How to Enjoy and Find Happiness in the process of Doing tasks

How to Enjoy and Find Happiness in the process of Doing tasks Positive Provocations“Be Happy in the moment, thats enough. Each moment is all we need, not more.” ~ Mother Teresa

We all sleep at night with a to do list in our mind. Even if you are not the list making kind, you do surely make a mental list. Nothing wrong with that. This list can include waking up at a certain time, eating at a certain time, eating a particular breakfast, dropping the kids off to school, responding to a few social calls, paying the bills, work engagements, reading a book…. or yes something as mundane as just doing the dishes. We all have things we need to do in our life. Be it small or big tasks, we all have a pull to do them. These tasks big or small in turn help to make life run smoothly and give you much satisfaction with the end result.

After slogging at a work report, when its praised and wins accolades you feel good about the effort you put into it. After the house is fresh and clean, you look around and feel a sense of clarity and accomplishment. After helping your child with their homework and they doing well in school, you feel so amazingly satisfied. But these are still the big things. And notice, the after completion of a task can be satisfying, but its even more satisfying when you enjoy the getting there too.

For example- You do the dishes to clean the sink and keep dirtiness at bay. But you mostly do it as a chore. The word chore in itself is kind of negative. Dont you think? It makes it out to be such a ‘hard and tiring’ thing you have to do. Sheesh…where is the happiness in that?

Now, doing dishes the happy and joyful way would include you feeling the water on your skin, you noticing the soap bubbles in their beautiful symmetry, you loving the glistening of the shiny water on each dish and most of all you marveling at the sheer clarity of what YOU are creating right there in that moment. Nothing else in that moment of amazing doing the dishes matters. You are completely there, fully present and in that moment. There in lays happiness, contentment and enjoyment.

What if every moment, in every task, on your positive priority list or to-do list was done with this enjoyable attitude and this pure marvel of what you are creating in that very moment? Won’t life become superbly happy and fun? And to top it all, your happiness and satisfaction won’t be dependent on only the end result….it will be with you constantly. No matter what the end result….even if the end result isn’t what you expected, it will still be ok….cause you got there happily and completely satisfied. No feeling of loss or failure will be able to cast a negative shadow on your core happiness.

With this in mind, I too am in the process of creating something beautiful for you ‘my gorgeously beautiful Positive Provocations readers’! And I am so so enjoying the process of it. This will be the first BIG offering from me to you. Ok it might take a while longer…cause hey I’m enjoying the process so much 🙂 More details on this creation in future articles. Stay tuned! 🙂

So go on now, DO with happiness and fun….Enjoy every and I mean every moment to the fullest. Your happiness and contentment depends on it!

What about you? How do you add happiness and enjoyment to your everyday tasks? Share your tips in the comments below. And, if you liked this article please share it with your friends & family on facebook, twitter, google+ etc…the sharing buttons are below the post.

With Immense Love & Gratitude,

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11 thoughts on “How to Enjoy and Find Happiness in the process of Doing tasks

  1. Thanks for the article Zeenat. I love the thought of finding joy in the everyday “mundane” things. It’s these small tasks all put together that make up your life. If we can enjoy those moments, we will enjoy all of life.

  2. Perfect timing with this article – I was just worrying about having to do dishes! Sometimes it’s great to live in the moment and not think of dishes as a chore, but as the little positive things it can be. Thanks so much for sharing your insight.

  3. carissajaded

    I definitely need to work on this! But I do find it helpful to put on some good music in the background as an incentive to doing things I don’t like.

  4. Thanks Zeenat for this wonderul thought provoking and action inducing article. Every day of our existence is a summation of moments and in every moment, there is always a thing or two to be enjoyed, cherished and treasured. So, we should define every moment positively no matter the gloom of negativity around it.

  5. Hi Zeenat,

    In my view, focusing on the present moment is a very effective way to keep happy. Yet this is so hard to do since we naturally find it easier to think about regrettable past and imagined problems in the future. This is especially true when our attention is divided because we have a lot of responsibilities to fulfill. We tend to want all our tasks to be finished simultaneously instead of us finishing them one at a time with single focus. This way, it is not happiness at any moment that we get, but a desperate mind due to drowning in a sea of tasks.

    For that reason, I believe that a highly crucial thing we need to access that gate into what you express as ‘enjoyable attitude’, is having a reminder that we can retrieve effortlessly to help us go back to the present moment, particularly when we are working – and doing chores. This reminder can take a form of a little sheet of paper or a card that reads, “If your mind wanders, bring it back to the task. There in lays happiness, contentment and enjoyment,” or any other words that can remind us best according to our understanding.

    Thank you for encouraging me to remember staying at the present to feel happier in my daily life, both after and during the process of working on everything. May this blessing be given back to your side. Glad to know you!

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