Get out of Clue Clue Land and Decide to Be YOU

“It’s choice – not chance – that determines your destiny.”~Jean Nidetch~

I remember when I was about 8 years old and loved playing with my Barbie doll sets, if anyone asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up, I said a Barbie doll. And why? Because my Barbie has such beautiful things. Then when I was 12 yrs old, I was crazy about painting and wanted to be a Painter. At 13 it was an astronaut, at 15 it was a teacher, at 16 it was a doctor and at 18 well I just wanted to be left the hell alone!!

The point to all this is, we are constantly asked by everyone around – What do you want to be when you grow up???At that time when we were asked that we were naive, young and inexperienced individuals. We were still searching for answers and trying to figure out life. But, we still had an answer. However bizarre it was, the answer was there. We would actually announce it with full confidence even!! It was a decision we made with our heart. Something we were passionate about.

Where has that confidence and passion gone Today? Do we still know what we want to be when we grow up, now that we have already grown up?

I have met many individuals who are still in clue clue land. I was there too, clue clue land isn’t a very nice place to be for too long. You lose sight of who you are and can’t make any rational decisions. Its like the world has taken over you, and you have let them. I remember being in a state where whatever anybody told me I would blindly agree with. I had so totally lost my own mind, that really finding that mind again seemed like it was never really there. It seemed impossible to me that my life was not my own. It was more like I preferred being in this clue clue land. Yes, and I stayed in that state for nearly two years.

It was a traumatic experience that knocked my head and heart so strongly, that in an instant clarity of thought took over. That instant didn’t last very long. The worlds mind and clue clue land kept trying to take it over. And that instant was just about to be lost into oblivion, when I thought for myself and caught a hold of that instant. That instant was my soul realization. It was a good feeling with dire consequences. Again the world was taking over, with all the society pressures and what everyone will think….

But, the trauma was so strong and the scar of that hurt so deep in my heart, that I decided to go with my soul realization. As I looked ahead, the path seemed very bumpy full of mountains and pitfalls. But, I was taking charge of my life, and there is no better feeling than that. From the worlds point of view I was a stupid fool, but from my souls point of view I was Happy. Imagine that…all that turmoil and I could actually be happy!!! But it was MY decision for once in my adult life it was My decision. This was a decision that was taken without any pressures. It was empowering and consoling all at the same time.

Yes, my journey after that wasn’t a bed of roses. It wasn’t pretty. But it was and it still is my beautiful journey to take and learn from. Its my life today and I am Happy I take my own decisions. The ones that my heart and soul are happy with. The ones that make my world and the people who are attached with me happy.

Whatever or wherever you are now….is it your decision and yours alone?? The world has this nasty way of getting to you and taking over your mind, heart and soul. The irony of it is you wont even know it. You will be so oblivious of it, that even at the age of 60 or 70 when you have grandchildren, you will still be doing what everyone else wants you to do.
I have seen individuals who are like that. Who are still so oblivious to their own potential. Who are still living a life that’s not even vaguely close to what their hearts desires.

Trauma lead me to make the decision to get out of the clue clue land trap.

As my perspective changed I started noticing and meeting people who even after the age of 50 or 60 and even 70 have re-ignited their core passions and started living life on their own terms. And the happiness in their eyes while they are truly BEing themselves is Fabulous. It’s never ever too late.

When are you going to make the choice, that your heart and soul desires? The decision that will set you free. The decision that will make your spirit fly. The decision to be YOU!!!

Think about this darlings….we have but ONE life to truly LIVE.

Share your thoughts, questions and concerns in the comments below. I’m here to help always.

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13 thoughts on “Get out of Clue Clue Land and Decide to Be YOU

  1. This is such a wonderful question. It’s one I’ve been asking myself often of late. I’ve already “been” so many different roles and have been sucked into performing to meet others’ expectations exactly as you describe. Now, I don’t feel like i need to be anything in the traditional sense. My priority is to simply be in the present moment with kindness in my heart.

    I’m so happy you listened to your soul realization, Zeenat! We’ve all benefit so much as a result!

  2. I have got a teenager who is not sure what to do either, but then I remember myself I didn’t know when I was 18 and finished school. Still I did find something I really love and I don’t regret my decision at all. Now being older, I though do enjoy life even more and I am happy!

  3. Z! This is so awesome because it is a CHOICE! We get to chose who we want to be. And when we don’t even have a clue, we’re just listening to what other people think we should do. But how on earth do they know what we should do when they don’t even know what they want to do or be? Ha! I quit listening to everyone else and tuned into me.

    Funny story to share though: When my youngest daughter was three, she was asked by an adult, “what do you want to be when you grow up?”

    “A hamster,” she replied with all the seriousness a 3 year old could muster. I tried not to burst out laughing as did the other adults.

    “Well,” began the well meaning adult, “What kind of hamster do you want to be?”

    “A mean one,” my daughter said in all earnest.

    And we died laughing.

    To this day, and she’s now 27, when she’s having a hard time figuring out her next step, I remind her that she can always be a hamster 🙂

  4. Zeenat, you wrote this for me. I was told the other day that I have too many talents and I need to just focus on one- Now that is a challenge for me. I have made one decision that you might have read on my latest blog post. The Abundance Queen is coming back. You might like my latest tagline and the TS Eliot quote
    love and hugs
    Suzie xxoo

  5. Great post!
    People do tend to get lost in their thoughts after being influenced by those close to them in life. It could be family, friends, or love ones. Despite who the person is, people tend to think they have to fit in society’s belief by adapting to the lifestyle they want. They abandon their dreams and go for interests they have no feelings for. So when people do find themselves in LA LA land, they have to ask themselves the question, “Am I the person I want to be?”

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