Positive Challenge for September: Focus on Just One Positive Quality

stock-footage-flying-butterfly-with-grass-and-sun“What you Focus on Expands. Hence, focus on the Positive.” ~Z

Happy September darlings!

Do you struggle to add positive change within you? Then this is the challenge for YOU!

Think about ONE Beautifully Positive quality about yourself. Just ONE. I know you have countless positive qualities my dear, but here we want to focus on just one quality. The challenge for this glorious September is, to focus, enhance and nurture this ONE quality all through the month. HOW? Read on…..

Why Focus on Just One Positive Quality?

Your thoughts are more powerful than you give them credit for. When you focus, you put your subconscious mind to work for you, and it stays busy finding more and more of what you’re focusing on. This month, keep that in mind and focus on your ONE Positive, and what makes you feel good on the inside.

Focusing on just One is simple and highly effective in bringing about inner positive change. Having razor sharp focus on ONE positive quality helps to enhance it within you and makes it part of your being. In the beginning you will have to keep reminding yourself to focus on this one positive quality you possess, but as time passes it will come more naturally.

The problem with most of us(even me!) is that we want to create positive changes within our-self, but have such a long saintly/unrealistic list of changes we want to bring about….in trying to do *everything* we end up literally doing *nothing* substantial. Then we wonder why after all our efforts we don’t feel good on the inside. Multitasking isn’t the way to bring about positive change within…that’s for sure!

Which Positive Quality should you focus on? ~ 3 tips

  1. We all have amazing positives and there is no arguing that. Sometimes we cant see them, so ask a close friend or partner about what they notice is your most positive quality.
  2. There are some parts of our personality we absolutely adore. Enhance and focus on that if it makes you feel good on the inside.
  3. Sometimes an act you do occasionally makes you feel SO good on the inside. Think about what that is and focus there.

What Positive quality am I going to focus on this month?

This month, I’m choosing to focus on my “giving” quality. I love how good the act of giving makes me feel.

I have been known to be a very giving person. Someone who gives without thinking twice. Be it giving love, warmth, happiness, comfort…or the physical giving to those less fortunate than me, giving time, giving attention…etc. to all where its required. But I have been doing all this occasionally up until now.

This month when I focus on this ONE quality, I’ll not only enhance and ingrain this quality in ME more, but I will also help instill this quality in others, by being an active example of “a giving person”. Soon, what I used to do once in a while will become part of my core nature. Thereby, becoming a more positive person on the whole.

Your challenge is the same. You need to Focus on this ONE Positive quality you have and then go all out. LIVE and Breathe this quality in your life for this September month.

I’ve positively challenged myself over the years and have brought about immense change within me and many many souls who I encounter in this beautiful life. Its one of the simplest and most effective tools for bringing about inner positive change especially to change those negative core beliefs so many of us grow up with too. Give it a go. You will love how this whole month makes you feel once you start.

Before you take up this Positive Challenge start using this Positive Affirmation to help you focus:



Save this Affirmation image on your computer. Make it your desktop wallpaper, mobile wallpaper or print it out and stick it on your work desk, fridge and mirror. Looking and reading this affirmation will keep reminding you of your challenge and keep you motivated all through the month. The possibilities are limitless!

Which positive quality of yours are you going to focus on this glorious September? Share your thoughts, your experiences, your positive qualities in the comments below. If you need my help in any way, ask away, I’m here to positively provoke you 🙂
And, if this challenge is enticing enough, share it with your close friends, relatives, partners.

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With Immense Love & Gratitude,

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18 thoughts on “Positive Challenge for September: Focus on Just One Positive Quality

  1. Hi Zeenat,

    What a subtle way of invoking positive qualities and concentrating on them!! After reading this post, I kept thinking for almost five minutes – which quality should I focus on? Do I have one? Don’t I use it everyday? Isn’t my life full of positivity? So many thoughts and questions kept passing through my mind and while I am writing this, they go on and on! I think I would be loving, more loving because love embraces all, whether it is for your own self or for others and it is such a wide term…it encompasses everything around us! Yes! I would focus on love! Thanks for the reminder!

    Thanks for a thought provoking post! Love you!!

  2. Hi Zeenat,
    I like this idea too. I recently got in touch with the fact that I do not accept compliments with grace (I become embarrassed and deny them), and I do not compliment others enough. The task before me is to both accept and deliver compliments graciously in the upcoming month.

    1. Dear TiTi,
      The fact that you have become consciously aware of this habit of yours is in itself a huge start. Your heart is already leaning towards becoming more accepting of other…compliments and all 🙂 Try giving just ONE compliment a day…dont overwhelm yourself. The receiving will come more naturally.
      Thank you so much for sharing here. I appreciate you.
      Much Love~

      1. Thanks Zeenat,
        I live in a semi-remote location, aside from seeing my hubby who I do compliment, I don’t see other people every day, so there’s little danger of me overdoing it. 🙂

        I appreciate you too.
        Love, titi

  3. Great idea, Zeenat – with one area of focus, we’ll much more likely get it done. I’m going to try to uplift others more this month, either by my writing, meeting people or even talking on the phone. Thank you for this gift celebrating one of our positive qualities.

  4. Brilliant! Love how you keep the focus on one area of lightness and love that makes you feel positive about yourself or the essence of who you are. I completely relate to the aspect of giving – always makes me feel happy to know that I can give to others, brighten their day a little, and simply show I care without expecting anything in return. Thanks Zeenat for another lovely post!

  5. This is great Zeenat! I have come to realize that I CAN and DO inspire many, through just my words and a gentle hug, to be more than they think they can. My positive quality is giving love and encouragement (oops, guess that’s two..:-)..), sincerely and genuinely. I love when I can help people become bigger and better AND badder!!

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