen to me today that together with God I cannot handle. God loves me, and everything is unfolding perfectly. I am safe, guided and protected. And all is well.”


Vidya Sury @ Going A Musing : Affirmations are an integral part of my life, as I learned to think positive at a very early age. One of my favorites is Henry Ford’s “Whetheryou think that you can or you can‘t, you‘re usually right.”   I approach everything I do with an “I can” attitude, grounded by this strong belief-turned-faith that I am responsible for my own happiness.This helps me put my best foot forward and give 100% to whatever I do, and my efforts are focused on the desired outcome. Affirmations make me comfortable in my own skin, enhancing my self-confidence and make a positive difference in the lives I touch. My affirmations list http://vidyasury.com/2012/06/happiness-hangover.html


Arvind Devalia @ Make it Happen : One of the most powerful affirmations I have used is “This too will pass”. It’s so empowering to remember these words anytime when you are in a situation where you can simply see no way out or when you are in so much pain or turmoil, you just want it to end? It could be a life-threatening scenario, a visit to the dentist or just being stuck in traffic. Remember this too will pass! And here’s a blog post I wrote about my Zen Mantra:-http://www.arvinddevalia.com/blog/2012/09/24/zen-mantra-for-coping-with-pain/
Tess Marshall @ The Bold Life : I believe in affirmations! I’ve used them for years. I make my own with index cards and colored markers. I have about 300 of them and I keep them in zip lock baggies throughout my home, in my office, in my purse and in my car. When I’m going through stressful or difficult times I make new ones. My favorite is “Life loves me,” by Louise Hay. When we believe that life loves us we feel good and notice the good things that happen in our lives. Positive affirmation cards make us “feel” good. When we change our emotional state…miracles happen.
Joy Holland @ Facets of Joy : I believe and practice that as we move through World, creating and connecting, we draw to us that which resonates strongly.  The consistent use of positive affirmations amplifies spirit, nourishment, and trust. Each affirmation invites us to train our eyes to see beauty and joy; our beings to feel abundance and love. We then draw to us *more* beauty, joy, abundance, and love.  We don’t feel limitations, because our affirmations magnify opportunity; from such a centered place of empowerment, we live infinite possibility. All because we choose to affirm the positive.  Pretty powerful!
Jodi Chapman @ Soul Speak : I was first introduced to affirmations as a child, although I didn’t call them that. They were just positive sayings that my parents would put on my mirror for me to see each morning. Things like, “You can if you think you can.” and “Quitters never win, and winners never quit.” At the time, I didn’t think much about them, but now I see how they truly built a foundation of self esteem and possibility that has stayed with me for my entire life. As an adult, reading Louise Hay’s books helped me solidify even further how powerful our thoughts are – and how we can choose which thoughts to attach to. My favorite affirmation is, “You are loved. So very loved.”
Suzie Cheel @ Inspiration from the Heart : I chose to use positive thinking and affirmations on my current journey to vibrant wellness after a total kidney failure. The results have astounded my doctors. Daily I say:”Loving myself each day heals my body. I listen to my heart’s whispers and allow them to guide me. My heart smiles: I open into the love that I am” I knew the words I use and the thoughts I think had the power to heal, positive affirmations empower us to heal, attract what we do want and more. My favorite from Louise Hay: I allow the love from my heart to heal all that I see. I choose peace All is well in my world
Betsy Henry @ Zen Mama : I am a big fan of positive thinking.  I know positive thinking works as I’ve used it change my thinking often.  This year, I discovered I AM affirmations.  “I am” affirmations are powerful.  You say the affirmation even if it’s the opposite of what you’re thinking. The visualization enters your consciousness and then your subconscious takes charge and transforms you. Your brain believes whatever you tell it! Try one of these or make up one of your own: I am calm. I am success. I am prosperity. I am stress free. I am debt free. I am organized. I am healthy. I am filled with energy. I am living my dream.
Farnoosh Brock @ Prolific Living : I have read the work of Louise Hay and adore her to pieces and I may have a few of her phrases or words but they are mostly altered to fit my own language. She is truly my source of inspiration, that much I admit openly. If my engineering logic-oriented mind can come around to believing positive affirmations and then see them in action and watch them bring happiness to my life and profit into my business, I have high hopes that it can help you too. My favorite affirmation :  I love and approve of myself.
Tim Brownson @ A Daring Adventure: I think affirmations can be very useful in certain circumstances. However I always warn clients that if an affirmation is creating a lot of internal resistance because it seems so unreal to the unconscious mind, then it maybe wise to temper it back just enough that it feels attainable and not delusional. Otherwise it can have the reverse effect.  The only affirmation I ever used with consistency was when I first moved to the US and wanted to get back into the habit of going to the gym regularly, something I’d dropped for a few months prior to our move. The best way to build up any habit is to make it part of your identity. In other words to see the action as automatic and not necessarily something you have to think about. This is where affirmations can be really useful. The one I created was simply “I am a gym regularly and I never go more than 3 days without working out” That was very achievable to me and the repetition of that as well as initially using my calendar to slot work out times in meant that within 3 months I no longer needed the affirmation or the calendar reminders because it was no part of who I am, somebody who works out 3 times per week.
Victor Schuller @ Victor Schuller.com : The power of positive affirmations can be overlooked or completely ignored, which is unfortunate. Many people feel that they are victims to the life path on which they find themselves, and this couldn’t be further from the truth. We are born with the gift of free will, and so we are thus born with the gift of empowerment! By using the power of positive affirmations, we can empower ourselves and set the stage for whatever it is we wish to have, and offer it up to the collective consciousness to manifest itself in reality! How awesome is that? One of my favorite affirmations is, “I prosper in everything that I find enjoyable!” It gives me inspiration and feelings of tremendous empowerment! I love it!

I hope you have enjoyed and learned many positive things from this series on Positive Affirmations. This is the third and last part in this series, but by no means is this the end of ‘the Power of Positive Affirmations’. I will continue to write about them as and when there is NEW to share with you.

Now its YOUR turn. Share atleast one Positive Affirmation you have liked, heard or used in the comments below…lets all heal together darlings! 

p.s. The Positive Affirmations in picture form you see in this post are created by me and I share them very often on the Positive Provocations Facebook Page and my Google+ page. Come and join me there too 🙂

The Power of Positive Affirmations Series of articles:

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12 thoughts on “Healing with The Power of Positive Affirmations (part three)

  1. What a lovely, lovely post. This is wonderful for me to read, especially this morning, as I recover from viral fever and food poisoning. I am actually feeling instantly better, reading your affirmations, Zeenat, and everyone else’s. Truly a beautiful post.

    Life, indeed, loves us. Thank you very much for a great start to my day. Love you.


  2. swarna

    Positive Affirmations – all the three parts are equally wonderful and important. Love You Zeenat for these great posts. Wish you all the success, happiness n prosperity in every moment of your life.

  3. Love this post and i love your affirmation cards, so colorful and inspiring. Thank you for asking me and including mine. It is wonderful to read the others too- I love Tess ziplock bags etc. Namaste

  4. Love the personal perspective you and others share regarding affirmations. I’ve used them on and off throughout my life. In the times when I haven’t used them I think it was because as Tim shared, the affirmations were having the opposite effect.

    A friend and I have used the following for years, making each other smile each time we say it. I think I first heard it from Abraham-Hicks. “The better it gets the better it gets!”

  5. Zeenat, this is such a beautiful post!

    Thank you for including my contribution here – it’s an honour to be listed with such illustrious friends:-)

    Zeenat, keep up the great work you are doing to transform the world…

  6. swatcat

    Loved all the three articles!!! i have a major prob with nerves before doing anythin…i have realised using affirmations help calm me before a task…i can do a good job n i believe in it…is one i use…

  7. Thank you all for sharing you loving and powerful affirmations here! I am going to use them in the future and maybe create some art with it too 🙂
    In all fairness the many lovely writers who shared their affirmations thoughts here have made this post so very special. Thank you so so much!
    Sending you all lots of love for a positive affirmative life.
    love and hugs~

  8. I’ve been using affirmations for a couple of years. Or longer than a couple, but it’s only in the recent few years that I became more commuted to them and actually remember to use them when I *really* need them (ie. when I feel crappy).

    Recently I thought about illustrating some of my favorite ones, and offering them as an eBook. I don’t know when I’ll be able to fit it in my schedule, but I feel called to do it.

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