How Strength, Courage & Wisdom can make your Dreams a Reality

How Strength, Courage & Wisdom can make your Dreams a Reality“Do not pray for easy lives. Pray to be stronger men. Do not pray for tasks equal to your powers. Pray for powers equal to your tasks. Then the doing of your work shall be no miracle, but you shall be the miracle.” ~Phillips Brooks

To be strong is to be powerful. The use of this power, however, can become effective or efficient in a specific direction, only if it is combined with courage and wisdom.

Strength embodies many attributes like :-

  • Physical power, derived form muscular vigor.
  • Tenacity, meaning power to exert, resist and endure.
  • Toughness, implying great firmness and resilience.
  • Character i.e. moral, spiritual and intellectual power.

These are inherent human assets and resources(strong points)that can make us striking or superior in a particular way. But, we cannot be strong and powerful all the time and we are usually aware of this fact. So, do ask yourself a simple question: Now that I have confided in myself about my strong points and I know what is right about my attitude, Why dont I also confess my biggest short comings?

I think there is something therapeutic to be gained by being a little more honest about your weaknesses and short-comings. If nothing else at least you will know where there is room for improvement, especially in your moments of crisis and need.

Strength Courage WisdomCourage is not overcoming fear, but rather it is standing on ground, inspite of it. It is a disgrace to refuse to rise above fear. No-one ever failed because he was afraid; he only fails in life because he does nothing about his fear and not display courage. Fear arises from lack of knowledge and uncertainty. Knowledge and certainty are important as they help us find courage and determination. But we must add a deep dedication and conviction to knowledge and understanding, to destroy fear and tip the balance in a positive way.

Courage needs to be combined with confidence. A person must be knowledgeable and enthusiastic in order to have courage, but he must accomplish and experience in order to gain confidence. The world makes way for the person who says “I CAN, BECAUSE, I KNOW I CAN”. A person must have the character and self-discipline and wisdom to withstand success. Our confidence naturally grows with our successful experiences.

When faced with problems you must add a little wisdom and a lot more courage, to your actions in order to achieve you ultimate objective.

Remember, that all those people, young and old, who have been rewarded for bravery and recognized for merit in times of battle and crisis situation, were ordinary people like you and me. They were fully conscious of their inherent strengths and their best came out in terms of courage and confidence in their hour of testing and reckoning, which made their timely and forceful actions, so very memorable-for themselves and for others.

Our problems must not be allowed to dampen our resolve and shake our confidence in ourselves.

Know your strength, find your courage and discover your wisdom. These are your powers.

If we try to analyze, we will find that our problems are normally of three types:

  1. Tragedies There are problems which we are confronted with because of the situation which is beyond our or anybody else’s control. eg. accidents, environmental calamities. We have to accept it and move on. We can only pray for strength to get over it quickly. We must never forget that God and the Universe always makes up in the end and have their beautiful ways of granting compensations.
  2. Trial and Tribulations Often there are problems that are created for us by other people, who might have some kind of petty issue with you eg. jealousy etc. Such problems we have to handle boldly and forcefully. For this we must muster all our courage to resolve the situation more positively to our benefit. Courage knows no bounds. It might be hard, but SO doable.
  3. Self Created Problems Most of the time the problems we are faced with are of our own making. These can be handled and solved very effectively and quickly provided we get to the root cause and come to grips with them. Soon we will be pleasantly surprised as to how easily everything got sorted out. We need to use our wisdom, more than anything else to find a solution to our self created problems. This requires self discipline.

Know your strength, find your courage and discover your wisdom. These are your powers.

Dreams are realized, not by mere wishful thinking, but by pursuing your ambitions with all the powers that you possess, and can muster.

“Ah, great it is to believe the dream as we stand in youth by the starry stream; but a greater thing is to fight life through and say at the end, the dream is true! “~Edwin Markham

What about you…Do you know your strength? Have you found your courage? Have you discovered your wisdom?

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19 thoughts on “How Strength, Courage & Wisdom can make your Dreams a Reality

  1. Hi Zeenat, Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!! As usual your words make me feel newly inspired. I often feel stuck in dreaming the dream, yet never fully go for it! Letting fear take the place of my dreams has caused so many delays. You’re so right how can we find success without the experiences to get us there. I’m still working on my “Self Created problems” so I can move on from there. I love how you summarized it making me feel as though it is not impossible to move on from those things. I’ve made a daily goal to do something every single day. It may only be encouraging words or actions but it feels good to try to move towards the winning path. Thank you, for your inspiration 🙂

  2. Anton Cutajar

    Hi .. I believe that the worst enemy of fulfilling your dreams is when you reach a state of apathy and self-pity. One must feel in control all the time and live every minute of his life.

  3. Getting up and starting again after failure or loss or setbacks takes courage. Most people simply don’t seem able to acknowledge the courage they display week after week because they think of it as being something extraordinary they must do. Whilst it truly is simply managing the cards life hand us in as peaceful and graceful way possible.

    Thanks Zeenat for the reminder.

  4. Appreciating this encouragement, Zeenat: “The world makes way for the person who says “I CAN, BECAUSE, I KNOW I CAN”. A person must have the character and self-discipline and wisdom to withstand success. Our confidence naturally grows with our successful experiences.” I’m setting out to launch two new projects this month. So…I CAN! xo YOU are appreciated.

  5. I find that I am changing my perception of what strength is and embracing where I am in my life’s process. Seeing the road I traveled and how far I’ve come, I realize how strong I’ve been even when I perceived myself as weak.

  6. Taking a page from Jack Canfield, I’m aware of my weaknesses but don’t spend much time trying to grow them. I focus on my strengths, and in times of crisis or personal struggle, rely on my strengths to help see me through. I learned long ago to discover the opportunity in every problem. ❤

  7. debrareble1

    Thank you Zeenat for this inspiring post. I take inventory of my imperfections and now use them as catalysts for growth. and when my old perfectionism pattern comes up I tell myself that I’m perfectly imperfect and thus have areas in which to continue to love myself without condition. xo

  8. Courage and wisdom do go together Zeenat. In moments where we have to exercise our courage, we need our wisdom to remind us that we have done it before. We have faced our fears previously and overcome them 🙂 Well written as always.

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