2 Life Lessons from 2016 & Why 2017 is all about Carpe Diem

2 Life Lessons from 2016 & Why 2017 is all about Carpe Diem“The trouble is, you think you have time.” ~ Buddha

This past year has been many things for me – tumultuous, uneven, unexpectedly high, super low(at times), downright crazy, emotionally high-strung, thoroughly healing with immense growing etc.

But the one constant thought that stayed with me is the words of Buddha…The trouble is, you think you have time! Honestly, this thought never left me and it is even more stronger in my head now as I usher in the next year. I’ll tell you why in just a little bit.

I saw highs in 2016 like immense growth of Positive Provocations subscriber base, blossoming of my little girl into this beautiful person who is all heart(yay! happy mommy 🙂 ), Successfully Counseled countless Souls, friends that came back after years, healthier me, confidence levels boosted like NEVER before, awards and accolades, ideas and inspiration for businesses etc etc.

But there were lows too! Those lows are where all the learning came from. Those low points in 2016 are what jolted me back to that healthier, confident and more loving state I am in right now. So, I must acknowledge them.

2 Life Lessons from 2016

Life lessons come in the most unexpected ways for us all. Some come quietly and some come with bells and whistles. But they do come. If you are anything like me, who is always on the path to self refinement, then life lessons are almost in your face all the time. So these lessons are what hit me hard this past year…the learning of which WILL make 2017 more beautiful and productive for sure.

  1. My need to be RIGHT always is a whole load of crap! Duh…right?! I had a little bit of the ego left in me when this life lesson hit me HARRDD. Here I was thinking I was this calm, cool, evolved person…and then BAM it hit me. In a family feud of sorts, I realized I was operating from a place of ego, rather than love. It was a good thing I realized this while IN the situation. I immediately excused myself from the situation, went outside, did some deep breathing, centered myself and came back to operating from a space of LOVE rather than a space of being RIGHT(which was obviously ego driven). I went back in and almost like magic it all calmed down…the feud then turned into a huge hugging party 🙂 Loving vibrations always work.
  2. My own Limiting beliefs NEED to be addressed, like NOW! Yup, although I know very well that I have an open mind and a very big heart, I was made to realize that I was still holding on to a few limiting beliefs especially related to Abundance that I needed to change. I’m currently reading Gregg Braden’s ~ The Spontaneous Healing of Belief: Shattering the Paradigm of False Limits which is making me question and work on changing many of my limiting paradigms.

The Spontaneous Healing Of Belief: Shattering The Paradigm Of False Limits

Why 2017 is all about Carpe Diem

“You must live in the present, launch yourself on every wave, find your eternity in each moment. Fools stand on their island of opportunities and look toward another land. There is no other land; there is no other life but this.” ~ Henry David Thoreau

With the self refinement right on track for me….let’s get back to CARPE DIEM or putting it simply LETS F*&*ing SEIZE THE DAY!

Over the years I have always chosen WORDS as Positive Intentions for Positive Focus in the beginning of the year. This year in the spirit of Carpe Diem I’m charging forward in 2017 and making literally EVERYDAY count.

So my intention this 2017 is Carpe Diem.

Like I said that Buddha quote about “..you think you have time”, has stayed with me all of 2016…and I know it will carry forward to 2017 unless I really really decide to seize everyday.

I’m done waiting for the right time, the right moment, the perfect circumstances. I’m all about MAKING the right moment COUNT and work for me. Hence 2017 is going to be all about Carpe Diem darlings.

Think about it this way, None of us are promised tomorrow, NONE! No-one, no matter how uber successful or wealthy can promise you they have another day in hand…cause believe me that is one fact we are NOT in control of. What we DO have control of however is THIS DAY.

THIS DAY is mine to do as I please. Its mine to make as I please. Its my chance to work towards that BIG DREAM I keep putting off for someday. There is no someday darlings…there is ONLY today.

Lets Seize this day. Let Seize 2017 and go charging forth.

I really don’t want another year to pass and all that’s left at the end of it is regret for not making my dreams a reality. Pish Posh to that regret bug! Be gone 🙂

Carpe Diem Darlings, Carpe Diem!

This is why 2017 is all about Carpe Diem.

Happy New Year 2017 my darlings. May the Angels always guide you and may Divine Light make your new year Bright and Shiny.

I love each of you for being here, sharing your heart with me on social media and emails. I know I am immensely Grateful for your presence and your energy in my life. You matter to me and to all you encounter.

my wish for your new year 20172017 for Positive Provocations ~

You can look forward to new series of articles every month. January being the month where I make you fully understand and start living with the principle of Carpe Diem. I’m also restarting my monthly Positive Prompt column which will give you practical ways to push you further to become your most positive and loving self. So stay tuned by being on the Email Subscriber list! And ofcourse I am always always here to support your healing. Never hesitate to reach out.

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13 thoughts on “2 Life Lessons from 2016 & Why 2017 is all about Carpe Diem

  1. Happy new year Zeenat. I am just starting the day reading your thoughts on 2017. Let every moment of the days ahead help you be whatever you want to be in addition to the darling counsellor you already are. Best…xo.

  2. I love how you’ve embraced your lessons for transformation in 2016. I’m all for carpe diem too! Life is uncertain so let’s make it all we can in every moment. Much love and good wishes to you for a beautiful 2017.

  3. Hi dear Zeenat, As always you have shared beautiful positive thoughts that go deep down my heart…even your challenging moments of 2016 convey the vibes of love and peace. Thank you for the beautiful wishes, I love your choice of words. Wishing you a wonderful 2017, brimming with love, good health and positive energy. Stay blessed dear friend. 🙂

  4. I’m a great believer in simply looking at everything that happens around me, as beginning in me Zeenat, and I always think it totally awesome when someone can look at what’s happening in the moment and recognize it being energized from within. Kudos to you darling one.

    With that said I wish you much inner joy which can only lead to joyful experiences in 2017. And yes, most definitely seize the day! 🙂

  5. Wonderful thoughts. And that Buddha quote is so true! I was telling my sister in law last evening, in fact: life is like a roll of toilet paper. Starts off slowly and then gets faster and faster toward the end. Hehe. I just like to say that for the funny reactions. 😀 But yes…now is the time. Now is the moment. Carpe diem. Tene viam. 🙂 Happy New Year!

  6. cathytaugh

    Onward to 2017, Zeenat! I hope that all your dreams will become a reality for you next year and beyond. You sound focused and ready to take on the new year. All the best going forward.

  7. I love the Thoreau quote. I don’t think I’ve seen that one before. How do you get it to look like shooting stars on your site? Love that too! Your energy and spirit in this are infectious. Now, I’m ready to “Carpe Diem!”

  8. I LOVE that intention Carpe Diem. Interestingly, I made a vision board for 2017 and on it I put the words life is too short. It seems we are on similar wavelengths. Happy New Year Dear Zeenat, a wonderful post! xx

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