Grab and Create Opportunities for Infinite Success

Grab and Create Opportunities for Infinite Success“A wise man will make more opportunities than he finds.”~Sir Francis Bacon~

A person seldom fails in life because he doesn’t have the ability to succeed. Most often he fails because he uses too little  of the power which lies dormant within him or he does not make use of his powers when the opportunity was ripe. Let us not permit the great sleeping forces within us to remain asleep. It is a catastrophe that the great opportunities of this world are sometimes not embraced by men and women of vision, insight and ambition.

It is also tragic to let talent go undeveloped-to live with unfulfilled ambitions, unrealized dreams, doors of opportunities that remain unopened, so long as the hinges are actually rusted. The great problem of life is not primarily of acquiring additional qualities; It is of realizing to the fullest extent the wealth of qualities with which we are already endowed.

We must be prepared to grab an opportunity, when we see one. For this we need a positive mental attitude. It means that we must be willing to support our positive thinking with a positive action. We should then continue to expect positive results. Remember thoughts are power, only when put into action.

For achieving success in any field whether personal or professional we must constantly be moving forward. The speed at which we move forward however is of minor importance. Of major importance is the direction in which we are travelling. We have to stay right on the main highway and not be led astray into detours and bye-lanes. A successful man once said “When I can run, I will run; When I can walk, I will walk; When I can only crawl, I will crawl; I will atleast always be moving forward.”

The human race is divided into two classes-

  1. Those who go ahead and do something, and
  2. Those who sit idle and enquire, out of idle curiosity that :- “Why wasn’t it done the other way?”

Success in life, be it in any task or field brings happiness, and once reached must be won over and over again. Its not easy, but in the difficulty lies the opportunity, its rewards are great, but it belongs only to those brave and courageous souls, who care to have the faith in themselves. Who recognize and opportunity when it comes their way, grab it, make the most of it and continue to move forwards towards success. The positive thinker says- It may be difficult, but its possible. The negative thinker says- It may be possible, but its difficult. Now which category do we want to belong to? The winning positive or The losing negative?

One thing is certain, that if a person is willing to brave the hazards of the road, he will grow strong in the journey. Only the strong , courageous and the determined, find success in their journey. Such people dont explode into succcess; they GROW into it.

So, What kind of person are you? The go ahead and do something kind or the sit idle and enquire kind?

Do you remember of any opportunites Grabbed or Missed? How have these choices changed You? Share your thoughts in the comments below. I’d love to hear from you!

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9 thoughts on “Grab and Create Opportunities for Infinite Success

  1. Dear Zeenat,
    I’m a go ahead and do it type. Your posts help me to remain focused on doing what’s positive, rather than sitting about and fretting that someone else isn’t doing it.

  2. Love this, Zeenat!! I’m a positive person, but a procrastinator, and that really brings me down on several occasions.

  3. Hi Zeenat,

    I love the choice of this picture and the title is my favorite!! Beautiful thoughts! Let me take a quote from my book to add something more to ‘infinite success’:
    Just listen to your inner voice; it is very powerful if we pay heed to it at the right time. Get into the competition as it keeps us motivated towards the path of excellence, however thorny it may get. A focused mind can do wonders; many successful icons have proved it.

    What a timely upload on success. My book on success goes online today. It will be available after 24 hours.

  4. Hmmm…I guess I dabble between the two types! It is rare that I get to a place of complete overwhelm and let the difficulty deter me from the pursuit of goals, but I definitely notice a slow down in my “call to action” rather than just jumping and leaping at the chance to take a risk and live more passionately.

  5. Dear Z,

    I know I’ve missed opportunities. Not because of negativity but because I wasn’t prepared or already had a full plate. Not every opportunity is the “right” fit. I bumbled around for years saying YES to every opportunity only to find that nothing really stuck unless I was crystal clear on my outcome and what I wanted. Since arriving at crystal clear clarity a few months ago, the opportunities that are being presented are so aligned with my direction! I couldn’t be more happier!

  6. Hi darlings,
    I apologize for the delay in responding to your lovely comments here. My Internet service provider has been very erratic this past week. I’ll respond to all your beautiful thoughts within the day.
    Thank you for being here and sharing your energy. I appreciate you!
    Much love~

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