Instant Ways to Raise Your Positive Vibes PLUS It’s My Birthday(yay!)


“Be the kind of energy, that no matter where you go, you always add positive vibes to the spaces and people around you.”

When it comes to raising our vibrations we think we have it all covered. We have plans. We go with those plans and everything feels right. Its a good day when all goes according to plan..right?!

But, do all our days go by our plans? Do all our days usually feel like smooth sailing?

Not always.

We all have our bad days, when everything keeps going wrong. Like the other day, I woke up late, then the coffee spilled on a new outfit, then my little girl had her allergies acting up early in the morning. And just when I thought I was going to handle it all, another unavoidable meeting got planned, when I was already running late. I was literally gasping for air. In between it all, after a little while, I came back to my center and calmed down. Not only that, I went by my ‘not so perfect’ day determined to not allow the madness to get to me. Using the instant way below, I was able to do this and make all those who I encountered raise their positive vibes too.

My Mini Carry Around Gratitude HandbookQ) How do I Raise my Positive Vibes on those not so perfect days? Whats my #1 instant fix to a blah day?

Ans) My Mini Carry Around Gratitude Handbook ~ Its a little cute handbook that’s hidden away in my handbag. Over the years I have developed a habit of pulling this little notebook out to make little lists of things I am thankful for. Every-time I feel like all the world is going nuts around me, all I do is take out this little book and write 3 things down that I am thankful for “Just Now”. Believe me, in that instant moment when I focus on the good things in my life…all the madness of the blah day fades away. The turmoil somehow seems petty and minuscule in comparison to the blessings all around me.

And, because its my Birthday today (39th!!) Yay! I wanted to gift all you darlings with INSTANT ways to deal with those blah days. So, I asked my beautiful friends(who also happen to be Big wigs in the Personal Development Field) this question:

How do you keep your Positive Vibes High especially on those days when everything seems to be going against you? What your one go to way that helps you instantly?

Oh their answers are deliciously awesome! Enjoy darlings and keep those Positive Vibes High always 🙂

Zane BakerZane Baker @ Valhalla Mind said: I keep high positive vibes by not sweating the little stuff, doing things out of my kindness and good nature and not expecting things in return and also by forgiving others even those who don’t deserve it and letting go of things that I cannot control or change. The # 1 go to way to help keep my sanity is meditation. I meditate daily, I teach meditation, I create meditations, and I live the meditation way. Follow Zane on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest & Instagram.

megan-eatonMegan Eaton @ Author of “The Pocket Guide to Manifesting” said: The one thing that helps me instantly when I’m having a day where it seems everything is going against me is this: I call on my Tribe. One email, phone call, or text to them and I know their good energy will help me turn the tide on that yucky day. They send me blasts of positive energy, or just share words like “I love you,” and instantly, my vibration rises. Follow Megan on Facebook.


Farnoosh BrockFarnoosh Brock @ Prolific Living said: Yoga. Whether I have 2 hours or 2 minutes, I return to yoga to find my grounding, my balance and my inner peace through the breath and the movement. It hardly ever fails me.
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jenny-book-3Jennifer Mannion @ said: When it feels like all is against me and life is spinning I try and remember as soon as possible to sit and ask myself one question, “What will bring me joy in this present moment?”  It might be a walk in nature, reaching out to a friend, blasting some dance songs and moving around the house. Sometimes I get guidance to go within and bring up an anchoring moment – a moment in my life where I experienced nothing but pure joy so I can remember that there was joy in my life and will be again.  The most important thing is to be kind and loving to myself and affirm “this too shall pass” and there are reasons for it.  I try to receive the gift of whatever message is being shown to me, anchor myself in joy and know I can move forward from there. Follow Jenny on Facebook & Twitter.

Fran SorinFran Sorin @ said: I have a few strategies that I implement to help jump-start my vibes, especially when I’ve having a difficult day. First, I check in with myself periodically throughout the day to get an emotional pulse. If I feel tense or anxious, I stop what I’m doing, close my eyes, and take 3 deep and slow breaths, setting an intention to exhale the negative feelings I’m experiencing and inhale feelings of  serenity, love, and self-compassion.  It’s amazing how that one small action can help to re-direct my emotions. The other strategy I use is to take a nature walk. It is a simple and replenishing 15 (or more) minutes of going outside and walking in silence (no phone, headphones, music). As I walk, I set an intention to be mindful of nature and how it nurtures me through its beauty and health benefits (plus nutrition). When I stay mindful, doing this awakens all of my senses so that I see, hear, touch, smell and literally breathe the beauty of nature into my soul. It is a magical practice that rarely disappoints me!  Fran has just opened up her 1000 FREE Book & Course GiveawayFollow Fran on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest & Instagram.

reba-linker-orange-back-headshot-smallReba Linker @ said: See the big picture. It’s OK to have a quiet day, or a bumpy day, or even a day where the best option is to crawl under the covers. The important thing is to remember our big vision and know that even the bumps are part of our journey. Remember the big picture! And remember to paint yourself into the best picture of your life using the brightest, boldest colors!
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Sandra PawulaSandra Pawula @ Always Well Within said: It may sound rather ordinary, but a good nap works wonders for me.  I once read that a nap resets the neuro-transmitters in your brain.  It certainly feels that way to me.  I feel recharged after a nap, ready to take on the world.  I feel far more positive and ready to make the most of the rest of the day. Follow Sandra on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest.

headshot_jw1Joseph Wilner @ You Have A Calling said: I make gratitude a daily practice. Whether it’s through meditating or simply just honoring the blessings I have in my life, I am intentional about focusing on what I appreciate and what I feel fortunate to have. In doing this, I am inspired and motivated to show up at my best and try to make a difference. When I can recognize all that I’m grateful for, I feel a sense of duty to do my part and make a positive impact. Follow Joseph on Facebook & Instagram.

VictorSchullerVictor Schuller @ said: I find my “positive vibes” by connecting to God.  When I need God the most, I go to God.  I find a space and time to be silent.  I meditate, and I reconnect.  Through meditation, I connect with my joy, bliss, and happiness, and I feel better.  That’s my “go to,” for sure.
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Evita OchelEvita Ochel @ Evolving Beings said: To experience the highest vibrations of life and enjoy a high quality of wellbeing, I make the following three expressions a regular and frequent part of my life. One, I focus on the positive, because no matter what is going on, there is always so much beauty and goodness available to each of us, if we only choose to see it. Two, I engage in abundant gratitude and appreciation for all the past and present blessings in my life. And three, I practice the art of allowing, because in every situation there is an opportunity for growth. If things don’t go as I would have desired, I do not see them as negative, I simply look for the gift or message that they brought, and this instantly changes how I feel about any given situation. Follow Evita on Facebook & Twitter.

vidya-sury-26-sept-16-1Vidya Sury @ said: I have a whole bag of happiness ready to dip into, on days when things look less bright than expected. I have a music playlist that almost always lifts my spirits up. I usually have an ongoing list of things to do around the house, that I pick from to go in tandem with the music. It is a win-win since work gets done. Sometimes I just pick up my camera and take a brisk walk around my area. The fresh air, the exercise, and the interaction with diverse people shifts the focus away from me. I feel good. Yet another winner is a visit to my local welfare home. When I spend time with the children there, my sadness diminishes and turns into gratitude for everything I have. Besides these, I meditate, but that’s routine. Follow Vidya on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest & Instagram.

suzienew-wallSuzie Cheel @ said: This is my 3 step way to change the vibes from low to high when the day is going downhill: (1)Ask So what do I want? (2) Get clear on what I didn’t like about my current low vibe mood. This then gives me  clarity on what I do want. (3) Then I hit my reset button and I might then go to my high vibe raising, happy, healing place the beach.  Those steps always change my vibes and bring me back to positivity.
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Balroop SinghBalroop Singh @ Emotional Shadows said: Positive vibes come naturally when we hold a positive attitude. They possess a phenomenal power to push aside all negativity and failures. When circumstances try to swamp you, when all your endeavors seem to go haywire, when your own near and dear ones start doubting your potential, hold hope and think – ‘this too shall pass.’ Hope is the only promise that never betrays. Hope is the moonlight filtering through the trees, Hope is the silent prayer that we make in distress, Hope is the promise that we make to ourselves, Hope is the happiness that we visualize, Hope is the horizon that we reach, if we try. Never abdicate hope. Follow Balroop on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest 

Elle SommerElle Sommer @ Live Purposefully Now said: My ritual for keeping Positive Vibes when things are going against me. 1. Awareness.  Noticing when I’m not feeling so great about things. 2. Mantra. Knowing my thoughts are vital to my sense of well being, I have a mantra or affirmation to use every day. One of my favorites is “I’m filled with joy.” Repeating that changes everything pretty quickly. 3. Meditation. Quieting my runaway mind even if only for 5 minutes brings more joy and as an added bonus a little peace. Follow Elle on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest.

evelynlimcoachEvelyn Lim @ said: When things are not going according to plan or expectations, I find myself inclined to taking breaks. Such breaks are not the normal coffee breaks or meal appointments with friends. Instead, the breaks are mostly time for reflection. I look for ways to shift the perception that everything “seems” to be going against me. If needed, I tap away the negative emotion (using a meridian tapping technique for release) and work on changing my beliefs.
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arvindphoto2Arvind Devalia @ Make It Happen said: I keep my positive vibes high every day and especially on those days when everything seems to be going against me by reminding myself that this too will pass. Then I remind myself to be grateful for all the abundance that the universe has already given me. Adopting an attitude of gratitude is sure to drive away my blues! Finally, I also find the funniest Youtube video I can and have a hearty laugh to get me back to my childlike self.
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vishnu-picVishnu @ Vishnu’s Virtues said: On challenging days, I try to focus on the things that are going right. Even when everything seems to be going against you, I believe there are seeds there of things that are going for you. In every disappointment and setback, there is growth, insight and opportunity. We just have to look for it. Asking myself, “what is this here to teach me” or “what am I to learn to teach others” is a couple questions I contemplate when being challenged. Shift your focus from the problems to the gift of the lesson and you’ll get a boost of positivity. Follow Vishnu on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram.

With all these beautiful souls sharing their instant ways to raise your vibes, I’m sure you have enough ammunition to make everyday rock! The higher your vibes, the better opportunities and success you can attract.

Love Note To each of you: I appreciate and love you all SO much! Your beautiful energy is what makes me keep working towards making Positive Provocations shine bright. Your energy here raises me up! I’m SO grateful and blessed to receive all your love every single day. Birthday’s are reflective that way…so I’m full of so much love for all I have been blessed with and for all of you. Stay blessed darlings! xoxo, Z~

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  1. On days when things don’t go well I like to sit in silent meditation for 10 minutes, run a nice bath, and read a motivational self-help book. Usually that does the trick fore me 🙂

  2. Megan Eaton

    Terrific, terrific ideas here! From your gratitude notebook, to Jenny’s simple question, to Evita’s 3-step process and everything/one in-between. This post is bookmarked! Loving it & loving you, Beautiful Z!

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