Timeless Ways to Love Yourself this Valentines(+Expert advice!)

timeless-ways-to-love-yourself-this-valentines“My primary relationship is with myself – all others are mirrors of it. As I learn to love myself, I automatically receive the love and appreciation that I desire from others. If I am committed to myself and to living my truth, I will attract others with equal commitment.”~Shakti Gawain

Self Love is the ONLY force that can make us whole and healed. We all KNOW this fact, yet we still struggle with it.

I hold workshops on Self love and Positive Life Management all the time in my city. In a recent workshop on Self love, while discussing the merits of it, a kind gentleman asked, “But I think self love is just too self indulgent and narcissistic! How can I think of myself when I have so many responsibilities towards my family and loved ones? Shouldn’t I be thinking of them first before my own needs?” ~ I smiled at him and said, “How can you fully serve your loved ones and make them happy, when you are not happy yourself? If you are having a bad day, will you go home and be loving to your family or be moody?” He said, “Ofcourse, I’ll be moody! I have to vent at some point.” I responded, “Is that fair to your family? If you love yourself, you will NOT allow yourself to be sucked into a bad day. You will give yourself the gift of calming down and being happy no matter what kind of day you are having, because you know YOU are worth it. Anger, irritations, shitty days etc won’t trouble your inner happiness. And then when you go home, how will you be with your family?” At this point I could see his eyes soften and he said, “I will be loving and kind……..I understand now…. that Self Love is NOT self indulgent or narcissistic…it is actually nurturing to me and all those around me too. Thank you!!!”

Now the BIG Question we all face from time to time is  ~

How do we truly Love Our self?”

The answer to this question is simple and oh so doable! I do it everyday and so do so many many others.

As a Valentine’s Day Gift to YOU(and your inner loving self), this article is going to be full of Ways to Love Yourself Completely by me and the BIG personalities of the Personal Development field. Feast your hearts on the awesomeness that follows and soak it all in. You WILL devour every way!

For in Loving yourself will you find lasting and limitless happiness!

Timeless Ways to Love Yourself this Valentines

What is your #1 favorite way to Love Yourself and why?

This is what I do: To nurture myself everyday with things that make me feel good is my idea of daily self love. I wake up early each morning to pray, to meditate, to go for my nature walk, to do yoga, to read and listen to motivational teachings. All these positive habits nurture my spirit and keep me centered all throughout the day. In my line of work I meet many many troubled souls, and its very easy for me to fall prey to their lower vibrations…but these practices help me to stay on higher more positive vibrations and to lift up all those who I encounter to those vibrations too. Isn’t that a marvelous?!! I love ME and that is why I love everyone and everything around me, cause I know they are all part of me and reflections of me.

My #1 Favorite way to Love myself is A mantra I use for myself and keep repeating in my heart for myself and everyone I meet : “I’m sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you. I Love You.” ~ This is the Hoʻoponopono (ho-o-pono-pono) mantra. It is an ancient Hawaiian practice of reconciliation and forgiveness of self and others. It instills Oneness of all in the heart.

Here is what the Big Personalities of Personal Development had to say in response to the above question:

What is your #1 favorite way to Love Yourself and why?

igor-tomicIgor Tomic(Online Marketing, Blogger, Writer) of Bioresonance.com said:

My number one way to love myself is to give myself time alone. Usually I do this by going for long solitary walks, or simply by going out eat by myself.

During those times I get to ponder over whatever – without anybody elses input but mine.

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brendan-bakerBrendan Baker(Entrepreneur in Personal Development, Graduate Recruitment and Social Media) of Start Of Happiness said:

For me, it’s about making decisions aligned to what I truly believe in and what I’m passionate about. It’s about living true to my values.
I’ve made decisions in the past for reasons that didn’t align with what I wanted in life (eg choosing a higher paying job vs what I really enjoyed, or doing something because I felt obligated rather than inspired to do).
Living a life of authenticity is so freeing and is definitely the best way to love onself.

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suzienew-wallSuzie Cheel(The Heart Whispere, artist, healer, intuitive guide and author) of SuzieCheel.com said:

My favorite number one way to love myself is to be kind to me, this means forgiving myself when I beat up on Suzie, being aware of the thoughts I think and the words I speak, as when I am thinking positive thoughts and using positive words I am loving myself fully and this sets my energy in motion in a good way, raises my vibes and as a result I attract my heart’s desires. This allows me to feel the love within and be that love. “Feel the love within you, allow it to say, “I love you”, and give yourself an inner Namaste.”

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laura-tongLaura Tong(Writer, Blogger) of PositivelyHappy.Me said:

#1 Favorite way: Make enough time to close my laptop and get out into nature and scuffle about under the trees in my gum boots, watching the birds flying, ah, that makes me feel better than any manmade, feel-good contrivances ever do.

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evelynlimcoachEvelyn Lim(Abundance Coach) of EvelynLim.com said:

My favourite way to love myself is to create a sacred space where I can spend time in inner retreat. I enjoy meditating, contemplating, playing with my tarot cards or engaging in a creative pursuit. It’s a space where I can nourish myself. I get cranky when I don’t have the chance to retreat to this space. My love tank becomes full only after I have the opportunity to reconnect from within.

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Debra-RebleDebra Reble(Intuitive Psychologist & Author) of DrDebraReble.com said:

close my eyes, place a hand on the center of my chest, and focus my attention at my heart. I breathe in and look within with love of myself and breathe out and look out to the world with love of others. I do this until my breath is rhythmic and I feel calm and centered. I open my heart in gratitude or compassion to myself. Then I visualize myself filled with loving light energy and radiating love out into the world.

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arvindphoto2Arvind Devalia(Coach, Author and Speaker) of Make It Happen said:

“My favourite way to love myself is to take some proper time out every day for myself and to be simply childlike again! So every day I do some really fun and joyous things like hula hooping, playing with my neighbour’s kids and generally just being silly. Other days I love myself by walking in the park, meditating, doing some yoga, cooking a nutritious vegan meal etc. I do this every day without fail and this 1 to 2 hour period of just “me-time” is what energizes and inspires me for the rest of the day.

My daily loving token of self-love reminds me that loving and treating myself well comes before anything or anyone else.Some people may see this as a daily “treat” – but for me it’s a daily ritual which sustains me, my life and my purpose”.

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Ken WertKen Wert(Blogger, Teacher, Happiness Agent) @ Meant to Be Happy said: 

My favorite way to show love to myself is to respect myself. My favorite way to respect myself is three-fold:

1}I take my values very seriously. Not only do I value my values, but they are important enough to work at living my life by them, to exercise integrity to them, and not allow others to tempt me away from them. That’s tremendously self-affirming at the core of who I am. And that makes me feel good.
2}I make time for the things I love: Spending time with my family, dating my wife, playing guitar, writing, reading, teaching, thinking and pondering big ideas, listening to great music, watching a good movie, playing soccer, working out, feeding my spiritual needs.
3}I’m patient with myself. I set goals and work on my character and take my happiness seriously. But I don’t beat myself up when I fall short of my hopes and expectations. I’m patient with others, for sure, but I’m also patient with me. I expect a lot of myself, but I’m kind to myself when I inevitably stumble. That, I think, is a deeply meaningful expression of self-love.

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Evita OchelEvita Ochel(Author, speaker, visionary, entrepreneur, optimal health and nutrition expert, yoga and meditation teacher, and web TV host) of EvitaOchel.com & EvolvingBeings.com said:

My #1 favorite way to love myself is to be kind to myself. This encompasses all areas that impact me daily and how I treat myself. It means speaking kindly to myself; no berating or putting myself down. It includes nourishing my body with the most wholesome plant foods and quality water; not ingesting substances that would cause my body stress or harm. It also includes being mindful of the content and energies I subject myself to, whether that be who I surround myself with or what I watch or read. Loving myself this way makes me feel and function at my best, so that I can also share the best of myself with others and our world.

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DanielaDaniela Uslan(Blogging Strategist, Writer) of DanielaUslan.com said:

My favorite way to love myself is to listen to my intuition. At all times, I can either listen to my worried, tired mind or I can take a deep breath, go within, and listen to my inner voice of wisdom, love, and truth. I find that when I listen to my intuition, I feel a powerful wave of love and peace come over me. It’s not always easy to remember that my intuition is there, waiting for me to access it. But when I do remember, I am deeply grateful.

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Vidya_Sury_vidyasuryVidya Sury(Writer, Editor, Blogger) of Vidya Sury, Collecting Smiles said: 

I am learning that self-care is the best love and strive to eat healthy, live mindfully, and keep myself as stress-free as possible. My favorite way to love myself is doing what makes me happy and focusing on those who love me. This means silencing my inner critic, honoring my feelings, ditching toxic relationships, appreciating myself, taking good care of my body, and spending time with people I enjoy being with and above all, being strong enough to say NO and letting go of past hurt.


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Jenny MannionJenny Mannion(Intuitive Healer, Mentor, Author)of JennyMannion.com said: 

The number one way to love myself is to stop and give myself credit once in a while.  It becomes so easy to fall into what we wish we did or said or caught up in what we hope to accomplish. I have found that gratitude and giving credit to myself makes me a whole lot happier!  We all have things to give ourselves credit for; reaching out to a friend, cooking a hot dinner for our family, making time to exercise and do our spiritual practice.  When we begin to take even one minute each day to be grateful for what we DID do we are giving ourselves a healthy dose of self-love and an inner hug – magic can happen from there!

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Fran SorinFran Sorin(author, coach, speaker, trainer, writer, CBS radio news and Huffington Post contributor) of FranSorin.com said:

Like most things in life, self-love is a practice. Each morning when I wake up, my intention for the day is to be a vessel of love. When I walk down the street, I smile at individuals and silently bless them. When I send love out into the world—whether I direct it towards humans, animals, or nature— it is a reflection of how I feel deep in my soul. This ritual is deeply humbling and is the ultimate way I experience loving myself.

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Felicia D’Haiti(Feng Shui & Soul Coach/Teacher) of FeliciaDHaiti.com said: 

My #1 favorite way to Love Myself is by making conscious decisions to honor how I spend my time and energy. This includes knowing when to say “no” without guilt in order to take care of myself so I can continue to be full of energy, joy and love! I have learned over the years how much more I have to give and how much my joy and love grows when I consciously choose how I spend my time and energy.

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me-2_11_17Karen Spaiches(Life Coach & Author) of KarenSpaiches.com said: 

My favorite way to love myself is through my prayer with the angels, including my guardian angels.  When I speak to them and listen to their words, I feel bathed and healed in their love and light, alleviating my fear and anxiety.  I focus on faith and belief that I am exactly where I should be even though fear tells me otherwise.  This is when I need the most love for myself and my angels help me feel that ultimate love.

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Elle SommerElle Sommer(Author&Encourager) of Live Purposefully Now said: 

My favorite way to love myself is through joy.
I aim for joy at the start of every day. I aim to feel more joy than the day before.
I choose joy as my daily companion for a number of reasons, but the first 3 are, because it boosts my life force energy, fills me with love and is infectious.
Joy is like a river…it fills you up and overflows into every experience and every person you meet in the day.  It’s a love-ly experience.
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reba-linker-orange-back-headshot-smallReba Linker(Coach & Author) of RebaLinker.com said: 

My favorite way to BE love is to express that which I am in the most free and most self-accepting way possible. This is not only good for me (and for me it is the elixir of life that my soul needs and always yearns for), it is also instantly healing and liberating for others, who can feel my authenticity and/or courage a mile away and take a spark from it to use in their own lives as well.

The most self-loving thing we can do is to give ourselves permission to be ourselves, whether that means wearing a silly hat, or changing career. In short, we must remember that we are creative beings, divinely made to express ourselves. One more thing, from my heart to yours: please, give yourself another great gift: don’t wait to have all the answers before you act – you will find the answers along the way when you act!

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Balroop SinghBalroop Singh(Author,Blogger) of Emotional Shadows said: 
There was a time when I didn’t know what is ‘loving yourself.’ Slowly I discovered my perspective, my passion and my positivity. I have many favorite ways of loving myself and one of them is listening to the call of calmness, which comes from within. Then I just don my dainty dress of equanimity and relax in the lap of Mother Nature, listening to her quiet messages, swinging softly in her arms, purging angst as she embraces all my stressful thoughts. When I look at the boundlessly brilliant conference of clouds, I try to gather their recondite resonance, reveling in the peace that pervades all around me. I have learnt self-love from nature whose varied moods and hues breath positivity in all its forms.
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Brad VolzBrad Volz(Poet,Writer,Blogger) of Writing to Freedom said: 
My favorite way to love myself is to say “I love you” with kindness and compassion to myself throughout the day. I often hold my hand over my heart chakra and gently stroke my upper chest area. This is adapted from Matt Kahn’s book Whatever Arises, Love That. I also like his reminder that when we are hurt, angry, confused or any off state, we need more love, not less.
Why I like that process is the direct feeling of love and shifting my energy state by gently and kindly sending love to my tender heart/ inner child
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24789cbZane Baker(Writer&Motivational Speaker) of Valhalla Mind said:
I love myself by affirming to myself that I am WORTH it! I love myself by honoring myself, by respecting myself, by living openly and authentically. Every morning I affirm to myself the following: “Zane, you’re expanding in love, abundance and success everyday as you inspire others to do the same”. This simple act of self-love has opened opportunities and collaborations, connected me with the most amazing people in the world and helped me take my life and business to the next level. So I encourage everyone who’s reading this today to start LOVING themselves flaws and all and to honor themselves because once you do that, everything else falls into place.
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16754073_10158243727980644_1313172907_nChristine Callahan(empowerment coach, writer and lightworker) of Your Inspired Life said: 
My favourite way to love myself is to take time and go within. When I become still and quiet, I’m able to unplug from external “noise” and hear the whispers of my soul. I discover more about who I am and what I really want in that moment. And when I follow my soul’s guidance, I feel a beautiful sense of peace and fulfillment. And love. So much love.
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16652076_10212997016386313_1372430720_nDebbie Hampton(inspirational and educational writer on brain, psychological, emotional, and mental health issues) of The Best Brain Possible said: 
My #1 favorite self-care ritual is my yoga practice. Yoga is all about self-love and acceptance. It feels so nurturing – almost indulgent – to take an hour out of my day and focus only on me. Allowing whatever I bring to the mat that day, mentally and physically, to be OK and enough is the act of extending compassion and kindness to myself. That attitude sets the tone for outside of the yoga room.
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“Love is nourishment in itself. The more you love, the more you will find untrodden spaces where love goes on and on spreading around you like an aura.” ~ OSHO
I hope the above ways inspire you and motivate you to look within and love yourself fiercely. Like your life depended on it!
Make this Valentines all about loving yourself.

Happy Valentines day Darlings!

May you be blessed with immense Love in all areas of your life…and then some 🙂

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Love always, ~Zeenat~

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