How to Discover Your True Life’s Purpose


“We are all visitors to this time, this place. We are just passing through. Our purpose here is to observe, to learn, to grow, to love… and then we return home.” ~ Australian Aboriginal Proverb

What is the purpose of my life? What is the meaning of true fulfillment? What do I really want? Why am I really here on this planet? These are questions that perpetually haunt most of us…sometimes twenty, thirty or forty years of our lives have flown by and we realize that we hardly recognize ourselves, any longer? That drive we had in our youth, seems to have dimmed over the years.

Such questions, are confusing to most, have been asked and answered over the ages. Discovering the true purpose and meaning of your life is truly simple. No, I’m not kidding! 

I have often written about passion, finding your true self, loving yourself etc….but when it comes to the purpose of life, I have never really written about it in too much detail.

The reason for this is that I believe we each have a very simple purpose. One that need not be explained, cause we each already KNOW our purpose. But recently, after numerous emails/messages from YOU the Beautiful readers, I will very simply explain to you , how to discover Your True life’s Purpose.

Each beings purpose(your purpose) can be as simple as-

  • to be responsible
  • to be useful
  • to be honorable
  • to be compassionate
  • to be loving
  • to matter
  • to count for something
  • to stand for something
  • to make a difference
  • to leave your mark

So much of what we do or decide to do with our life, our talents, our passions is based on these simple life purposes. These simple purposes are like broad strokes, full of color already present in the portrait that is YOU. You just have to fill in the details.

Discovering Your Life’s True Purpose can be a journey more wonderful than any you have ever taken before. Learning to live a purposeful life will fill you with the Joy of Life.

People today seem to be constantly searching for meaning in their lives; they look for meaning in endless consumerism, endless hours at their workplace, and endless streams of unsatisfying relationships. But where is the passion and purpose in that?

8 Questions to help you to find your true life’s purpose

The path to Discovering Your True Life Purpose is really very simple and can be mapped out in Eight questions:

If you honestly answer these questions and honor the learning each one contains, you will be much closer to living your life with Your unique Purpose, Passion and Absolute Joy.

Your Empowerment, Gratitude and Inspiration begins Now!

The following Eight questions will assist you in discovering and articulating your purpose. Be as descriptive and detailed as you’d like. And the answer that makes your heart swell up, the point you feel so overwhelmed by what you are writing that you can’t stop crying, IS YOUR TRUE LIFE PURPOSE.

1. What do I most often love to give to others?
2. What do I have the most fun doing?
3. What do I most enjoy thinking about and doing?
4. What do others look to me for?
5. What am I most often complimented on?
6. What do I do where I lose all track of time?
7. What do the people closest to me say my passions are?
8. What ideas, things, places and/or people am I most inspired by?

As an exercise in self-refinement and discovering your purpose, think about all your choices, your decisions, your passions, your desires, your relationships through the lens of these simple questions of purpose and see how clearly you will be able to see your own unique purpose.

The first set of points(each beings purpose…) + the answers to the eight questions, holds YOUR true purpose.

But you already KNOW your purpose…You do! Just FEEL your purpose while you try answering these questions. And keep answering these questions everyday, till you are bursting with Life with Purpose with Passion.

Many of you might think you already Know your life’s purpose,  which is awesome if its making you happy and content. But, answering these questions can still bring about beautiful revelations about your Self. Try it. Who knows, you might discover something new and exciting 🙂

“Let the beauty of what you love be what you do.” Rumi

What are YOUR thoughts on this?
Have you already discovered your true life’s purpose? If yes, how did that amazing revelation come about? If no, then how do you plan to start? What according to you is the besy way to discover your life’s purpose? Please Share your wisdom in the comments below.

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10 thoughts on “How to Discover Your True Life’s Purpose

  1. What a terrifically useful, insightful and inspirational post! I loved reading this – drew me right in, Zeenat. There are so many people who wonder what their calling is – or the path they should be on. I’ll refer them to this post!

  2. Getting to understand your purpose is as you say such a rewarding experience Zeenat. It took me some years to get through to mine…but oh my gosh it is such a worthwhile growth and spiritual experience. 🙂

  3. It’s interesting cause our life purpose can also change as we enter into different stages of my life. So I think these are perfect questions for me right now.

  4. I have so many things that I’m passionate about and it’s so much fun seeing how they can all tie together in my work and play. I love your set of questions above. What a helpful way to really see what it is that will add fulfillment to your life.

  5. Kindness Junkie

    Thanks for sharing your 8 questions to get clear on your purpose! They help us get quickly to what inspires us and fills us with joy! ❤

  6. walksinspiritllc

    Great questions!
    Just when I think I can succinctly verbalize my purpose, I get a glimmer of another facet. My life’s purpose centers around helping people stand stronger, braver and smarter through their trials so that they can pursue their life’s calling. I use intuition, knowledge, vision and knowing as my tools.

    I found this calling through many hardships. I chose to embrace the chaos as catalysts for great change.

  7. Isn’t it funny how our passion and purpose is usually right under our nose and yet we don’t see it until we’re ready to see it? Your 8 questions are a superb tool to bring it to light!

  8. Running through your questions makes me think my life’s purpose is making ferments, DIY remedies and beauty products, and unbelievably delicious food. Huh. I started out running a restaurant when I was barely 21. Circling back? I wonder….

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