The Power of Accepting Divine Grace


the power of accepting divine graceWhenever the word “Grace” comes to my mind, instantly its connected with Divinity..with blessings.

There is immense power in Divine Grace.

It is a wondrous thing in our lives. It works in a quiet way, strengthening our hearts and making it possible to go on.

To me Grace comes in many different packages. From starting a new business(Making and selling all natural, home made, herbal treatments for skin and hair), to re-starting work on my own book(way overdue!), to my little girl being chosen for an inter school speech competition, to a booming Facebook page….ahh…it has been a blessed start to the New Year. Mind you, its not that there weren’t any setbacks, cause there most certainly were. But Grace comes and works in magical ways, if and only if we are (a)open to it & (b) accepting to it. Rather than dwell on the negative, I chose to enjoy and accept the immense Grace that was all around me.

As our burdens weigh us down The Divine gives us grace. When our problems increase, The Divine sends strength. Afflictions are added, so The Divine adds mercy. Trials multiply, but so does Divine peace.

It’s a beautiful thing, isn’t it? It is not necessary for us to become overwhelmed in our grief and pain. No, we will never be immune to that in this life, but we can live, love and grow through the hardest times in our lives, because of Divine grace.

One thing I’ve learned though, is that Divine Grace will do us no good if we don’t accept it. Just as salvation is free and available, it’s useless to us if we do not accept it.

The Divine gives us Grace every day and every moment of our lives. It’s there in abundance for our use. But we have to accept it and be open to it.

There are people who can’t function on a day to day level because they’re overwhelmed by pain, or suffering of some kind. Frustrations keep them from understanding the grace of The Divine, and benefiting from it.
But grace cannot be given until we cast all our care on The Divine. Our burden is then replaced… by Divine Grace.
Sometimes, it’s not until we come to the end of ourselves… when our store of endurance is gone… when our strength has failed in an untimely way… when our hoarded resources have inevitably diminished and clean gone from us… that is when we realize that The Divine is all we need. And that’s when the complete magic of Divine Grace truly comes alive within us!

In our weakness we can become strong because of Divine Grace. Grace is powerful and precious.
But useless if it is not ours. Grace is ours to be accepted.

Divine Grace knows no measure.
Divine Power knows no boundary.
Divine Love knows no limit.
Divinity gives.
And gives.
And gives again.

Are we truly willing, open and accepting to Divine Grace?

“Call on Me, I answer You” ~The Holy Quran~

We do Call….but do we truly listen when the answer comes?

Now its your turn…What is your definition of Grace? What comes to mind when you think of Grace? Have you noticed Grace lately? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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9 thoughts on “The Power of Accepting Divine Grace

  1. swarna

    marvellous message Zeenat … Wishing you a great year ahead. Especially loved this affirmation
    “Divine Grace knows no measure.
    Divine Power knows no boundary.
    Divine Love knows no limit.
    Divinity gives.
    And gives.
    And gives again.”

  2. That seems to be the case Zeenat…not matter how much something is available to us, if we can’t receive it we can never experience it. I’m in Sandra’s camp of yes and no! Aware though!

  3. I love the word grace, and we started using that word as a child to give thanks for the meal we were about to receive and I still do that daily. Then it was Brandon Bays and the journey where I learned to open into grace- so special xx

  4. Each person’s reality of what they choose to see and accept. I’ve found through my years of a daily gratitude practice that there’s always an abundance to be grateful for, regardless of what life throws at us. As you said, it’s simply a matter of being open to seeing and accepting it.

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