5 Transformative Reasons to Start Writing a Journal NOW!

5 Transformative Reasons to Start Writing a Journal NOW!“Life is a train of moods like a string of beads; and as we pass through them they prove to be many colored lenses, which paint the world their own hue, and each shows us only what lies in its own focus.”~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

As this glorious December begins and we are all in introspective modes cause of the end of the year approaching rapidly…I’m thinking about Essence. I’m thinking about that Essence that is revealed when we have found or touched Depth. You know what I mean…I’m talking about that amazing calm, glowy, light, airy feeling we get when we see those who are already Spiritually evolved. That certain essence is present in each and every one of us. After-all, we Are Beings of Light first. This body is just a vessel for that being of light. Unearthing that light is our truest essence.

So, How can we reveal our True Essence? The answer is simple and oh so do-able! read on..

Journaling is the answer

Journaling isn’t just recording what happens, but is a positive process in which you transform into the highest and truest version of yourself.

Here is why…

5 Transformative Reasons to Start Writing a Journal NOW!

Write a journal
My Journal 🙂

“The events in our lives happen in a sequence in time, but in their significance to ourselves they find their own order.” ~ Eudora Welty

I have been Journaling for many years now. Journaling has been a positively transformative journey for me. There are so many parts of myself I have discovered and rediscovered along the way. So much I have learned and so much I have rearranged in my head and heart because of this simple yet powerful habit.

Here are the 5 Transformative reasons I keep Journaling: 

1} Inner Understanding: Journaling has a way of revealing your truest feelings. It brings out all those feelings you couldn’t with the outside world. It has helped me “feel” differently and deeply about some of the past events of my life, which I was having trouble letting go of. Its helped me to let go of the negative emotion attached to those events only to replace them with positive ones. I have actually been able to own up to so much within my journal…sometimes I astound even myself as I write it all.

2} Changed Perceptions: We are all living a life controlled by our mental conditioning and pre-defined societal perceptions. That in itself can make life very limiting. Journaling your thoughts helps put things in perspective. I have noticed that however scattered I may feel about something, or however muddled I may be in my thoughts…when I sit to write it all down, it becomes perfectly organised and thereby changes my perception of the whole event/person etc. A changed perception often leads to a changed YOU.

3} Personal Growth: Journaling everyday has the ability to push you UP in all ways possible. I remember when I began journaling I wasn’t very regular with it. But as time passed by I began craving to write it. The reason for that craving was, that this simple habit of journaling, was allowing me to evaluate myself and understand myself in a whole NEW positive light. Which is fantastic for a person like me who is constantly trying to be a better person.

4} Owning my Story: Have you ever thought how wonderful it would be, down the line, if you could leave your wisdom to someone you love? When I journal I feel powerful beyond measure, cause I’m writing my thoughts, my story in there. It might be for my own personal healing, but its incredibly empowering to know that this life long book of my life lessons might be of value to someone I love. I do plan to pass it along to my daughter in a future when I am not around.

5} Stress Management: Journaling can be a Great Stress buster too! Especially when I am stressed, the writing it all down in a journal, helps me to calm down. I pour it all out and then am left with a feeling of relief. After its all out on the paper, It doesn’t seem that big a deal.. amazing how this simple act works magic on our psyche right?!

The simple act of Journaling i.e. writing a few sentences and recording a few thoughts can bring about magnanimous positive transformation within our self leading to revealing of our truest Essence of being.

Journaling has changed my life for the better. Its made me more aware, more open, more understanding, more in tune with the Divine, more loving…more ME.

Start Journaling NOW!

Especially now, with the year ending, introspection and stress being at its all time high…is the best time to start your own Journal. It can be your own little escape from the pressures of the external world.
Start with 2-3 sentences a day. And always start with: Dear Me,………

Conversations with yourself never felt this rewarding. Try it and if you need any help with it, dont hesitate to discuss it with me. I’m always here for your help and healing.

What are your thoughts on this topic? Do you keep a journal? How has journaling your thoughts helped you? And, If you haven’t kept a journal, would you start writing one to reveal your true essence? Share your thoughts in the comments below and tell me what you’re thinking…  🙂

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15 thoughts on “5 Transformative Reasons to Start Writing a Journal NOW!

  1. Awwww thank you Zeenat. Beautiful and helpful post.
    I will sure journal especially in a book more. IT has in the past helped me get past a lot of things and made me come to terms with many things about myself.
    Thank you for sharing.

  2. Lore Raymond

    I always appreciate your positivity and have shared your blog post to my group, the Writer’s VisionQuest, Zeenat. You clearly outline the value of writing in a journal which I do every morning for about an hour!

  3. I love journaling and do it every morning! It helps me process my own emotions and thoughts, in addition to letting go of other people’s emotions and thoughts. It brings me a new sense of clarity. As I read your list of reasons, I was saying yes, yes, yes in my mind. Thanks for sharing your wisdom Zeenat. I will also be tweeting this today! xx

  4. So True! There is something about the clarity that writing in a journal brings. I believe that when I write something down (or say something out loud) it is so much easier to identify when I am not aligned with the truth of who I am (you can really feel when you are lying to yourself). I journal almost everyday and it is a huge part of my self growth journey. My journal is where I write out my appreciations as well as my observations about my mind, emotions and body.

    Great article. Thank you!

  5. Great post Zeenat. I have been journaling all my life…I have far too many journals scattered around the house. It’s always introspective to look back over my old journals to see the growth and perspective shifts I have made. 🙂

  6. I used to keep a Journal when I was younger and maintained it till I went to Boarding School and privacy for my Journal was an issue. I returned to keeping a Journal in the days after my father’s death to help me cope with my grief. I was away from home and didn’t really want to talk to anyone about it and the writing exercise kept me company. I found it earlier this year while cleaning my papers and on reading it, I could see I had gone through the 5 stages of Grief with the support of my beloved Journal.

  7. It’s so beautiful that you plan on passing your journal to your daughter. I think that journaling with that in mind would change the act of journaling for me in such an interesting way. Thank you for that ‘positive provocation’ dear Zeenat. I also love your definition of journaling: “Journaling isn’t just recording what happens, but is a positive process in which you transform into the highest and truest version of yourself.”

  8. ckkochis2017

    I’ve written in a journal since I was sixteen and even wrote a book on how journalling saved my life. This is a great article, Zeenat. Your list is insightful and inspiring.

  9. Journaling over the years has transformed my life. My gratitude journal turned my depression to inner happiness. It’s amazing how the process of writing stops those thoughts from spinning in my head. Suddenly, things make sense and have a nice conclusion. I couldn’t agree more with all your reasons Zeenat!

  10. I’m a big believer in journaling or any kind of writing really. There is much scientific evidence on the mental health benefits as point out here, I know writing my book helped me to purge and heal my past. I feel like I let go of it when I put it on the paper. People do not have to write a book. Just write. 🙂

  11. I love journaling too, Zeenat, for all the reasons you’ve given. Interesting that I lost all my journals during the lava eruption, except for the one I took when I evacuated, but that’s okay. Just the process of writing it all down helps me tremendously. And I do like to look back at the end of the year through my journal to cull my life lessons.

  12. cathytaugh

    I like journaling as well, Zeenat. It does bring clarity into my life and can help answer questions when I’m feeling challenged by something. Journaling can help when you are struggling with negative mind chatter. It breaks the pattern by writing what concerns you down. I have found it helpful and like to add a few things that I’m grateful for at the end of my journal entry.

  13. I had gotten away from journaling, thinking I was “too busy.” But yesterday I wrote in my journal and it helped me almost immediately to see the next right step for me–which helped with my feelings of overwhelm. I’ve decided to get back in the habit, so I also journaled this morning. It is proving your point #5–that journaling helps with stress management.

  14. Elle Sommer

    I don’t actually do this Zeenat. Though I can truly see the benefits it would bring. What I started to do this year is create a book of ideas. I found that I would frequently have ideas that ended up in the mists of forgotten thoughts. So I started to write them down.

    Not all of them will be implemented, but at least I won’t forget the ones that are worthy of follow through. 🙂

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