10 Positive ways to Shine Brilliantly and Really LIVE

10 Positive ways to Shine Brilliantly and Really LIVE“I would rather be ashes than dust! I would rather that my spark should burn out in a brilliant blaze than it should be stifled by dry rot. I would rather be a superb meteor, every atom of me in magnificent glow, than a sleepy and permanent planet. The proper function of man is to live, not to exist. I shall not waste my days in trying to prolong them. I shall use my time.” ~ Jack London

We are each living a brilliantly full life. Some choose a simple life, some choose a busy life, some choose a life lived for others while some choose a life lived just for themselves. While we each have our own way of living this beautiful life, how many of us are truly LIVING? You know living with fervor….

For me personally, its not the quantity of how I live that matters. I’d much rather live a short FULL life than a long uninspiring one.

I try everyday to LIVE, really live. Some days, its harder, but I still keep trying and succeeding.

Here are a few things I do everyday to make sure my day and in compilation my life is LIVED:

10 Positive ways to Shine Brilliantly and Really LIVE

1}Develop a morning ritual:

I love getting up early before everyone in my home and taking in the sounds of the birds and trees. I use this affirmation after my prayers every morning – “Today is a gift and I will not waste it.” When you can start your day with a positive affirmation and really believe in it, you will LIVE the rest of the day with that much positivity and that much love too.

2}Fall in Love everyday:

This is one of the most important and brilliant ways to make sure you are not only Living but truly alive too. Fall in love simply everyday. I happily say I have many soul-mates and many loves, because I often can’t contain my love inside of me. I fall in love with the trees, with the birds, with the squirrel that runs up and down my window every morning, with the neighbors little girl who loves to knock my door just to say ‘hi’, with the aunty who lives in the other apartment building because her wise stories make me a better person, with my husband for being a better man everyday, with my little girl’s new sentences and mannerisms…..oh the list is endless. Love in every moment of everyday…watch then how your love can truly light the way.

3}Bid adieu to the TV:

Although I love my tv shows, I can’t be hooked on to them on a daily basis. I make an effort to not watch any TV during my entire day. Other than a half hour after dinner, I hardly watch any tv. How many hours a day can we spend in front of the box? How much artificial entertainment do we really need? Calculate the hours a day and think how much more you can LIVE during that time. If there is a show or movie you love, get the dvd and watch it…but not everyday. There is so much more LIFE *out there* than there is *in* the ‘box’. Dont you think so too?

4}Get outside:

The ride to work and outside chores “dont” count in the Get outside advice. Be brave and walk in the rain or go to garden or beach for a stroll. Take time to be in nature. This practice everyday instills not only calm but also opens your heart and mind to new ideas. While out in the world the heart feels for the world and will then DO for it. You can be a catalyst of good change by getting out of your comfort zone and walking in nature. The birds, the trees, the winds and the air have stories to tell should you choose to listen. My walks full of solitude give me immense insight everyday.

5}Scratch out the unimportant:

We each have a mental to-do list. There is stuff on that list that just sits there day after day not doing nor letting us do anything further. Scratch that out. If you haven’t attended to something on your daily to-do list the day you wrote it…it ain’t that important. Don’t let it sit in that list and get to you. Move on to more important things on your list. Keeping your priorities on track on a daily basis keeps you productive and helps you achieve great things.

6}Learning is living:

Never ever stop learning. I might think I know a lot, but because I keep an open heart and mind I learn so much more everyday. I believe we must keep learning till we die, cause knowledge is what helps us to make our dreams a reality. We are the products of what we know. Every line we read becomes a part of our living. Learn a few lines of a new language, read that part of the newspaper you normally avoid, start a new book.

7}Listen more than you talk:

We often spend our day not giving a second thought to how much we talk or listen. More often than we like we will find ourselves talking more than we listen. Think about your day and calculate the percentage. The more we listen and the less we talk, the more we will learn and understand life. We live not by talking way too much, but we LIVE by lending a listening ear to someone who truly needs it. Perhaps in all your talking you missed how upset your colleague/friend was. Listen so that you may LIVE more fully. In every conversation I have in everyday, I make it a point to ask “How are YOU? Is there something I can do for you?”. Ask, and then listen.

8}Be Positive:

Easier said than done…is that what you’re thinking? My whole life is based on positive thinking, but it all starts with every thought of everyday. I make an effort to identify my negative thoughts and remind myself that they are part of my own self doubt. I replace each of these negative thoughts with positive ones and LIVE a completely content life. I find my own solutions and dont allow others to affect my positive frame of mind. If I can do it, so can you!

9}Experience the simple pleasures:

I often find people complaining about how they ‘dont’ have something, which is why they feel they are unhappy. The truth of the matter is, they don’t appreciate what they ‘do’ have! All the best things in life are free and we all have access to them. What is more precious than seeing your loved one smile? What is more rewarding than uninterrupted time spend with your partner? What is more satisfying than watching the sunrise or sunset? And best of all, they are all free! Simply noticing them everyday, can make you truly come alive.

10} Believe in YOU:

Believe this: “You have everything it takes to make what you want to happen, actually happen.” Keep that big dream in mind and make sure you set your sights to it and just say YES. Take the first step(believing in yourself) to getting what you want and follow through with each consecutive step. Don’t try to jump from step one to step fifty. It’s not going to work. When you actually work steadily and diligently to get what you want in life it will come to you.

You deserve it, you want it, and you will accomplish it. Period.

I agree that none of us are given a handbook on how to LIVE. We all do the best we can considering our circumstances. But wouldn’t it be amazing if we could make every situation, every circumstance and every moment shine with our positive attitude and really seize the moment?

How are you going to shine in this day/moment and really LIVE? Share your amazing ways/thoughts in the comments below… I’d love to know how you really LIVE in every day. If you’re reading this in your inbox please click here to add your comment. 

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With Immense Love & Gratitude,

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10 thoughts on “10 Positive ways to Shine Brilliantly and Really LIVE

  1. Life is beautiful and precious Zeenat and filled with so many amazing experiences if we would but open our eyes, change our attitude and decide to accept the blessings of the day. Beautiful reminder…thank you.

  2. Hi, Zeenat. Great, great post! Thank you!

    Yes, people live their lives differently, and there should be no judging–you’re right: there are busy people, there are those who live only for themselves, there are some who live only for a few. We’re all different!

    We actually talked about upgrading our cable TV at home. I think I was the first one to say we wouldn’t really need it, but we have a kid, so it may just be all good. But for adults, I say the news could be (but not always) the only one worth watching. Some people just don’t get how the TV can steal your life when life is all about other things but it! I’m also guessing the TV’s a bit responsible why people talk more than listen. (Yeah, people are responsible, not the TV!) :p

    I love your blog, Zeenat. Keep it up! 🙂

    – Ethan

  3. Such a great post Zeenat. For me, going outside for fresh air and listening to nature’s sounds definitely makes a day feel much more good. It’s amazing what going outside can do for us.

  4. synchronicitybridge

    Hello Zeenat…

    The Jack London quote brought to mind the story of my dad hopping on a freight train in the 1930’s without telling his parents. He traveled across Canada from Ontario to Vancouver so he could be with the uncle that he idolized. My great uncle I was told was a genius that went by the beat of his own drum…kinda like Jack London. My dad caught up with him there and they worked together as lumberjacks…lots of adventure. Sadly my great uncle died young…as did my dad…as did Jack London, but all three did *burn out in a brilliant blaze.

    …so to answer your question about *Shining to Live*

    Today while working The Cisco Live 2015 Convention here in San Diego California I took this photograph of some of the technically brilliant minds preparing food packages that will be going to school children in Vietnam.

    Lots of big hearts helping out :

    Stop Hunger Now!


    Thanks Sister Z…

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  6. johnhenryworld

    it reallly a awesome post.thanks for sharing your experience with us it helps many people to survive and enjoy in college life.

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