5 Heart-Centered Ways to Heal Everyone You Meet and Get Self-Healed Too!

5 heart-centered ways to positively heal everyone you meet and get self-healed too!

“We have to heal our wounded world. The chaos, despair, and senseless destruction we see today are a result of the alienation that people feel from each other and their environment.”
― Michael Jackson

When it comes to inner healing, I often think I have completely healed. Then sometimes a trigger comes along, and I’m reminded of the old pain. But is this trigger reminding me of the pain or is it teaching me something about myself? I believe our past pains sometimes come into our today to teach us and to warn us of the impending pain incase we move forward and do the very same thing again. And being positive and happy doesn’t mean we haven’t had pain in our lives. It simply means that even though we have gone through so much pain, we still choose to be happy and positive. That’s what truly paves the way for our inner healing.

Every person we encounter in this big beautiful world has his/her own past pains. Each soul has a story of triumph inside it.

Now imagine this, that during your really painful times, you had a friend to talk to, you had a shoulder to cry on, you had a support system to help you cope. Did you have that or rather do you have that now? Wouldn’t that have felt great? Wouldn’t that have helped you heal and bounce back faster?

To understand that we each are going through or have gone through a hard time humbles us. It makes us realize that we are not alone.

“Healing yourself is connected with healing others.” – Yoko Ono

The simplest way to keep healing your heart and soul is to help others heal too….How??

Here are five really simple heart centered ways to positively heal everyone you meet. You have the power to make a lasting healing impression on every soul you meet…..mind blowing when you think about it…right?

5 Heart-Centered Ways to Heal Everyone You Meet and Get Self-Healed Too!:

1} Smile from the heart:

The first pleasant encounter you have with a stranger almost always begins with a smile. Many a times we give that fake smile…not really healing is it? However bad your mood maybe, when you go out and flash that beautiful smile, not only do you feel good, but the receiver of your smile feels mighty special too. It might be the only happy that person has seen all day….and You were the source of it. How amazing is that? Ok, now please don’t go around creepy smiling people 😉 A nice one from the heart should do it.

2} Be genuinely concerned:

Other than the strangers we meet on a daily basis, there are many friends, relatives and acquaintance we share energy with daily too. Often our reaction to them is far more unconcerned than we would have for a stranger. Is it because they have been unpleasant with us or is it cause they have hurt you in the past? If that’s the case, think about how he/she is also trying to deal with their life and all the choices they have made. Put yourself in their shoes and be genuinely concerned about whats going on in their lives. In this way, not only are you healing your own relationship with them, but you are also helping them to become better human(e) beings. Some might be easier to heal than others…but you got to try. The feeling of letting all your inhibitions go and just genuinely being there for another human being is priceless.

3} Be dependable:

We think we are highly independent and self sufficient…but in reality we are completely dependent and don’t even realize it. Be it our dependency on the grocery store clerk or the taxi/cab driver who took us to our destination. We are dependent. A society and the world works on inter-dependency. Just like the farmer is dependent on the rains for his crops to grow, we are dependent on that crop to come to stores so that we can buy it. But how dependable are you? Can anyone depend on you? Are you a source of solace and comfort to anyone in your life? Increase this inter-dependability network everyday. The more dependable you become, the more you can depend on someone to be there for you. By acknowledging this healthy inter-dependent relationship we have with every soul we encounter, we are paving the way for emotional healing, calmness and Oneness. For when you know you have support you can truly do anything!

4} Be and DO Kind:

I know we have all been told or heard about kindness and how good it feels. Although we all know this magic pill to healing, how many of us actually use it in our daily lives? Yes, everyday….not just once a month or when we attend a charity event..everyday, come what may! How many of us can look in the mirror everyday and say “I have been kind today.”? When I talk of kindness, I talk of lending a helping hand to a stranger with a wailing baby at the grocery store or when you see an upset individual you make an effort to ask “How are you today? Can I help you with anything?”. You DO kind not just Be kind. We are all kind at heart. That’s the way God made us. But how many of us DO kind is what can truly heal this world of its sadness. Yes, one soul at a time…If your kindness can heal one soul, that in-turn leads to the healing of every soul he/she meets and the kindness ripple effect carries on and on….It all started with YOU. All those kind healing vibes you created, come back ten folds. So go on DO kind and heal.

5} Be Love like Worlds End:

What goes around comes around, on this we all agree. The thing everyone wants to come around is love. Everyone wants to know, “How can I be loved?” Perhaps, though, a better question to ask is, “How can I be love”? You BE love by giving love…simple and powerful. But, give love like the world is coming to an end at the end of this very day. Like there is no tomorrow. If you had just TODAY….how much love would you then give. You don’t love conditionally, rather you love unconditionally. When everyday of your life is spent giving Love unconditionally, you are blessed with a life full of love. And that love you are giving out is healing the world. With all the mayhem that’s surrounding us these days, Being Love seems like the only truest medicine to it.

We are each born healers. We just need to realize our true potential. Its not difficult to heal the world if we each play our part.

Just look out the window or glance at a busy street…If every soul lived everyday in the above heart-centered ways, nothing is impossible!

But it all starts with ONE and that One is YOU….

What are YOUR thoughts on this topic? Do you have any other positively healing ways to share? Please share your thoughts and wisdom in the comments below. I’d love to learn from your experience. 

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13 thoughts on “5 Heart-Centered Ways to Heal Everyone You Meet and Get Self-Healed Too!

  1. Ellen Bard

    These are lovely Zeenat – I especially love ‘be dependable’. It’s such a core part of being a friend, but is often put into shadow by other qualities. ❤

  2. Absolutely beautiful, Zeenat. I love the way you go deeply into each of these 5 ways and challenge us to be authentic and actualize them daily.

  3. Beautiful post Zeenat. I love the 5 heart-centered ways to heal each other and ourselves. All powerful ways to move through each day with love, kindness and authenticity.

  4. Beautiful, Zeenat. Great points! And you are right! We all are natural healers.. we just need to learn to embrace the power we were born to and use it to heal ourselves and the world. You are a bright beacon for us all. xo

  5. Dear Zeenat, What a wonderful post. I love the transition you make between our personal pain and the need to give out love as a healing for both ourselves and others. That is really beautiful and so wise. I love the image – I just drew a tarot card in a reading that looked quite like that, so as a whole, your post spoke to me personally, loud and clear! xo, Reba

  6. I love everything every comment above me made & best of all, the way you started. I know I give fake smiles sometimes, but then something happens. The smile becomes genuine because I can see the impact on another & I can feel it being familiar. As I spend a lot of time in front of the computer, I notice myself smiling at thoughts that please me, posts that are profound, comments I didn’t anticipate. So much in the world to make me have a wonderful day.

  7. Beautiful suggestions on how we can contribute to healing the world, Zeenat! As someone who always thought that old wounds and old pain would not show up again in my today world, I’ve learned that there are layers to them and they live in our etheric body, so at times, outside “triggers” will have them resurface to have us re-look at what they still mean to us. This is why on some levels we all suffer from post traumatic stress syndrome. For me, it is my “gut”, so before I even think about something that is happening or is said, my “gut” remembers some old trauma that still requires healing.

    Your suggestion to smile from your heart and to be curious and take an interest in the other, are so crucial in a world that has become somewhat “me” centred in the last few decades. If more people smiled from their heart and took a sincere and genuine interest in the other, we would have more compassion and more love in our world. Both of these are very sorrily being called for in today’s world!

  8. Our world today is troubled and polarized. We need more people like you who want to heal and be healed and are willing to teach this. Thank you for your thoughtful post.

  9. I love your heartwarming writing! The truth is that we are all connected but still independent at the same time. Every tree in the forest is unique yet connected to the rest of the trees and animals. Keep it up with the wonderful work!


  10. What a wonderful way to live. What you said about how we can be more concerned for people we hardly know than those we are deeply connected to speaks to me. I’m going to commit to really listening to what people are saying and being genuinely concerned about what’s going on in their lives – my goal being from a space of love and non-judgement and just being there to listen and not necessarily to advise. Thank you for such great insights.

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