23 Top Ways to BE LOVE Today and Everyday ~ Happy Valentine’s Day!

happy valentine's day Positive ProvocationsHappy Valentine’s Day Darlings! 

Honestly, I don’t get the celebrate LOVE only on 14th February bit. Yes, its become commercially hyped as a day for love, but really isn’t everyday supposed to be Love day? I believe that Love should be celebrated everyday 🙂 Yeah I’m kinda a love junkie 😉

I live my life with a simple motto, “Spread Love everywhere you go. Let noone ever come to you without leaving happier.” ~ Mother Teresa

In order for me to walk my talk, I need to BE love in every moment of every single day. And that my dears is a highly satisfying task. It means I have to talk, walk, think, write, sleep, feel, cook, eat, clean, counsel, heal….everything with LOVE. When you are consciously aware that you have to infuse every waking and non waking moment of your life with love, a certain level of heart centered-ness comes to us. We automatically begin to operate from a space of kindness, compassion and empathy. Which in truth is what the world Needs so badly right now.

23 Top Ways to BE LOVE Today and Everyday!

I can hear you ask, “But how to BE Love? Really simply how?”

Personally for me, my top favorite way to ‘Be love’ is to simply “Be There”. When someone needs something, anything, that I can provide, I will Be There. You need a shoulder to cry on, a friend to lean on, a helping hand with the kids, a little help with the groceries, someone to vent to, someone to go shopping with, someone to go to the doctors with…whatever I can do to ease you I will do and that too with a smile on my face and happy loving heart. That is how I ‘BE love’ everyday.

As this is the month and the day that we are dedicating to ‘BEing Love’, I asked my dear friends, who also happen to be Moguls in the Self Improvement, Personal Development fields:


Their answers will shed more light on how to “BE LOVE” everyday. Enjoy their insights and follow their work. They all stand for all things good in this world and SO much more. Let them inspire you to BE more everyday.

Jenny MannionJenny Mannion @ JennyMannion.com said: “My favorite way to BE love to those around me and my loved ones is to be present, listen, receive them and all their gifts with my whole heart and to enjoy every second when I am with them.  Everyone has gifts to share and by being present and not distracted when you are with them you open yourself up to receive those gifts.  By being present you also allow others to tap into your own gifts as you are openly giving and receiving with your attention and intention to spend that time together.  Many have heard that expression, “it is quality time that matters and not quantity” and I believe this true deep in my heart. Giving someone your undivided attention validates them – they know that you are with them because you want to spend that time and they can begin to let their guard down and their soul shine through.  We are in a world of multi-tasking, noise and constant interruptions – giving your presence to someone is truly the greatest present you can give them. If you can shut everything else out, turn off phones, TV, computers, have no noise but truly listen to, talk and connect on a deeper level with the person you are with – you will feel that love that connects us all. You will leave that moment feeling joyous and knowing you also touched the person you were with and boy does it feel good!”
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arvindphoto2Arvind Devalia @ Make it Happen said: My top favorite way to “be love” to my loved ones and all those around me is to give them my total presence and to always present an aura of love, peace and joy. My intention is to walk through life creating ripples of love and to leave behind everywhere I go a sense of love, joy and togetherness. I strive to uplift all those I meet in whatever way I can – a simple hello, a smile, and a word of encouragement. I find that simply by acknowledging someone’s presence and asking about their well-being lifts their spirits – and mine too. By being focused on others, I get out of my head and into my heart – and I get to forget my own worries, concerns and challenges. And I get to serve the world in the best way I can – from my heart. Many a time I have acknowledged a homeless person in London and got a most rewarding smile in return and eyes filled with love and gratitude. Often in the eyes of those I touch, I can see reflected back to me the love that is deeply present in all of us – and it reminds me yet again that LOVE is all that matters.
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avatar-newSuzie Cheel @ SuzieCheel.com said: My top favorite way to “BE” LOVE is to know that in unconditionally loving myself I am being my authentic self, showing up fully, wrapped in love, kindness and compassion.
When I Be Love and radiate this love I touch and inspire others to step into beginning to unconditionally love themselves. This is an ongoing process and I know that this is beginning to create ripples of love around the world, where one by one we touch another and the love chain grows in strength. 

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Ken WertKen Wert @ Meant to be Happy said: I don’t think anything spells love more accurately or more lastingly or more convincingly than T-I-M-E. If those we love feel like everything else comes before them, no gift will be large enough, no words will be eloquent enough and no act will be passionate enough to convince them of a love that our absence or distraction has failed to convey. So the way I choose to “be” love to my loved ones is by being present with them, by letting them see that I value them more than my blog or my sports or my hobbies or my travel or my business or my other interests. In fact, they feel that they are my most valued interest simply because I am willing to put aside everything else I love to prioritize them at the top. When I am home, I’m there, present, listening, talking, playing, sharing, hugging, kissing, fully engaged with them, heart, mind and soul. That comes at a cost to my other passions, of course. But no level of success with anything else I love can compensate for my loved ones feeling unsure about where they stand in my life and in my heart.
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joy-holland-website-graphicJoy Holland @ Facets of Joy said: I have a new favorite way to be love as I move through each day and I’m excited to share it with you! I like to learn what the person’s preferred ‘love language’ is so that I can share the energy of love in a way that is easy for them to connect with and receive in. ‘Love language’ is something I learned from Gary Chapman many years ago but just started being aware of in my connections again recently. Basically, it’s the way a person prefers to communicate about and express the energy of love and can be anything from spoken words of encouragement to physical supportive actions to sharing little material gifts to a smile at the most perfect moment. To get a better understanding of a person’s preference I might ask something like ‘how may I best share love with you today’ or ‘what would light your heart in this moment’ and then I share that expression in a way that is do-able for me and easy to receive in for them. For example, my son enjoys when I fill his water bottle with fresh water as he comes and goes throughout the day and my daughter enjoys short texts to check-in so I know that each time I share these easy expressions I am saying “I love you” in ways that enhance the feeling of the moment for them. You can see, from this example, that my children speak different love languages so if I shared their love expressions with the other sibling, it might be appreciated but it wouldn’t have the same affect. It’s a fun practice because it means that sharing love is ‘custom’ to the recipient and feels good for the giver as it is shared – which makes the experience feel special and the love connection feel more abundant (whether you are already friends or family or simply passing each other as you move through your day). There isn’t any doubt that love matters, because you are giving it in a way that is meaningful to the recipient and makes a difference in their quality of life in that moment, so giving it is fulfilling rather than draining – powerful stuff! Knowing that love expression fits makes you more likely to enjoy giving itand more likely to look for more opportunities to share it! Have fun celebrating love with this practice!
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EvelynBlue-300Evelyn Lim @ Abundance Tapestry said: My favorite way to Be love to my loved ones is to hold space for them. I have always had the tendency to become very occupied in my work. However, I have since realized the importance of making time to listen and about being present with my loved ones. I have noticed often enough that this is just what my they need. Setting aside my important tasks, I sit down to have a cup of tea to listen to them chat about their challenges for the day. As much as I can, I try to understand more about their world. It is in this sacred space that we hold heart-to-heart connection. I endeavor to create a space where there is safety for them to share about their vulnerabilities, imperfections and flaws without being judged. Sometimes, I like to inject humor into the space to jazz their day up a little! 
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1184836_10151848075580239_714167000_nIgor Tomic @ Natural Hypnosis said: My top way to be love to people I care about is simply to give them the gift of my presence. When I was a much younger man, I always thought that love was shown through simply being there for people when they are facing a problem. I reasoned that I was always there when they needed me and that this showed them how much I loved them. Today I realize that, while it is indeed great to be there for your loved ones when they need you, giving them my time and being physically present is equally important and (probably even more) rewarding. Nothing beats sharing a cup of tea, some smiles and small talk – basically enjoying each others vibrations.
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Joe-3038_smallest_BWJoe Wilner @ Shake Off The Grind said: “Having a loving presence comes from being in the moment with someone and making them feel special and important. When I want to show love I give my full attention to someone in a compassionate way. I want them to feel heard and understood. I want them to know I care about what they’re going through and how they feel; that they are perfect the way they are. Ultimately, “being” loving is about unconditionally accepting others for who they are, adding to their well-being and happiness, and working to hold this conscious space as often as possible.”
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vishnu-picVishnu @ Vishnu’s Virtues said: The best way to be love to the people we love is to not hold grudges against them for minor misunderstandings or larger trespasses. You might see the wrongs that people commit against you as unforgivable but everything is forgivable. Remember, you are forgiving for yourself, not for them. You also forgive first so you reap the benefits of forgiveness – peace, joy and freedom. You can’t wait until you’re ready to forgive – you’ll never be ready. You have to jump in head first when it comes to forgiveness. Forgive small trespasses in your life, then set the intention to forgive larger ones. When you forgive, you receive the gifts of forgiving. Forgive first. Forgive small things and big things. Forgive often. Forgive quickly.
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Jessica SweetJessica Sweet @ Wishing Well Coaching said: I work in the career space – helping people figure out and get work they love – and when you do you’re constantly hearing that you need to be of service to your network. But how can you go around helping everyone you know without burning yourself out severely? My answer is simple, and it’s exactly the same as how I like to “be love” to those around me. It’s by giving to those in your life whatever it is that you LOVE to give. Figure out what makes you excited, happy, or stand out while serving others, and when it comes to serving your network or shining your love (all the same thing IMO) you won’t burn out because you’ll just be being you. So for Zeenat that’s showing her wonderful, loving nature, and for me that’s helping people see themselves more clearly and think through problems in a new way. What is it for you?
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7I5ms6njBalroop Singh @ Emotional Shadows said: There is more than one way to ‘be love’ to loved ones as love changes its dimension and definition according to the occasion and place. Romantic love demands passion, motherly love exudes sacrifice, love for friends calls for understanding and listening, love for colleagues involves loyalty and support…the list is quite long! For me love has been ‘giving’ as this is what I saw when I was growing up and this is what I learnt from my husband. Even after a massive argument, he would wake up next morning with a smile, help with the morning chores, back up my car out of cramped parking and keep it ready to save my time. The power that lies dormant in this one word – ‘giving’ is infinite; it can only be explored when we dive in selflessly. I believe in the positive power of giving to feel and breathe love.
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162_P_N_P_112010-_JMY3295Peggy Nolan @ Let Go Move Forward said: Hands down, my favorite way to be love is through my love language, “words of affirmation.”
I’m an encourager and a people grower. The words I use have meaning and power and I honestly believe that the four most important words I can say to anyone are, “I Believe In You.”
Just watch someone as you say those words to them. Watch them stand a little taller. Watch them smile. And best of all, watch them grow.

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VictorSchullerVictor Schueller @ VictorSchueller.com said: The way that I have discovered to “be” love to my loved ones is to be present.  I can be with my loved ones in a physical sense, but I know that I can be distracted by other things that keep me from being totally involved in a conversation or interaction.
I have found that when I make sure that I am present, the love flows and the interaction flourishes.
I know it’s a simple thing, but it’s very powerful!

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EduardEduard Ezeanu @ People’s Skills Decoded said: My favorite way to be love for others revolves, not around something I do, but around something I don’t do. Or at least try not to do. I try not to judge people, no matter what they do, think, feel, or how they are. I try to look beyond all their flaws and acknowledge the goodness in them, their uniqueness, and their individual worth. People often tell me that what they like the most about me is the fact I’m non-judgmental. Why do they appreciate this trait so much? I believe it’s because most people are very afraid of being judged by others and rejected for their shortcomings. This is why so many of us play these psychological games around others, in which we hide our true selves and pretend to be someone we’re not. But all we really want is the permission to be who we are and assume the consequences, without being judged by others for the way we are. Give people this permission, and they will love you dearly.
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brendan-bakerBrendan Baker @ Start of Happiness said: For me, I love to ‘BE’ love by being present with those around me. And I’m not talking about just spending time with people… I’m talking about being truly, 100% PRESENT when I am with them. Being a great listener, actively engaging in conversation and not getting distracted by things going on around us.
I believe this is the truest and best way to show love to those around you. It’s hard… to be honest, I’m not always 100% present as the mind can wander… but I am always committed to focusing on my presence with others.

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Evita OchelEvita Ochel @ Evolving Beings said: My favorite way to BE LOVE revolves around 3 ingredients: mindfulness, presence, and joy. First, I aim to be mindful and present to others around me. In this context, I aim to pay attention, consider, or learn what they are feeling, being, needing or desiring. This helps me express unconditional love and be more attentive and caring towards them in all sorts of loving ways. And lastly, the element of joy plays a big role here! I aim to be love by being joy, and infusing joy into the lives of others. This includes all sorts of loving and creative gestures of appreciation for their presence in my life that bring a smile to their face or delight their heart in some way.
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lynnlasvegasLynn Louise Wonders @ Wonders Wellness said: When my second son left home after graduating high school and moved in with his brother close to the college campus where they both attend classes, I claimed Monday evenings as family dinner night. It’s a sacred time of coming together from the four corners of our various activities and commitments. On these evenings I lovingly prepare a home-cooked meal, light candles, turn on nice background music and I hold this space to listen to my children discuss their classes, friends, experiences, political views. I purposefully never allow the focus of these conversations to be on me or my opinions because on these evenings I want them to feel held, heard, seen and loved. I ask open-ended questions with genuine curiosity and listen with an open mind and a full heart. At the end of the evening, there are warm bear hugs and I send them on their way, back into their lives of work and college. Routinely creating and holding space that is purposefully welcoming and non-judging with nurturing food is my way of being and extending love to my young adult children and a means of keeping our family well connected.
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Debra-RebleDebra Reble @ HeartPaths said: Forgiveness is my favorite practice for “being love” with others. The more we open our hearts in compassion, the more we can forgive. This idea hit home for me recently when I was finally able to put my first marriage to rest and spiritually complete my relationship with my son’s father. Twenty-two years after Tom and I were divorced, he invited me to breakfast without first telling me why he wanted to meet. I graciously accepted his invitation. As we were sitting at the table reflecting on the many accomplishments of our son, Tom gazed at me, took a deep breath, and said, “The main reason I wanted to meet today was to share with you that I’m an alcoholic.” He proceeded to tell me he had completed a chemical dependency treatment program and now wanted to make amends for not having been present in our relationship, as well as take full responsibility for his part in our breakup. Stunned by his honesty and sincerity, I suddenly became aware of residual feelings of hurt within me. Releasing them, I forgave easily and quickly for his lack of accountability all these years, and together we forgave the past. This experience taught me to see him as a spiritual being born of love and walking the path of love on earth along with me.
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1897734_10201758925959221_395394361_nJean Sampson said: I show my loved ones love by telling them I love them at every opportunity—-usually every time I see them and especially when we say good-bye. I also take good care of hubby and let him know in words, too, that I love him and am grateful for him! I take my “helper”, Louisa, out to lunch or dinner as often as she will let me 🙂 to show her appreciation for all that she does for me. And I feed, hold and play with (very important) my cat, Hector! 🙂 Can’t forget the kitties!
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Vidya Sury
@ Collecting Smiles said:
 My top favorite way to “be” love to my loved ones is spending time with Vidya_Sury_vidyasurythem, listening, enjoying face to face interaction with hugs and smiles. These days, life is so hectic that people are too busy trying to catch up with their overwhelming to-do lists, juggling technology and sacrificing relationships in the process. I do not want that to happen with my own relationships and I prefer to take the initiative in keeping in touch, making them feel loved, because when it comes to love, I am definitely not keeping score over whose turn it is to call! So yes, time is my favorite investment, because the returns are priceless. This keeps us connected and happy as we bond and relax together, laugh and of course share meals and coffee!

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IMG_8702Fernanda Falcao said: My top way to be love to my loved ones and those around me are sharing delightful surprises with them. And when I do something that delightful surprises someone, it delightful surprise me back!
It can be simple as writing a love note, giving chocolate, or a little present, or just saying I am here.  

Every day is a special occasion to show those around you that you love them. Today a friend of mine surprised me with an email saying:”Thank you for your friendship”. That made my heart grin 🙂
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headshot smallReba Linker @ RebaLinker.com said: Loving others is so simple, and simple ideas are often the most powerful and profound – and yet they’re not always the easiest to accomplish…
When I love myself, then I have space in my heart to love others.
When I accept myself as I am and allow myself to be as I am, then I can accept others, and allow them to be just they are. When I forgive myself, and have compassion that I am doing the best that I can, then I easily forgive others, and know that they are doing the best that they can. When I see myself through the eyes of love, the whole world becomes transfigured, and aglow with the light of love.
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Sandra PawulaSandra Pawula @ Always Well Within said: One of my favorite ways to “be” love to my loved ones and all those around me is to apologize when I’ve mis-spoken or acted in a way that might have been hurtful. I love using the Hawaiian ho’oponopo chant: “I’m sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you. I love you.”  I’ve seen it cut right through an emotional mini-battle and bring both “sides” back into loving harmony. I can say these words aloud to someone I’m very close with or silently to people I don’t know as well or at all. It take courage to acknowledge your own errors, but none of us are perfect. When I take the first step towards peace, I feel a deeper love, a sense of humor about our idiosyncrasies, and a powerful sense of emotional freedom.
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12644831_10153192030132522_1872685474452239007_nAnd as my dear friend Arvind Devalia says “Bring LOVE to everything you do, everything you say and to everyone you meet.”

How then can our life not amount to something magnificent and down right Divine?!

May you have a Fabulous Valentine’s month and an even more loveFULL Life!

Remember its easy to BE LOVE. Take simple pointers from the beautiful wisdom shared by these loving souls.

Lets paint the world with LOVE 🙂

Happiest Valentine’s Day Ever!!

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17 thoughts on “23 Top Ways to BE LOVE Today and Everyday ~ Happy Valentine’s Day!

  1. Wonderful compilation, Zeenat. Thanks for including me and a very happy Valentines Day to you. I just like every how presence and time are predominant In th answers to your questions. ❤️

  2. Hi Zeenat,

    Wow! This is true celebration of Valentine’s Day! Though I agree with you that each and every day is the day to love yet we need such reminders to reinforce the power of love. All of us have one common strain…’be there, share and nurture those moments of togetherness!’ Love the way you have collected all these pearls of wisdom.
    You are awesome dear Zeenat. I love you! 🙂
    Thanks a ton for making me a part of this mega post. I am feeling honoured. 🙂

  3. I’m honored to be found among such loving luminaries and am impressed with the wisdom found in their words, Zeenat. There is nothing more important than the message of love in a world torn by so much hate. As more of us choose to become the very expression of love, more people will be more readily forgiven, more patience and kindness and compassion will be spread, less judgment and contention and anger and resentment, fewer grudges and ill will and revenge will be expressed. The result, of course, will be a revolution in happiness. Thank you for opening that door in this way to those blessed to stumble upon this post, Zeenat. Happy Valentine’s Day, my dear friend! May this be the celebration that ripples out in ever widening rings of human decency, peace, love and joy.

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  5. Wow! What a powerful *love* burst to celebrate the energy of love!! My ‘takeaway’ is that there are so many ways to share love – so keep playing with ways that feel good to you (and the receiver). I think it’s awesome that presence seems to be the connector energy in many of the answers!!

  6. Ellen Bard

    Such a lovely post Zeenat! Great suggestions that just radiate love. I like the reminders both of being present and sharing simple things like tea, from Igor, as a gift in itself, and also the idea of forgiveness and not holding onto grudges. Sending love to you all!

  7. Fernanda

    Thank you for this beautiful Valentine’s present!! I am so honored o be here with all this amazing and LOVING people! xoxo

  8. walksinspiritllc

    Love the list of answers!
    My favorite way to love other than being present is through words and images. I love to send friends, family and clients cards and encouragement through snail mail.

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