Become a #Positive and #Loving Person in just 3 Minutes!

Become a #Positive and #Loving Person in just 3 Minutes!

Do you want to know how to become a positive and loving person? Especially in those trying times when the whole world doesn’t seem to make any sense….

Well, its very simple. Not all that complicated. Today we will talk about how in just 3 minutes a day, you CAN become a positive and loving person.

How? Read on…

We just need to pick up the newspaper to realize there is so much negativity surrounding us at any given time. I must admit, it does make it very easy to become negative after reading the newspaper or seeing the news. If we want to become negative there are 1001 ways to do that, but when it comes to becoming positive and loving, how many newspapers tell you how to be that? Not too many..right!

The problem with us is, we keep looking outward. Outside, there is war, there is famine, there is disease…if we let it all get to us, if we let it penetrate our heart and mind, we will become part of the mental pollution that is going on at any given time.

Who will heal, who will love, who will know happiness if we let all this negativity get to us?

Becoming Positive and Loving is a NEED for this World

The need to become positive and loving is not just for us personally, its a need for this world. Now, we cant go all over the world and spread love and positivity…it might be physically impossible. But, in thoughts in energy, we can slowly but gradually heal this world with love and positivity. For this shift to happen, we each need to look within. Look into our hearts and minds, to the very depths of our soul and infuse it with love and positivity.


Like I said in the beginning of this article…its very simple, if you can really let it become a part of you.

The Way:
Everyday, when you awake, before you leave the bed, take three deep breaths. Close your eyes and visualize a world in front of you…like you are in outer space looking at the earth from there. And when you have that picture clear in your mind…just send out beautiful loving hearts, like rays to the whole world. Visualize this love reaching each and every soul, each and every creature. Visualize sadness turning to smiles. Visualize disease turning to good health…Believe this is happening ….All this in just 3 minutes.

IN these 3 minutes, you have become the catalyst for Divine Love, healing the whole world….and yourself too. Cause Divine love coming through you cannot go anywhere without healing. You are thereby healing yourself and the world around you with positivity & love.
Now open your eyes after these 3 minutes…and go out into the world. Live your day. But notice, how your heart and mind is beginning to visualize and see everything in a new positive & loving light.

It will take practice, to reach a state of complete love and positivity…but its possible. I am living proof of this. I come from being cynical and negative to being loving and positive. Now, I only see goodness and beauty. I don’t automatically assume people are bad….In-fact I automatically know and feel they are good. Its the circumstances, its experiences that has covered up their goodness. Just a bit of loving positivity, and I can see those negative layers crumble.
Its a gift to be loving and positive…a gift for yourself and a gift for the world.

Just imagine~

if each and every one of us, every morning and everyday, thought only positive & loving thoughts for our self and the world… would mean a complete end to any kind of negativity. Imagine that! Wow…just the thought gives me goose flesh….

We have so much power, right here inside us. Lets use it for good.

All I ask of you is 3 minutes of complete positivity & Love everyday…..that’s all. The rest will just magically fall into place.

How do YOU remain positive and loving everyday, especially in those trying times? Share your love, your thoughts and your energy in the comments below. I would love to learn from you.

With Immense Love & Gratitude,


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5 thoughts on “Become a #Positive and #Loving Person in just 3 Minutes!

  1. I truly truly wish this could happen in devoting 3 minutes everyday, I wish it could be that easy but I am ready to try! Thanks for the nudge, Zeenat. Stay blessed!

  2. Mari

    Thank you again Zeenat. Doing this made me feel so much better than any morning in the near past. I will be doing this every morning and during the day when I can feel the clouds of negativity gathering.

  3. Betsy at Zen Mama

    HI Zeenat,
    I just tried this and I’ll let you know how it works me for me today. I already am starting the day with a smile!

  4. Zeenat thank u for sharing I m going to try it by if everyone could this I believe it would be a better place n yes I believe everybody has something good about themselves sometimes its the circumstances as well as walls we put up because we been hurt.

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