Positive Prompt for May: Your Positive Growth Depends on This

“I am still learning.” ~ Michelangelo at age 87

Michelangelo (6 March 1475 – 18 February 1564) was an Italian sculptor, painter, architect, and poet of the High Renaissance who is considered to be the greatest living artist during his lifetime, he has since been described as one of the greatest artists of all time.

And even after being considered the greatest living artist of all time, he still said “I am still learning.” at the age of 87. An age where people usually think they have done it all and need to retire and take it easy. Michelangelo at that age knows that he is still learning….That’s the difference between greatness and mediocrity. That’s the difference between humility and ego.

“We now accept the fact that learning is a lifelong process of keeping abreast of change. And the most pressing task is to teach people how to learn.”Peter Drucker

Are you open to learning everyday? Or do you live in the “I know everything” mode? 

Being closed to learning is like being closed to life itself.

Saying “I know everything” is NOT being wise, its being foolish. If you aren’t learning in every given moment of every given day, then its a waste of the grey matter we are all SO blessed with.

I personally keep myself open to learning by being completely aware of my surroundings. On days when I feel a bit busy and feel like I haven’t learnt as much- I listen to an inspiring Ted talk, or re-read The Magic of thinking Big & Seven Spiritual laws of Success.

I learn by making an effort to read something new, something completely out of my comfort zone too. The new and the old both have the power to get that grey matter stimulated. It makes for meaningful living and a wiser you. Growth of all kinds is then inevitable!

Your Positive Prompts for this month:

a)Read or listen to something NEW ~ 

Start a new book or watch a documentary or meet someone new. Another way to be open to learning and learning constantly is to listen more. We talk so much, that we forget how much learning is there in simply listening.

I’m currently reading Adventures of the Soul: Journeys Through the Physical and Spiritual Dimensions which is a a manual by James Van Praag who is a celebrated Medium and has had countless encounters/conversations with those who have passed away. His spiritual descriptions of life, death and the afterlife are so enlightening and interesting. I urge you to read the book too, especially if you have lost someone close to you. It offers so much solace.

b)Listen to your heart ~

When you are in pain, listen to your heart. When you are angry, listen to your heart. When you are frustrated, listen to your heart. Listening to your heart when the whole world doesn’t make sense is part of self mastery.

When you listen to your heart you learn about YOU. Its re-learning to be the Real You. The heart is at the center of your whole being….allow it to BE *your* center and learn from it. The heart as an energy center has capabilities your mind can’t even fathom. Next weeks article will be on the Powers of the Heart Center….but, the first step is to Listen to your heart. Its called listening to your gut feeling or your intuition. When it *feels right*, it usually is. When it *doesn’t feel right*, then literally no good can from it. You’ll be surprised at how breezy & beautiful your decision making process will become and what an amazing course life can take when its guided by the heart.

If we want to grow spiritually and emotionally we need to be able to push the envelope so to speak. The more we try to venture into new avenues, we grow, we learn and most of all we Evolve Positively.

I hope these positive prompts motivate you to learn more and understand yourself a little better this gorgeous month of May. Happy learning and loving darlings!

Please share your new learning, thoughts and questions on these Positive Prompts in the comments below. I’d love to help you get more positive! 

p.s. I’ll be writing positive prompts for you at the beginning of every month, starting this month. Happily positive is all we all want to be right!? 🙂

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15 thoughts on “Positive Prompt for May: Your Positive Growth Depends on This

  1. Edifying read, Zeenat, striking at the core of that which speeds life on the path of progress. With learning, there is nourishment of mind and advancement, and without it, It is mind-starvation and retardation.

  2. kelleygrimes

    I love this blog and how you emphasized that learning about ourselves is equally important as learning about the world. I listen to podcasts, read daily and meditate to create space to connect with myself and listen to my heart. Thank you for this inspiring post!

  3. “When you listen to your heart you learn about you, it’s relearning to be the real you” I love this quote. Currently I am reading “Remembering the Light Within..A course in soul-centered living” There is a quote from it that really resonates “listen with the ears of your heart” I think our heart plays a key role. I think it’s important to not only continue to learn but to refresh our minds on what we have learned or remind us of what we know.

  4. I love these positive prompts for May, Zeenat. That is SO true about learning. I’m inspiring that you are committed to continuing to learn everyday.

  5. Wonderful post, Zeenat. You are echoing (in your own beautiful words) many messages I am receiving about staying open to growth, learning. We aren’t finished until it’s over. As I just commented to Debra Reble, we love to think we are cooked to perfection, but we are actually still developing the recipe!

  6. Salam Zeenat, Just a question about ( celebrated medium) I mean the second book.As far as I know no one can contact those who passed away!!!
    Thank you for such great blog , as we used to 🙂

  7. heraldmarty

    I SO agree! I believe in the value of opening ourselves to learn from ALL life’s experiences, the good, the bad and even the ugly. My ongoing challenge is to read at least one book each month that presents a viewpoint that is vastly different from my own. It’s not always fun, but I never fail to learn something new. Thanks for the reminder and inspiration. 🙂

  8. womenoffacebook

    I was discussing this very subject with my husband the other morning. We both agreed that learning new things keeps us sharp, plugged-in and healthy! I am a strong believer of trying things that are outside our comfort zone!

  9. Summer

    Great reminders. I enjoy learning and doing new things. Sometimes it can feel overwhelming but when we take into your second prompt and listen to our hearts I think it is easier to navigate through the overwhelm and learn new things.

  10. Joyce Hansen

    There are so many wise teachers who have come before us. It may be a different world than theirs, but there is always something to learn that applies to us today. Thank you for sharing.

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