How to Kick Fear and Become Truly Successful

How to kick fear and become truly successful“When I dare to be powerful – to use my strength in the service of my vision, then it becomes less and less important whether I am afraid.” ~ Audre Lorde

Is fear and anxiety preventing you from becoming the success you always dreamed of becoming? Lets understand where your anxiety is coming from – and find out how you can overcome it.

What’s holding you back from achieving success? Is it a lack of talent/skill to do something worthwhile?

I doubt it!

Chances are you’ve got a compelling passion for a particular type of skill, whether it’s assisting others, developing a product, or supplying a service.

As a counselor, I’ve found that the number one reason most people never take the plunge and start working on their passion is fear rolled up in the harsh garment of anxiety.

Where oh where does the Fear come from?

I completely understand anxiety because I’ve experienced it myself. Many times in the very far past while was helping others to defeat personal struggles … I found that instead of feeling a sense of achievement, I was drained. I was seeing people go on to better futures and more fulfilling lives through finding their true sense of Self – yet here I was grounded, and almost resentful, after my work was done. Instead of anticipating the next successful patient, I almost shunned taking many on. I was in a dilemma and I did NOT like it one bit!

My dilemma?

When I started feeling this way a few years back, I knew there had to be a change – in my life, in the way I thought and in the way I approached my work. But at the same time, I was fearful that if I changed, the whole thing would go south and I would fail miserably.

With lots of introspection I realized that the reason for this negative thought process was this: that instead of really hearing my Self, I was listening to everyone else. I intrinsically knew what would make me feel content. I’d done all the exercises I recommend to my own patients and asked myself all those magical questions to find out who I really am – but I’d repressed the power they held over my own life. I was making decisions based not on my own core values, but on what was critical to others, and anxiety about what would happen if I didn’t heed them. I feared being a “loser” because it would affect my family, my friends, my co-workers and my own self esteem.

I should have been more afraid of going against my own wants, needs, and core values! duh right?!

How to kick Fear & become truly Successful

1) Your Life is Your Own: You must realize that your life is your own. You will never achieve an overwhelming sense of personal fulfillment until you recognize your core values and stay true to them – regardless of what someone else has to say about it. Your excitement is fueled by a career that focuses on the key values most important to your sense of Self. And that passion is what fuels your vision; your inspiration to get up each morning and face the day with a sense of enthusiasm.

2) Believe in Yourself: You must have belief in yourself. Even if other people around you are skeptical, you can’t let that deter you from your goals. Only you can create the “big picture” of what your dreams will look like when everything is in sync with your values, and it will never be the same as someone else’s creation. Complete faith in your Self is what will keep you going, facing obstacles and defeating them, doing the things that will move you ever closer to the big picture goal.

Some awesome questions that will help you Fearlessly achieve and unearth your BIG Dreams:

It’s not easy to stay true to your Self when so many others are imploring you to give up on your dreams and passions. And it’s certainly no less challenging to keep moving forward when you have an aversion to change.

Don’t give up; ask yourself these four awesome questions to refuel the fire:

1. What are the tasks I am dreading? How can I get them over with and get on with what I love?
2. Who am I assisting by staying true to the Big Picture?
3. What am I doing that someone else couldn’t do as well?
4. What is the worst thing that could happen right now? Is it really all that distressing?

When I sat down and honestly answered these questions, I found a renewed sense of purpose in my life’s work. The passion was back – and I was more successful than ever helping others heal positively to achieve their goals.

Becoming a successful person takes energy(you need to DO the work), a clear vision(you need to focus on the BIG Picture), and most of all, the ability to defeat(kick those negative thoughts) your fears and anxieties.

Lets STOP listening to other people and stay in harmony with what our own heart is saying. You can take your dream and turn it into something really awesome! You just need to have complete and utter faith in your SELF.

You are special and there is NO ONE else like you in this Whole Universe. Believe it cause its true!

Now go on reach for those stars 🙂

My question to you: Have you ever found yourself going through anxiety over your goals and dreams? How did you overcome your fears? Lets share and learn from each other. Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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8 thoughts on “How to Kick Fear and Become Truly Successful

  1. I sure have… also while working as a therapist. I, too, used some of the exercises I’d been prescribing and The Inner Critic Advantage was born. Who knew? lol. Thanks for sharing this.

  2. I love how we are sharing the same theme in unique ways, Zeenat. I always tell those close to me that everything I write is a message to myself. All that to say, your post is one that we can never hear enough! Thanks for the encouragement. xoxo

  3. kelleygrimes

    I love Audre Lorde and the quote above. Stepping through fear into inspired action is so important for me because I am most uncomfortable when feeling stuck. I have so much transition and change happening in my life right now and I am very aware of how I nurture myself during the process to allow myself the grace and space to step through fear into the unknown and all the possibilities that exist there! Thank you for this insightful and encouraging blog!

  4. How wonderful that the questions you asked yourself brought such clarity Zeenat. The right questions are a fabulous tool for hearing what’s going on underneath all the ‘noise’ of daily life. 🙂

  5. It sounds simple, but the truth is we often get caught up listening to others instead of respecting our own inner dreams. These four questions are a great way to renew purpose in life.

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