9 Simple Ways To Grow Your Compassionate Self

kuan-yinCompassion Comes When We Listen To The Whispers Of Our Hearts

When I drew the Kaun Yin card for compassion this morning and read the words:

“Release Judgements About Yourself and Others, Focus on the love and light that is within everyone”

I was drawn back to the question Zeenat asked in Compassion Begins with You: Do you know how to be compassionate towards yourself?

Then I thought about how I am compassionate to myself on a daily basis.

The kinder I am to myself, the more compassion I feel, and the happier I am, both inside and out.

As I focus on the love that I am and that is within, as I shine my light from within there is no room for judgement of others or myself and then I can show so much more compassion and kindness to others.

I know I am coming from that pure heart space that then brings joy to all and to the world too.


“When I listen to the whispers of my heart, I am being kind to me and compassion flows”

Those were the words I wrote to go with the Heart Whisper painting above and this was how Kim expressed her heart whisper:

“The opportunity for kindness & compassion on this beautiful day”Kim Stanley Lawyer

So how do we build this compassion muscle so we are kinder to ourselves, so we in turn can be more compassionate and show unconditional kindness to others and to the planet?

I believe we must have daily rituals that allow us to reinforce love, kindness and compassion

How To Be Compassionate To You

Kindness is caring and compassionate.

  1. Get your journal out. You might like to start a new journal and decorate the cover so it becomes special for you- put a picture of you on the front and use heart and other images that depict love, compassion and kindness.

Kindness is something we sometimes forget to be to ourselves.

  1. Make a List in your Journal of ways you are kind to you, include your daily rituals and note whether you take time for you each day
  1. Listen To The Whispers of Your Heart by tapping into your inner child, your higher self, your wisdom, God, whatever allows you to hear the whispers of your heart.

First get still, maybe light a candle, breathe and ask:

What do I need to do know to have more love and compassion in my life?

You might hear, see, feel or get a sense of what you need to do. You might like to note this down in your journal.

  1. Use Guidance/ Oracle Cards to increase listening to those heart whispers- this strengthens your intuition.
  1. Be forgiving of yourself and others: Use the Hawaiian forgiveness prayer: Ho’oponopono:

“ I am sorry. Please forgive me. I love you. Thank you”

  1. Speak positively to you each day. Watch the thoughts you think and the words you speak. Ask yourself if you would speak to another person like you are speaking to yourself. It’s time to let the inner critic go on holiday
  1. Really believe in you and love yourself. Do mirror work stand in front of the mirror each day and say: I love you ……(your name) I really love you………
  1. Play and Dance. Have fun, do things that raise your vibes. When you vibes are high, you are taking care of your inner child. This makes showing compassion to yourself and others a breeze, not to mention your cells will be full of positivity.
  1. Give yourself a hug and a daily Namaste: When we say Namaste we are bowing to another or yourself. I also learned to say: The divine light in me honours and acknowledges the divine light in you.

inner namste

Feel the love within you, allow it to hug you. Say I love you and give yourself an inner Namaste.

When you fully embrace the wonder that you are compassion will come naturally, you will be more in love with you, your life, other people and the planet.

YOUR THOUGHTS: What daily rituals do you use to create your own magic wave of compassion? Share your thoughts in the comments of this post and lets get compassionate!

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5 thoughts on “9 Simple Ways To Grow Your Compassionate Self

  1. Hi Suzie and Zeenat,

    I always try to practice forgiveness with myself and others. I think everyone tries their best and does things the way that they know how. So I don’t hold anything against them. No one makes mistakes on purpose.

    I think doing this has really elevated my compassion.


  2. heraldmarty

    So inspiring as always Suzie! I’ve always loved your artwork but as you grow so has your work continued to evolve and become more powerful than ever. And what an important message – we should also learn to be more compassionate to ourselves and others. Thank you!

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  4. Truth: i have problems with anxiety & depression & have always had asthma & allergies. I was an adopted child. I was 24 hours old when Mother & Dad came to pick me up from the hospital. Truth: I am blessed with such a wonderful life! Illnesses teach us to deal with problems as best we know how. As an adopted child I never wondered if I was loved or wanted. I never searched for birth parents…God had selected these two people just for me. I could complain about something, but I am too busy counting my blessings! If someone makes a negative or hateful comment I say, “OK. Now say something nice about that person.’ If someone is down, I imagine myself as a floating feather, gliding on air currents, stopping to occasionally attempt to bring this person’s smile back. I am a volunteer at the Humane Society & work with dogs. I was invited to join the board. I said that I would do that gladly if I could be considered the voice of the dogs. God gave me life so that I could go out into the world & make others smile, & appreciate all the talents & joy they were given at birth. Suzie’s morning pictures are like starting my day with a puzzle to do. I must look at the image & decide what positive message it is instilling inside me. What better way to start the day with a positive thought & a measure of love. I’m no angel. I’m no saint. Life is a one way ticket & I was put here to remind people to enjoy the ride!!! Thank you both for doing the same job in different ways. Everyone has a day when they need a cheerleader. You two are mine!

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