6 Simple Tools To Owning Your Power Positively

6-simple-tools-to-owning-your-power-positively-1“Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man’s character, give him power.” ~ Abraham Lincoln 

What does it really mean to be truly Powerful?

The meaning of power is very broad and can mean a lot of different things to different people at different times. It’s a term often used in the corporate and political world. It can also refer to the electricity that fuels our homes or the mechanical energy in a vehicle. But when it comes to people, being power-full is an entirely different concept.

Power and Control

Being human and humane, you do have the power to control your life but chances are you aren’t comfortable with using it. You may have always associated the terms “power” and “control” as negative. This may be because your own life experience with someone who was labeled as powerful or controlling was a negative one. Most of us have been at a job where one of our coworkers was promoted and turned from nice to not so nice, when they were given power over others in the organization. Or friends who have become suddenly haughty because they have suddenly come into to some money. That’s not the right way to use your power.

Be Power-Full and Empowered

By being powerful and taking control you don’t need to be so harmful to yourself and others. In fact, using your personal power for positive change is a very liberating and healthy thing. It empowers you, allowing you to take control of your life, to honor your Self and experience what it’s like to be power-full in a way that is good for you and all those around you.

Here are some ways that help you understand your power and how to aim its focus for positive change in your life:

6 Simple Tools To Owning Your Power Positively

1. To identify your core values: Know yourself better so that you are clear about your core values and ethics. When you use your power to make a change because it upholds your core values, it’s the right thing to do. Changing only because someone else expects it is not a good use of your power.

2. To Value yourself: You are valuable! Understand this and know that your are worthy. Each and every one of us has value and worth. We each matter. Your core values are just as important as someone else’s. Don’t undervalue your Self.

3. To Communicate Effectively: When your communication is effective, it is a means to power. You might call it the art of negotiation but the ability to communicate effectively allows you to get what you need and want without compromising on your core values and ethics. This could be the definition of power in and of itself.

4. To Honor others power: Lets not forget that others have power too. You’re not the only one who is seeking positive change and honoring your own self-worth. Other people in your life are seeking the same things; allow them to use their power in a positive manner just as you use yours so that everyone benefits.

5. To Listen to yourSelf: Pay attention to what your Self is communicating. Harnessing your power comes from more than just interacting with other people; you must learn to listen to what your Self is telling you it needs. Pay attention and honor those requests.

6. Power is joyful too: Find joy in being power-full. Positive power should bring joy – the joy to do as you wish, to have what you need, and be energized to perform at your optimum.

Identifying your core values doesn’t come in an instant. It takes time to identify our core values and use them as a way to become power-full but it’s time well spent. As you get more in touch with your true Self, you’ll find that acting in a power-full way comes easily and naturally.


As long as you honor your Self and your core values, being power-full is a very positive position to take. And as long as you follow the golden rule by treating others as you would like to be treated, control is not only acceptable, but a trait to be admired.

So go for it!

Become positively power-full, own your true power and take control of your life!

What are your thoughts on this topic? Do you feel Power is just a negative trait? Have you used or experienced positive power first hand? Share your thoughts in the comment below. I’d love to learn from you!

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12 thoughts on “6 Simple Tools To Owning Your Power Positively

  1. So true Zeenat…yet many give that power over to others every day…allowing them to determine how to feel, what to think, and even what to believe. Honestly I do believe if everyone would just reclaim their sovereignty over their life and choose to seek joy and love and wellbeing in each experience our world would become every more beautiful. Here’s to personal power! 🙂

  2. I absolutely agree. My guiding word last year was “self-sovereignty.” I feel I have become more powerful exactly as you say because I’m more aligned with my values and listening to my heart. And that brings goodness all around. Thanks for writing on this important topic, the steps you’ve outlined will help anyone find more happiness and joy.

  3. cathytaugh

    Identifying our core values, I believe, is key. At times people let go of who they really are and what they stand for. They miss this step of living their core values. We can all get off track, so this is a good reminder. Great article, Zeenat. Owning our power in a positive way can bring us a life that is satisfying and full.

  4. Love this, Zeenat. I believe values are not just nouns. They are verbs and have to factor into even the small decisions we make every day. Owning our power is an important part of manifesting our values into every decision. Thanks for this beautiful reminder.

  5. Thank you Zeenat for the article. yes, most of us are scared of our own power, hiding away from the leadership, giving the responsibility to somebody else. Until we embrace the power within we’ll be doomed to play small, people please and never realize ourselves. I like your list to help with dealing with the internal power issues.

  6. In the past, I associated power with control. Through my own personal healings, I have come to see power as presence. Holding the space and breathing is one of the most powerful practices I have learned and then after consideration speaking from a loving heart. Thanks for this great post Zeenat! xx

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