5 Simple Tips to Stay Positive while IN the Eye of the Storm

5 Simple Tips to Stay Positive while IN the Eye of the Storm“Accept periods of suffering with gratitude, knowing that suffering can teach you very important lessons.”– Barbara Ann Kipfer

Recently, I have been counseling and helping so many souls who have been going through a very rough time in their lives. From relationship issues, to health issues, to financial issues…the list is endless. This article is especially dedicated to all those hearts who are going through an especially rough time right now. Read on…

Human beings are sticklers for routine. Whether we accept it or not, we like to know where everything is coming from, what time everything is happening. There is a time for eating, sleeping, schooling, reading….and lately I’ve noticed people even taking out time during the week to ‘just talk’. All in all we love our routine knowing.

But, what happens when you don’t know, when your routines go topsy turvy, when your plans go flying with the wind? Do you curb under the pressure of the unpredictability and uncertainty?

Aha! there in lay situations and experiences where we really need to stay positive. Anyone can be positive and happy when every thing is going your way. The real test of a strong evolved human being comes forth if he can stay positive and calm in the most trying of times. But how can we do that? Yes, how can we be positive while in the eye of the storm? Read on and the simplicity of it all will elevate you for sure.

An example about following patterns:
Recently, I shifted my refrigerator from one point in the kitchen to another. Mostly cause I wanted a change and cause I wanted to add some new pieces of decor to that previous refrigerator space. The shift itself was fine, but what happened after that shift for nearly 2 weeks was funny, interesting and thought altering.
After the shift, everytime any of my family members needed anything from the fridge, they would automatically reach for that old refrigerator space, even me. I literally had to tell myself after a few times of doing the same thing….”the fridge is there NOT here.” I did the same for my little girl. After which we slowly got used to the new space of the refrigerator.

The point of sharing that above refrigerator shift example is, we are all subconsciously conditioning our thoughts and actions, whether we realize it or not. This conditioning while happens on the subconscious level, it precipitates into our physical actions.

The five tips that I will share with you here, WILL help you condition your thoughts in such a way that no amount of negative situations or experiences will be able to shake that internal positive conditioning, thereby making your experience “in the eye of the storm”(while in a negative or traumatic situation) more peaceful and simple.

5 Simple Tips to Stay Positive while IN the Eye of the Storm

1} Breathe and THEN Think

“I have time to breathe, time to be myself more often, I am a lot more relaxed and less guarded.”~Cathy Freeman
Focusing on the act of breathing clears the mind of all daily distractions and clears our energy enabling us to better connect with the Spirit within. Most often in traumatic or problematic situation we literally forget to breathe, to relax. In this time, a deep breathe with eyes closed, brings clarity back. It removes all negative clutter from your heart and mind and lets you think positively for a solution to the problem at hand.

2} Be the Solution NOT the Problem too

“The important thing about a problem is not its solution, but the strength we gain in finding the solution”~Seneca
Every problem comes into our lives with its own solution. The problem is, while IN the situation, we cant see the solution and ironically we end up making the situation/problem worse by reacting and thinking negatively. The “what ifs” kick in and amplify our fears, making the situation at hand much bigger in our head than it naturally is. Being calm IN this situation can automatically be the biggest solution to the problem, because while calm the answers and solutions come more naturally to you. Remember to breathe.

3} Look at the view by taking a step back

“Take a step back, evaluate what is important, and enjoy life.”~ Teri Garr
Its imperative that we make ourself see the situation at hand form the point of view of an outsider. Which simply means, without too many emotions getting in the way. Yes, its hard, but not impossible if we can make up our mind to do so. I personally ask myself this question-“What would the best advice be for someone else in the same situation? What would they do?” Basically, when we think from another outsiders angle, we see more clearly. We can prioritize whats important, whats not and go ahead and act on it.

4} Focus on the Big Picture

“The soul never thinks without a picture.” ~Aristotle
We are very visual creatures. If I ask you to think of cutting a lemon, squeezing it into a jug and stirring it, you will not only get that picture in your minds eye, but you will literally feel your tongue get wet thinking of the taste of that lemon. Such is the power of visualization. We think in pictures. Creating a Big picture in your mind of how you can solve or ease the situation at hand is extremely helpful. Not only will this picture make you calm, but will also provide detailed ideas for handling the problem/situation at hand.

5} Let Nature Take its course

“We’ll let nature take its course, and time will tell where he winds up.”~ Jeff Borris
There are only two ways of looking at any problem:
(1) can be solved- When we can solve a problem, then its necessary for us to act in a way that will facilitate that positive solution.
(2) canNot be solved-  In this case, there is no use fretting or worrying about the problem at all. Let nature take its course and hand you the solution.

Nobody lives a problem free or storm free life. We cant stop the storm from coming, but we can choose and decide how much damage we are going to let it cause. That choice is entirely upto us.

I feel that problems come into our life to build our mental and spiritual muscles. They come to teach us lessons about ourself we wouldn’t normally have learned. I Thank God for giving me the many problems I have had in my life, for they have made me ME. They have helped me rediscover my strengths, understand my shortcomings and taught me to create new and exciting ways to be happy.

No storms can heave damage on me anymore, cause I wont let them.When you create a positive thought pattern, your subconscious lends you ways to consciously handle even the worst storms with immense calm.

What are YOUR thoughts on this topic? How do you remain calm in the eye of the storm? Do you have any tips to share as to how you handle negative or traumatic situations? What lessons have you learned from these situations? Share your beautiful thoughts in the comments below. And if you liked this article, please share it on your favorite social networks. Lets spread positivity by leaps and bounds 🙂 Thank you so much for reading and being here, I appreciate your support!

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With Immense Love & Gratitude,

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10 thoughts on “5 Simple Tips to Stay Positive while IN the Eye of the Storm

  1. Hi Zeenat,

    A stormy life is a happening life, a challenging life and it makes us stronger, wiser and yes, much calmer! But it doesn’t come in a jiffy, it takes a whole life to understand the prudence of thinking positive. I have often tried to figure out why negative thoughts are so common, so alert, so prompt! I keep searching for the answers even today! Perhaps that refrigerator incident answers it SO well! And it makes me smile:)

    I like the fifth tip the best. when we have made all the efforts, have brooded and exhausted ourselves…we decide – let it be! With time all problems get solved but thinking that, when we are grappling with the problem doesn’t offer any peace of mind!
    Thanks for writing so convincingly, your positivity can be felt.

  2. Your advice is wonderful, as always, Zeenat. When the storms of life hit me and/or my family, we breathe, as you suggested, and turn to God in prayer. It always helps!

  3. While in the eye of a storm my best way to deal (for me) is to take it to the dojo and pretty much beat it up. It’s called Muay Thai therapy 😉 Kickboxing allows me to transmute negative feelings into something super awesome and powerful. May not work for everyone but it does me 🙂

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