The Only Positive FIX to Any Problem

The Only Positive FIX to Any Problem ~ "Life is like an ice-cream cone, you have to lick it one day at a time."“Life is like an ice-cream cone, you have to lick it one day at a time.”Charles M. Schulz

I scream for Ice-Cream! Always! Now more since I have been off sugar for the past almost 4 months…yup I do crave my cold, sweet and completely decadent ice cream fix.

I remember as a little girl, whenever I was in a bad mood my daddy took me out for ice cream. In those moments, while licking that sweet wondrous treat all my bad moods would turn sweet. All those frowns would turn into smiles. All that troubled me melted as quickly as the ice cream itself.

Now, by no means am I saying Ice Cream can fix your problems….No way! it can make you feel good temporarily and give you extra pounds for sure…but no way can it fix the problems in your life.

What can fix every problem you have? What is the ONE Positive Fix to Any Problem?

No it aint a wonder drug….but you sure wish it was…hmmm 😉

Its a simple yet powerful change in perspective. Its how you SEE and PERCEIVE life everyday.

It is……Taking life, Living Life One day at a time!

We often hear this saying – to live one day at a time. But what does it really mean. Let me simply explain….

Stop Running!

On a normal day we get up, we run, we run and then we run some more. We are always always always running to work, to school, to grocery stores, to doctors…we RUN through life like we are running a freaking marathon, with no end in sight. But think about this, What if you DIDNT run? What if you got up and took a breath. What if you got up and asked your heart what it wanted to do today. If your heart nudges you to calm down, then calm down. If the heart nudges you to get your chores done calmly without the stress, so be it.

Listen to your Heart. Have a Relationship with it.

The problem with most of our mental conditioning is that we are hard wired to get up and use our head to evaluate and plan everything. We seldom use our hearts in our everyday plans.

Today, I’m inviting you and nudging you and your heart to have a relationship. A relationship where you listen to that heart of yours and do what it pleases. That does NOT mean you need to stop doing what you NEED to do…like going to work etc. Yes, there are days when your heart just doesn’t want to go to work…but if you listen to your heart, truly listen, it wants to go to work but it just does not want to take on the stress of the day. So decide and don’t take the stress. Simply making an intention to live stress free is the first imperative step towards calm. Your heart is your best guide.

This simple yet profound exercise to ask your heart what it wants, will develop a healthy relationship between your mind and your heart. It will make you start trusting your self(something most of us struggle with). The heart and mind will start working in harmony. And this Harmony is your sweet spot. Its your happy spot.

My Heart says “Only One Day, This is all You have”

People often ask me, “How are you SO positive and smiley all the time? I bet your life is just perfect!” ….Oh my, thats FAR FAR from it. My life isn’t perfect. I have a mountain of problems. I have my shortcomings and my down points and my craziness…that I deal with everyday. The only thing that keeps me FIXED to smile and think positively, is my heart-mind relationship. And the ONE and only push that my heart – mind relationship makes me focus on is ONE DAY.

To simply get up and LIVE Today. I have over the years developed a practice of not focusing on the past or stressing about the future. My heart says TODAY is all that matters. Today is tomorrows yesterday, and If my everyday is heart centered and calm, that is a FULL life of beautiful days. I do have my moments of craziness where everything seems to whirl in a negative cesspool…but this heart of mine refuses to allow me to stay in that negativity. It often reminds me “Only One Day, This is all You have. Is this negativity worth wasting this One Day over?” …and then like an instant flash of lightning I’m back to smiling. This harmonious relationship my mind and heart have allows me to stay balanced even in the most trying times.

Why on earth would anyone want to live any other way?

TODAY, this fine fine day, is all that matters. No more, no less. I know this as an absolute truth and am reaping the benefits of it everyday.

As you get up everyday, ASK your heart what it wants. Then let it guide you to LIVE just for today.

I’ll leave you with an introspective question that will tug at your heart and mind: WHAT IF, THIS WAS YOUR LAST DAY ON THIS PLANET? HOW WOULD YOU LIVE IT? 

Would you then allow stress to engulf your being or would you live a heart centered life? Think about it. Meditate over it. Your heart will answer in the most profound ways.

charlie brown snoopy eating ice creamNow, getting back to that ice cream 🙂 , I think living a heart – mind harmonious life is literally like licking a sweet sweet ice cream(without the empty calories!)….Your days stay filled with sweet happy spots. Isn’t that how you want to remember your life? like…a chain of sweet happy moments! This Living one day at a time is the only positive fix that will make our problems literally melt. No the problems wont go away, but they will not be as huge as mountains in our heads. Our heart will give us solutions to them.

And now my darlings, its Your turn to share….What are your thoughts on Living One day at a time? Do you agree with my harmonious ways? Share your thoughts in the comments and let me know how you like your ice cream 🙂 I like mine topped with chocolate syrup and nuts. Now if I can only find the sugar free options to that 😉

With Immense Love & Gratitude,


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8 thoughts on “The Only Positive FIX to Any Problem

  1. Dear Zeenat, I know you have a lot of positive thoughts…all you need right now is ice-cream! Please lick it slowly and enjoy that treat from my side. 🙂 Love that! Once a week indulge and enjoy one ice cream, it won’t add any extra pounds, I assure you! Thanks for the positive FIX, we have to learn to live for the moment. Wishing that to you too and therefore that one treat from my side!

  2. Hello,
    If today was my last day on earth.I would love to spend it on a beach,perhaps an island is a very good choice.Enjoy the blue colour of the ocean and air heart want that a lot but I can not find it near by 🙂

    1. Hi Mahmoud,
      Then you will have to look for what you CAN find and do that 😉 There is always something close by to FIX a downward spell.
      Bring this image up in your minds eye…it can work wonders.
      Thank you for your comment here.
      Much love~

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