My Chance Encounter with Positive Thinking & Positive Provocations is Five.Woohoo!

The more you praise and celebrate your life, the more there is in life to celebrate.” ~ Oprah Winfrey

Positive Provocations is 5 years old!!! Woohoo!

I’m a sucker for celebrations. I truly am. I look for things in everyday life to celebrate…So why shouldnt my piece of heaven aka Positive Provocations turning FIVE years old be any less?

In order to truly celebrate this blog and all it has grown up to BE.. I must share my story of how positive thinking came into my life. Its this seed of positivity that led to the conception of Positive Provocations!

My Chance Encounter with Positive Thinking

Very often I get asked this question: “How come you’re always so positive about everything? Dont you ever get down? Dont you ever feel sad? Is your life so perfect?” tell me…what do you think? Am I not a thinking and feeling human(e) being? Ofcourse, I am. So its only natural that I do feel down, sometimes. I do get upset, sometimes. I do get agitated sometimes too. But, does that stop me from thinking positively about the situation at hand> NO!

Do you know why? Its just as simple as- I’ve been on the other side. I’ve been on the negative, self-centered, self-torturous, self annihilating and most of all destructive Side. And believe me, its not a very pretty side to be. Everything on this side is dull. Its gloomy. Its pitch black. You cant see where you’re going. You can’t feel what you’re feeling. You are just technically alive, but living dead. All this cause I was thinking negatively about every little thing that came my way. This time of my life was so clueless. You think you know what you’re doing, but in its reality, when I think about it now, I had no idea how I was truly functioning.

Discovering positive thinking all by accident
I think fate brought positive thinking right in front of me. The incident that led to this was so simple yet so profound for me:
At the age of 21, when I was stuck in a rain storm, soaking wet, wondering how I am going to get home…I opened my purse to check how much money I had to actually catch a cab to go home. The wallet wasn’t in my purse! It was no where in my ginormous purse. I looked for it for nearly 10 minutes in that pouring rain and didn’t find it. Which simply meant it was stolen on the way and that I had no money. No money for anything. No cab, No bus, No train, Nothing! If youre wondering why I didn’t call someone…well this was the time when cell phones weren’t an everyday thing. I literally sat down on the sidewalk, and started wondering “I’m in the middle of pouring rain, no money to get home, no way to call anyone, its late. I’m going to remain here forever, who’ll notice me gone? Who is really going to miss me …blah blah and blah”…the negative thoughts had taken over. Which was actually pretty normal for me then, considering the kind of person I was at that phase of my life.
After sitting on that sidewalk for like an hour, my thoughts just took an absolute U turn! How? I dont really know. I did feel like a Divine force whispered to me that everything is going to be alright…Thinking about it now, I think my mind and my being was just so tired of thinking and feeling negative, that it was just led to find a way. Suddenly, I had thoughts, new thoughts. Thoughts I felt happy with. Imagine that…crying, soaking, dripping wet, alone, robbed, no money, almost 3 hours away from home- I was feeling fine. I felt like I and only I was in control. And that my darlings, is a beautiful feeling.

What changed in that split moment?
You might be thinking, she is going to reveal this big, huge technique or secret she used to get out of the negative thinking trap. But, on the contrary, its a very simple NOTHING! Yes, Nothing! I stopped thinking cause I was so so tired of all the negatives that were coming in front of me. I went blank. And in this blank, out of somewhere came good thoughts, happy thoughts, parallel ideas of getting home and hugging Mum(who must be worried about me). I caught a cab and went home..made the cab driver wait out till I grabbed some money from home and paid him. Just that simple.
The change was I let my brain rest, by shutting down and being tired of all the negatives, I let my inner-self, my heart emerge. I let that true simple, innate self take over. IN that take over, I was gifted with Positive thinking. I didn’t know it was positive thinking till I read and researched about it later.
That was my moment of epiphany! It was a very small situation, but it taught me to be ME. I realized that my over thinking and constantly worrying about everything attitude was literally harming me and holding me back.

So, What is Positive Thinking really???
By Definition- “It is an inclination to put the most favorable construction upon actions and events or to anticipate the best possible outcome.”
But, By experience and understanding it is your Guide. Your true self, your heart self, your soul guiding you to live life happily no matter what.
Our constantly pushing our minds to over think, to over analyze has led to our true heart centered self to be buried in the rubble of pain, anger, agitation, loneliness, hatred, confusion…..
We cease to exist. All that exists is negativity. We need to get rid of that negative rubble from over our true self and shine!
We are all born to Shine. We are all precious, perfect and priceless.

Positive thinking helped me heal.
It made me see the best of the world. It made me more aware. It made me hope. It made me live soulfully. Love deeply. It made living happily so simple. It is my only savior in my most trying times.

Hence, I am an unwavering positive thinker. An Optimist. When I can be happy, love life, LIVE life, feel life….why would I want to go back to the other Negative side?
I’m an optimist. No negative side exists for me. Only positive all the way 🙂

Immense Gratitude!

As I step into another NEW year here on Positive Provocations, I am delighted and happy to share it all with YOU the beautiful reader on this blog. Its because of YOU that this blog is what it is today.

I’m immensely grateful to each and every one of you, for reading, for sharing, for being here. Your energy here every week catapults me into action to write more. Your countless loving emails and messages full of how much the writings here have helped you make my heart sing.

I heal, I grow and I understand with so much depth, beacuse I write here for YOU. And I will happily continue to do so…

Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Now its YOUR turn to share…Are you a positive thinker? Have the articles here helped you? How do YOU keep yourself positive in the most stressful situations? Share your story, tips and thoughts in the comments. I’d love to learn from you.

p.s. I have shared this story before, in the first year of the blog…but it fits perfectly with all that Positive Provocations and I stand for 🙂

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With Immense Love & Gratitude,

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18 thoughts on “My Chance Encounter with Positive Thinking & Positive Provocations is Five.Woohoo!

  1. Congrats on your 5 years Zeenat, and for your dedication to being positive. I would say, I’m neutral these days, I’m definitely better than the negative that I was too often, but being positive is still an on and off thing for me. I aspire to it, but also believe it’s more important to allow myself to feel how I feel, not resisting or hanging out in the negative emotions. That seems to work better for me than always trying to be upbeat. And I’m grateful for your blog & upbeat energy. blessings, Brad

  2. Congratulations on 5 years, and thank you for such inspirational words. I too used to think negatively all the time. I used to think I was just born that way. I could help others, just not myself. With posts like this one and some self-help reading, I turned that all around and I began to see miracles for myself! Thanks:)

  3. Happy blog-anniversary!!! How shall you celebrate? Thank you for all that you share!!! Lots of love to you!

    And, yes, I am by nature a positive person; learning to embody the energy of joy this past year has made me more so. There is *always* something to celebrate (even in the midst of something I might not understand, or might not feel the best) and that choice to celebrate is the space of miracles and synchronicity!

  4. Congratulations to 5 years, wow. I love reading your blog and inspirations and hope for many more to come. I am a very positive person, and love reading about it and enjoy sharing it too! Wishing you a beautiful day! Cheers!

  5. reflectingalife

    Congratulations Zeenat you shine so much light into our world with your positive outlook on life. What a wonderful story of your ‘awakening’ just love it. xoxo

  6. Dear Zeenat,
    Happy Five! Your commitment to maintaining a positive attitude no matter what and sharing how others can do that too has continued to inspire me and will continue to. Thanks so much for all you do here to brighten my days and the days of others.
    With much love,

  7. SO glad you take time to celebrate. Our accomplishments are important and we honor ourselves by marking them with our community. Your articles have helped me realize that and extend my capacity for joy by celebrating — thank you!

  8. synchronicitybridge

    Congratulations on *5* Zeenat and for *positively* bringing us home.

    There are times in our lives where the moment of a ‘stop gap’… a place of refuge of normalcy…the ordinary is all we yearn for. Leading up to this yearning can be a trail of events both one’s own doing and none of one’s doing at all. We come to sitting in a driving rain on a sidewalk or at the helm in a raging sea…they are both the same place in that we are naked and exposed to uncertainty. Our self-doubt enters into play. Prayer and a sense of *humanity* for your creature being can be the door that will open to an ordinary home.

    The aroma was wonderful in the van as we approached the gate to the church parking lot. We viewed some people standing around their vehicles as we entered and drove to the parking space closest to the community building. As we got out, there were eager offers to help unload and set up near the steps of the door to the building. First thing was to connect the propane tank to the two burner stove and start cooking the 10 pounds of spaghetti pasta. Then while talking to those who came up from their vehicles we started warming up the marinara sauce pot, set up our outdoor serving table, set up the inside serving table.

    There were familiar faces and as always new ones. When the meal is changing with each occasion due to what food has been donated and to what we can afford to pay out of our own pockets there is no definite predictability, except that the majority will feel a moment of *normalcy* and *gratitude*. What ‘I’ exist for in these moments is to be my honest self at the same level as those that I am feeding.

    As she took the step up into the building the slimy pasta slipped off her paper plate onto the concrete step…she felt much ‘humiliation’ and was overly apologetic needing to clean up her mess. I took the plate from her…asked where to place it on the row of tables…to which it was placed next to a younger woman, two children, and a very new baby. I made sure the lady sat down to eat with her family while I cleaned up the spill on the step.

    You see, it was in our stumbling process of doing *good* that we were responsible for the spill (slimy spaghetti on flimsy paper plates). To this I took the role of servant and accepted all humiliation and responsibility without her realizing why because I did not want any more humiliation for this family faced with sleeping in their compact car for the duration of the night in the ‘Church Safe Zone’ gated parking lot site.

    Next time (God willing) we will serve lasagna. I will make a different salad than the antipasto salad I made last Friday (got many compliments as I sat down at the table to eat with them…not a bad salad). 🙂 The family will not be there…God willing…they should get a fast track to a home through a tending agency.

    You see, all we want is to return to the kinder…softer…self that we know and be ordinary once again.

    I’ll need a little help cleaning up the mess.

    To forgive and be forgiven…

    I am trying to find my way home to goodness…

  9. Hi Zeenat,

    Congratulations!! keep disseminating this radiance of positivity for many more years! I love the way you are celebrating, by sharing your story of this awakening that even the worst of situations and circumstances can breed positive thoughts…all we need is the resilience and the fortitude to encounter them.

    I too learnt from the obstacles that life flows on and it becomes smoother if we have the grit to fight the negative…you are so right…who doesn’t meet pain and frustrations…who doesn’t sit and get soaked in the sea of suffering…we are after all human and we are bound to face all this but true achievers are those like YOU who always give, who drown their own anguish and anxiety to help others! I salute such persons who exhibit the art of living through their own life.

    Thanks for sharing another meaningful, positive message.

  10. Dear Darlings,
    I’m beyond the moon after reading all your comments here. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
    I love that I can celebrate this 5 year milestone with each of you. I honestly didnt think I would last this long when I initially started the blog….but here I am and I love each and every minute of it.
    To many more years of loving, sharing, connecting and healing 🙂
    Lots of love,
    p.s. if you could see me right now….I’m literally jumping for joy!!

    1. A belated happy birthday and thank you for your continuous source of inspiration and positivity, Zeenat. If people watched less news and read more PP, the world would be a happier, more loving and more peaceful place!

  11. Happy Anniversary Zeenat! I just love your blog! When I was first starting out, you may not know this, but your blog was an inspiration to me and still is!! Thanks for being such a positive light in a world of negativity.

  12. Dr.Shamsundar Saraswat

    Dear Zeenat,
    Thanks for your 5 Article. It is revealing. It shall help me and others like me to come over stressfull situations full of negativity.Everything seems going against you, though it may not actually.You worry about everything that happens and does not happen around you. You start worrying about everything you see and do not see.
    I had come out of these situations but the momentum does not stay for long . It just melts down and disappears.And you again remain what you were.
    I think reiteraing the hopefull articles on and on will definitely help come out of this situation.

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