Compassion Begins with YOU

Happy October darlings! 

I know this month brings with it thoughts of compassion for me. I read the news and I’m just looking for a magic wand to wipe away all the pain and suffering in the world. 

In lieu of this state of being, my mind has been thinking of ways we can do magic to heal the world and ourself. Is there really any magic that can help?

Yes, the magic is a wave of Compassion. All this month, the posts/articles will revolve around compassion. How we can be more compassionate towards ourself, the world around us and how this beautiful trait honed can lead to immense healing.

Compassion Begins with YOU

Do you know how to be compassionate towards yourself? 

In all the years that I have been helping people make positive shifts in their lives, I’ve noticed one core fact. That till the person does not start viewing themselves with kindness and compassion, the healing cannot happen.

Last week, in my birthday post I shared my transformation with you. While I knew I needed to make a shift in my life and adopt positive habits to see positive results, I couldn’t get myself to do it for so many years prior. Not because I didn’t want to, but because I didn’t look at myself with compassion. I kept blaming all my weight problems, health issues, emotional issues on myself so harshly, that I was the ‘bad guy’ in my own eyes. With that mindset, how can any healing happen? The minute I started looking at myself with kindness, with compassion so much changed.

I began by stopping the blame game I played with myself. Then came the past memories of where I was led to believe, that it was always my fault. I wrote those memories down on a piece of paper. Read and reread them. Cried buckets and then tore them into bits and threw them away. I needed to let go of past shame and guilt that I was carrying around. This helped. An affirmation I used frequently during this time, “I love myself just as I am. Totally and Completely without any guilt or shame.”

So you see, self compassion and kindness not only helped the many people I have counseled over the years, its helped me too!

In order to transform yourself and the world positively, you need to first begin with compassion towards yourself. You cant be in self battering mode, while trying to help those around you. It will never be genuine, cause of all the anger you carry towards yourself on the inside, which will eventually show on the outside.

What is self-compassion and kindness towards self?

Sit down in a calm space without any disturbance and consider your answers to these questions:

• Are you compassionate and gentle to yourself when you lose, fail, or face disappointment as well as when you win or excel?

• Are you kind and forgiving to yourself when you feel regret and sadness?

• Do you build yourself up instead of beating yourself down?

• Are you more likely to think, “Everybody makes mistakes now and then” or fall into a “I’m such a loser” attitude?

Very simply, self-compassion and kindness towards self is having mercy, love and sweetness for yourself no matter what else you might be experiencing. It is the ability to treat yourself kindly in the face of failure, rejection, defeat, and other difficult experiences. And it is the ability to accept yourself as human, having a wide variety of human experiences.

With self-compassion and kindness towards self, if you care about yourself, you do what’s healthy for you rather than what’s harmful to you.

There are always things in life or in ourselves that we are not quite satisfied with. Cultivating and honing self-compassion helps you focus on your present circumstance with more kindness and less judgment. By doing so, you are more likely to relax and find your calm creative center. Tapping into deep inner resources can lead you to discover new solutions to life’s unpleasant events.

When things get rough, take a breath, and tell yourself “I am a Divine creation full of love. I love and appreciate my whole self.” You deserve it!

Positive affirmation I am a Divine creation full of love. I love and appreciate my whole self.-1

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5 thoughts on “Compassion Begins with YOU

  1. I love the image of a magic wave of compassion! And, of course it begins with be compassionate towards ourself. Your story of healing is so inspiring. Love you tons, Zeenat.

  2. I loved your thoughts, Zeenat. This is a lesson which I learnt after so many years in life. We talk about being compassionate to the world but as charity begins at home, we first need to appreciate and love ourselves. Belated Happy Birthday to you. 🙂

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  4. Yes it’s so easy for people in the healing professions and creative fields to think about everyone else with compassion and forget to direct it back towards ourselves. A great reminder and some beautiful affirmations. Will share on Twitter xx

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