8 Positive Ways to Raise Your Vibrations for Complete Healing

8 Positive Ways to Raise Your Vibrations for Complete Healing

Do you want to be completely healed? i.e. mind, body, heart and soul healed. One of the most imperative steps towards healing yourself completely is raising your vibrations to match with that of the Universe. TO raise it to levels where your whole being is able to heal itself and be in-tune with what its supposed to BE… Your spirits true natural, healthy and happy state of being.

What does “raising your vibrations” really mean?

“We are not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having a human experience.” ~ Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

You know when you meet someone, or go to a new place, you FEEL a certain ease or unease. Sometimes, when you are in a comfort zone there is neutrality…but even then you can FEEL if someone is thinking of you negatively or if the place you are visiting or sitting in has some sort of negativity attached to it. That FEELING is you tapping into the vibrations of that person or place.

Everything and I do mean everything is vibrating in this universe. The trees, the flowers, the rocks, the water, the animals, the cars, the buildings, the chair you are sitting on right now and even the computer or cell phone you are reading this article on…everything is vibrating at a certain frequency. Everything is first Energy and then its physical form.

Now, although everything is vibrating at its own frequency, we want to tap into the Universe’s Divine energy field to truly completely heal. For that purpose we NEED to raise our vibrations. Raising your vibrations simply means to raise your good and positive vibes. Normally we are tapping into earth bound vibrations which can be good or bad, positive or negative. When we make the conscious effort to tap into Divine energy, thats when Magic happens. Thats when rapid healing takes place.

So, HOW do we raise our vibrations? Believe me, there is no rocket science to it. Its simple. Its do-able. And best of all, its FREE! No therapy bills, no medication bills 🙂

Are you ready to raise your vibrations and be happy and healed? Here goes…all tried and tested ways for maximum Positivity and Healing 🙂

8 Positive Ways to Raise Your Vibrations for Complete Healing

1} Be Conscious ~

Be supremely conscious of your thoughts. What you think you become. What you think you attract. Your thoughts have immense energy to create successful and healing ripples for you. Be aware of them and watch your thoughts like a hawk. If you catch yourself thinking negatively about anyone or anything remind yourself “this is hurting me.STOP now!”. Instead flip that thought with “how can I be more positive now?” This practice will not only make you habituated to focusing on the positive, but it will also make you attract positive experiences everyday, which pave the way for complete healing. When you feel better on the inside, healing happens rapidly.

2} Be Open ~

Open yourself to new experiences everyday. New experiences generate positive vibrations with the excitement and fervor they bring with them. We are always so accustomed to live in our comfort zones that we forget that life is actually more fun and interesting and fulfilling when you are pushing your limits and going beyond the borders. Make an effort everyday to do just one new thing, eg. taking a new route to and from work or getting wet in the rain instead of using the umbrella or walking for a while instead of driving or trying a new item of food…anything that will make you FEEL new and generate a bit of excitement. When you are Open to new energy, you generate positive vibes that push your spirit to higher realms of consciousness. You think new, you feel new, you create new.

3} Be Thankful ~

How thankful are you for the air you breathe everyday? Yeah, we always hear gratitude is good for our heart and soul, and we are usually thankful for the Big stuff, but how many of us are really thankful for every breath that we take? That’s where your pure positive vibrations reside. Everyday take out five minutes to breathe in and out and say thank you to the Divine vibrations of your breath, in keeping you healthy and protecting you. You breath is a magical healing breath. Breathe deeply and feel the breath in your soul when you breathe. Be thankful for your breath and In every breath…This is why meditation is so recommended to heal completely, because it focuses on your breath.

4} Be Kind ~

Kindness needs no introduction. Everyone knows just how amazing it feels to be kind. But being kind should begin with kindness to yourself first. When you are kind to yourself- you wont compare yourself to others negatively, you wont allow anyone else’s negativity to affect you, you wont be harsh with yourself when you mess up, you will take care of you…because you know your well-being is paramount to your healing. This level of kindness to yourself has the power to catapult your own inner healing. All past wounds tend to fade away with kindness to yourself. Being kind is not an option to your own happiness, its a necessity! Start now. Show yourself kindness by doing something ONLY YOU love to do. No judgment…just go do something for you for a change. Treat yourself with love.

5} Be Natural ~

Go natural IN and OUT! Food is loaded with vibrations you cant even fathom. Notice how good you feel when you see a load of fresh, colorful produce…now compare that feeling to what you feel in the frozen foods section. Yuck right!? Only put fresh wholesome nutrients in your body. Read the labels of what you buy. Unnatural ingredients often give you unnatural reactions. Try to include fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet. Natural foods carry good Divine energy within them to help you heal. Natural In healthy out. I personally suggest making good friends with the fresh produce sellers like I have. They then tend to give you the loveliest fruits and veggies, that too with a smile 🙂 My fruit guy looks at me from far and keeps my favorites ready before I even get to him. How fun!

6} Be Active ~

Raising your vibrations requires movement. It requires your blood to pump. Activity of any kind has the ability to raise your positive vibrations. If you have ever done any sort of physical exercise, you know how GOOD it feels during and after the activity. Whether its a walk in the park, a jog, working out in the gym, yoga or tai chi…all generate amazing energy within your body and soul. When we are working our body, we vibrate almost in harmony with the natural rhythm of the Universe. The stars, the planets all are constantly in motion. Our movement generates positive energy like no other. You feel ALIVE and happy. When you FEEL Alive, you begin healing from the inside out. Since I began power walking and yoga regularly, believe me, I feel like an 18 year old on steroids! All my pains and aches have vanished. I have energy to conquer the world..its such an amazing feeling. Good health is an amazing by product of working your body.

7} Be Spiritual ~

Nurture your soul everyday. Paying attention to your spiritual self garners positive vibrations in multiples of millions. Since we are spiritual beings, when we nurture that integral part of us, we feel at ONE with the Universe. We are able to tap into that Universal plan and allow for spiritual ascension and immense healing. We understand that there is a Divine plan at work. Pray, meditate, read spiritual texts, learn. For higher levels of spiritual development take an energy healing course, join a group meditation, pray in a group, visit a spiritual/sacred space like a temple, mosque, church etc. All this will nurture your spirit. Don’t be afraid to feel and feed your soul, its your door to higher realms of consciousness vast measures of healing.

8} Be Love ~

Love mercilessly! Yes, wear your heart on your sleeve. Never apologize for feeling love. If you can feel love for every gorgeous divine creation, you are already tapping into Divine energy. But remember, love heals- it doesn’t hurt! If it hurts or intends to be power-play then its not love! Love is beautiful and blissful. All you have to do to raise your vibration by being LOVE. Be a living, breathing example of how much your heart can make another feel good. Smile at a sad face. Give a hug to comfort someone. Go volunteer at an orphanage. Lend a helping hand to a neighbor. Always always always communicate with an open heart and smiling face. You can be love in so many ways. Find your own way, but never forget to be love. When you love, you raise your vibrations, you heal faster than the speed of light. Feeling love this way is a divine gift and you never ever let it go.

Now its YOUR turn to share: Do you have any tried and tested ways to raise your vibrations you would like to share? Please share them in the comments of this post. I would love to learn from you. The higher we vibrate the happier we become! 

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5 thoughts on “8 Positive Ways to Raise Your Vibrations for Complete Healing

  1. Thanks for passing on so many positive vibes Zeenat. Love the energy of this post, which speaks so eloquently! Stay blessed and keep spreading your positive messages.

  2. Hi Zeenat,

    I loved this post!
    The one extra thing I’d add is some element of self-forgiveness – when I feel negative about something or someone, I do of course try to stop the thoughts, but I find that giving myself some self-understanding and compassion around my initial reasons for feeling negative really helps me move into more positive territory.
    Thanks again for the lovely post,

  3. What a great synopsis, Zeennat! I’m going to print this out and put it in my journal to help me remember each of the steps. Thanks!

  4. Many people have doled out similar prescriptions, zeenat, but you have enunciated it so crisply and appealingly that it really sets the mind on fire. Especially your exhortations like being kind to one’s own self and loving mercilessly (such a catchy oxymoron) have a refreshing ring to it. I do practise many of these precepts, specially brisk walking along wooded trails in commune with nature, practising vegetarianism, focused on intaking freshness out-turning in good health and joie-de-vivre. I will take your advice to start loving mercilessly and being kind to myself. Btw, are you a vegetarian?…best wishes.. Raj.

  5. Hi Zeenat,

    Thank you for breaking it down for us.

    I agree to all but what resonates most to me is number 3 – being thankful. This can be a challenged when faced with troubles brought about by life. So I’m still working on this part.

    Appreciate the positivity in this site.

    Have a great day and thanks again for your words of wisdom.


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