Do You Celebrate Your Abundance Each Day?


“Abundance is not something we acquire. It is something we tune into” – Dr Wayne Dyer

Those wise words from the late Dr Wayne Dyer reinforce the celebration message here today.

Abundance is a feeling and you can enhance your abundance by celebrating in the moment when an instance of abundance comes into your life.

The more you celebrate the more abundance you will see that you have. You will become truly conscious of the abundance that you have and begin to attract more into your life daily.

So how do you celebrate this abundance I hear you ask?

Start by keeping an abundance journal. You might already keep a daily Gratitude Journal where you list 3 or more things you are grateful for each day. Being grateful daily will increase the abundance that flows to you and this a an another way to celebrate

The more grateful I am the more abundance flows to me 


You can do your abundance journal in your current journal or get yourself a new journal, use evernote or your favorite mobile app and take 5 minutes or so to look around you now and note down the abundance you already have.

Beginning to acknowledge the abundance that you already have raises your vibration and begins to build your abundance muscle. So often it is easy to get weighed down, especially when you are feeling in lack.

This lack can be in any area of your life: your money, your health, your family and the lists keep expanding.  When you are in a lack state of being, is when you really need to start to acknowledge the abundance you do have so you can start to celebrate and raise your vibes , attracting more of what you do want into your life.

Not sure where to start? Think of the abundance you are surrounded with daily:

  • running clean water
  • a roof over your head
  • a bed to sleep in
  • two eyes to see
  • my computer makes me feel abundant
  • the internet that allows you and me to be reading this online

There are so many ways to acknowledge the abundance you do have in your life

We are surrounded by abundance and what I have discovered in working with many people over the years is, they so often don’t see the abundance that they have in their lives right now.

Once you see it celebrate it in the moment. Do a happy dance or something that raise your vibrations. Tell your friends and family, include them, announce it on facebook.

Then start to record daily instances where you you observe abundance coming into your life daily and celebrate by saying: “Look what I attracted to me!”

It might be that

  • a friend bought you a drink
  • you found money on the path or the grass – I did the other day at the beach, a $1 gold coin
  • you got some free coaching
  • you attended a free webinar
  • the farmer at the market throw in an extra avocado – this happens regularly for us.
  • you win the lucky door prize at an event- I did this week- a river cruise for two with a seafood lunch- now that is true abundance.

The more we celebrate the abundance we do have right now and celebrate in the moment of new abundance coming to you, the more deliberate you become in filling your vibrational bubble with positivity.

Remember you are abundant and I would love to read in the comments how you celebrate your abundance. Will this be a new practice for you?

About the Author of this Post:

suzie cheelSuzie Cheel aka The Heart Whisperer is an artist, author,  healer, speaker and Abundance Coach. The author of the forthcoming book Lucky to Be Alive: How I Used the Law of Attraction and the Healing Power of Self-Love to Save My Life.  Suzie will color your world through her art, her words and her coaching where she helps people make the shift from their head to their heart which brings more love, more creativity and more abundance. Suzie shares her inspiration, heart whisper art and awesome energy on her blog at where you can get your weekly Heart Whisper.


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