Honoring Connectedness + 4 Fun Secrets to Instant Happiness(especially for those down times) + Positive Provocations is 9! Yay!!

Honoring Connectedness + 4 Fun Secrets to Instant Happiness(especially for those down times) + Positive Provocations is 9! I truly believe that we are all connected. I also believe that there is positive energy in us and all around us. I believe in doing good and putting that good out into the world. I believe we can all heal, if only we believe in this magnificent connection between each and every soul.

Its been more than 9 years since I began this journey called Positive Provocations. I’ve written hundreds of articles. Half a dozen eBooks.  Connected with and Counselled countless amazing hearts all over the world and most of all have grown with each and every interaction. The connectedness of it all blows my mind. I am in awe of what we all can achieve should we set our hearts and minds to it.

Can you believe it, Haaniya(my daughter) was only 2 years old when I started this blog and She is now 11 years old(preteen! 🙂 )…and to think it all started as an online experiment to see where this would go. Jokes on me 😉 I thought I would get bored and give up at some point. Not happening!

Honoring Connectedness + 4 Fun Secrets to Instant Happiness (especially for those down times)In the Spirit of Connectedness

In the spirit of connectedness, I have decided its time I get to KNOW YOU. Yes, really really really know you. There are thousands of people who land on Positive Provocations everyday. Many stop by to read. Some to heal and learn. And many just stop on by mistake…maybe a click here or there 🙂 But all in all, I believe each soul who lands here is meant to be here.

We are meant to meet. We are divinely guided to honor this connectedness that exists.

Many I do meet(virtually) through email, comments, facebook, twitter and other social networks. But, there are many silent readers, who I haven’t met, but would LOVE to meet and get to know.

Trusted Positive Healing Circle of Specials

You know, how every-time you share a secret with someone, a special bond instantly forms in between you. Thats the kind of bond and connectedness I’m talking about. That’s the bond I want with each of my readers…a ‘trusted positive healing circle of specials’ is what my intention is. And the best part, you are all special.

If you’re one of those lovely silent ones, I suggest you stop by and share a bit of yourself here. If you want to do it anonymously, that’s fine too. I’ll know you are trying 🙂

Like every good hostess, let me start by sharing a few secrets about me, you never knew before…just to make you comfortable…What say? You in?

4 Fun Secrets to Instant Happiness:

Whenever I feel an ’emotional down’…. Yes, I get like that too, sometimes for no rhyme or reason, but mostly for valid reasons…a weird emotional ‘down time’ kicks in and I fall prey to it…just for a bit though. Ofcourse now that I’m out of it, I can get all colorful about it, but when it is On…the ‘Down time’ is ridiculously painful. It can feel like a very endless spiral.

There are many reasons why we fall prey to those down times…old scars, new scars, unhealed scars, world issues, personal issues, setbacks, failures etc. The list might feel endless and dismal, but the down time I realized, needed to be tackled. I hated falling prey to it…and so I became determined to get out of it. (Positive Solution minded me takes over!)

And so, While in that down time, I had to rummage through a few really old techniques I hadn’t used in a while to get out of it. So here goes, my best kept instant happiness secrets along with my ….. weaknesses….and can you believe it, they are fun too(not the weaknesses!!)! Garnering happiness usually is 🙂 :

1} Visualize Happiness: When we are in our ‘down time’ phase, we often think of the worst possible scenarios and pull ourselves further down. I was doing the same thing under my sulking face…till I got tired of feeling like this. Although I was feeling super low, I lay down and closed my eyes and brought up a bright shiny rainbow with fluttering butterflies in my minds eye. I held that weak visual for a long time, with disturbances of the sad sad kind coming in the way. Then the visual got happier, stronger and the sad sad disturbances vanished. See its magic visualization. I did this nearly thrice a day. Now every-time I close my eyes, the rainbow automatically appears to cheer me up.

2} Chocolate Indulgences: I LOVE chocolate in any shape or form. But, I’ve been avoiding it for a long time especially to keep my weight in check(which still isnt 😉 ). During my down time, one of my aunts from out of town was visiting and she stopped by to see us, holding a bag full of gorgeous milk chocolate for my little girl. I looked at those beautiful slabs of dark heaven sitting in my fridge for way too long till I decided ‘one bite’. I’m telling you…that ‘one bite’ was pure heaven and in that moment of heaven in my mouth….no ‘down time’ did dare come close to me! I am not saying we have slabs of chocolate to feel better…but a piece sometimes can truly lighten the mood.  The little girl in me really needed it 😉

3} Catch and Trash: Ever heard of a mental trashcan? That’s the place all the negative thoughts should go after processing. If they don’t go there, they can fester and smell in the mind. Yuck! is exactly how it makes us feel is they stay on for too long. My ‘down time’ made me realize that my mental trashcan was literally empty, with negative crappy thoughts flying all around my mind. An old habit of mine was to regularly(every night) think of all the crappy stuff that has affected me and shove it in the mental trashcan. I even visualize and hear the trash compacter sound after the box is full :). I restarted this old habit and it’s feeling great already!

4} Add Romance: Another Secret about me is that I’m a sappy romantic. I love romantic movies, poetry, art…anything romance is right up my alley. The big secret is…I never show it. Never. My hubby is gonna have a shock reading this! But, in my ‘down time’ this romantic me needs nurturing. I bring out the romantic movies to make me feel all warm and fuzzy. My favorite to date is ofcourse ‘Titanic”…the against all odds kinda movies get me feeling all good. Dont even ask me how many times I have seen that movie….I have lost count!

With many of my sappy secrets out in the open…I feel like I’m already in a deeper connection with each and every one of you. I would love if you could reciprocate this connection by letting me get to know YOU a bit better.

When you want to really know someone, all the physical characteristics dont really matter. You begin to dwell in their energy, recognize the scent of their soul. You see only the essence of the person, not the shell. That is why its impossible to fall in love with beauty. Beauty can be lusted after, you can be infatuated by it, even want to own it. You can love it with your eyes and body but not your heart. And that’s why, when we really connect with a person’s inner self, any physical imperfections disappear, become irrelevant. We are all in perfect divine connectedness.

Are you willing to be in my “Trusted Healing Positive Circle of Specials”? I know I’d love to get to know you. Tell me about who you are? What makes you tick? What makes you sad? What you want to heal in your life? What is your favorite color? I want to know everything….I want to be there for you. I want to help you heal so that you can BE happy.

Hand in hand & heart to heart we shall and can heal together.

Now its your turn! Share a little bit about yourself in the comments below. Let me know you’re there 🙂 

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15 thoughts on “Honoring Connectedness + 4 Fun Secrets to Instant Happiness(especially for those down times) + Positive Provocations is 9! Yay!!

  1. Tavish Chadha

    Congratulations on the 9 years Z! Am sure Karma has already found your address..

    Well when i go through my downtime i juat close my eyes and breathe and the positivity just takes over… works pretty well for me… chocolates sadly are not an option these days 🙈

  2. I like the idea of a mental trashcan. I haven’t used that one before. Believe it not, I’m not a big fan of chocolate -unless it’s mixed with something unhealthy like caramel. I have no interest in romance. So, I’ll go with the visualization. It always works for me and the good thing is that your body and brain react as if it were true! 🙂

  3. 9 Years! Such a huge accomplishment!!!!! We started around the same time, me I think a little later than you. These are wonderful methods, and yes we all need a little chocolate now and then. I just keep the amount small like you. I hope you’re feeling better. We all have down times and difficult circumstances, so we absolutely need this kind of support. And since you know me quite well, I don’t think there’s anything new to share.

  4. Visualizing happiness always brings a smile to my face. And smiling a great big smile and holding it for 30 seconds is another way I turn around a bad mood. When you really feel the smile all over, it’s hard to keep feeling down.

  5. Congrats on 9 years, Zeenat. Your blog has uplifted many people, I’m sure. I love the chocolate and romance. A good movie will always find me in a better place. The other thing I love for a pick-me-up is a beautiful bouquet of flowers. That always makes me feel better. Thank you for all that you are doing to help people live better lives.

    1. Cathy I absolutely LOVE flowers! I go ahead and buy myself a bouquet of flowers when I get all down …and put in my favorite vase. Shucks! I forgot to add that in the tips in this article 🙂 So glad for the beautiful reminder.
      Thank you for the lovely wishes on the 9th anniversary of the blog. Such a great feeling ❤

  6. Wow Zeenat…9 years of putting smiles on our faces. That’s wonderful. I’ve used all your techniques on and off over the years, but sadly the one I can’t use anymore is that heavenly piece of chocolate. For some strange reason it stopped being my friend and started to physically bother me.

    So for now that’s one little pleasure I have to forego.

    Once again congratulations dear heart on your 9 years and happy techniques for feeling…well…happy. 🙂

    1. I can understand Elle, depending on our bodies, some things might not work for us..but there are always other ways to stay happy 🙂 Which you know so well. ❤
      Thank you for your kind wishes for the blog anniversary. Feels like such a huge accomplishment. ❤ ❤

  7. Sunny

    Many congratulations for completing 9 years of PP Zeenat!! You are doing a brill job..keep it up! I’d LOVE to be in the positive circle and get to know people like yourself 🙂

    My name is Sunny and I’m from the U.K. I have been following your website since couple of years now and always find it useful and inspiring. I’ve recently started an Instagram account @choice_always to spread some positivity into this world and explore my writing skills. Please do check it out!

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