Instant Happiness, Connectedness and 7 Years of Positive Provocations

Instant Happiness, Connectedness and 7 Years of Positive ProvocationsI truly believe that we are all connected. I also believe that there is positive energy in us and all around us. I believe in doing good and putting that good out into the world. I believe we can all heal, if only we believe in this magnificent connection between each and every soul.

Its been more than 7 years since I began this journey called Positive Provocations. I’ve written hundreds of articles and eBooks.  Connected with amazing hearts all over the world and most of all have grown with each and every interaction. The connectedness of it all blows my mind. I am in awe of what we all can achieve should we set our hearts and minds to it.

Spirit of Connectedness

In the spirit of connectedness, I have decided its time I get to KNOW YOU. Yes, really really know you. There are thousands of people who land on Positive Provocations everyday. Many stop by to read. Some to heal and learn. And many just stop on by mistake…maybe a click here or there 🙂 But all in all, I believe each soul who lands here is meant to be here.

We are meant to meet. We are divinely guided to honor this connectedness that exists.

Many I do meet(virtually) through email, comments, facebook, twitter and other social networks. But, there are many silent readers, who I haven’t met, but would LOVE to meet and get to know.

Trusted Positive Healing Circle of Specials

You know, how every-time you share a secret with someone, a special bond instantly forms in between you. Thats the kind of bond and connectedness I’m talking about. That’s the bond I want with each of my readers…a ‘trusted positive healing circle of specials’ is what my intention is. And the best part, you are all special.

If you’re one of those lovely silent ones, I suggest you stop by and share a bit of yourself here. If you want to do it anonymously, that’s fine too. I’ll know you are trying 🙂

Like every good hostess, let me start by sharing a few secrets about me, you never knew before…just to make you comfortable…What say? You in?

My 4 Positive Secrets to Instant Happiness:

Lately I have been on an ’emotional down’. Yes, I get like that too. Sometimes for no rhyme or reason a weird emotional ‘down time’ kicks in and I fall prey to it…just for a bit though. Ofcourse I’m out of it now and can get all colorful about it, but when it was On…the ‘Down time’ was ridiculously painful. I didn’t like how I felt and was determined to get myself out of it. I had to rummage through a few really old techniques I hadn’t used in a while to get out of it. So here goes, my best kept instant happiness secrets along with my ….. weaknesses:

1} Visualize Happiness: When we are in our ‘down time’ phase, we often think of the worst possible scenarios and pull ourselves further down. I was doing the same thing under my sulking face all day…till I got tired of feeling like this. Although I was feeling super low, I lay down and closed my eyes and brought up a bright shiny rainbow with fluttering butterflies in my minds eye. I held that weak visual for a long time, with disturbances of the sad sad kind coming in the way. Then the visual got happier, stronger and the sad sad disturbances vanished. See its magic visualization. I did this nearly thrice a day. Now every-time I close my eyes, the rainbow automatically appears to cheer me up.

2} Chocolate Indulgences: I LOVE chocolate in any shape or form. But, I’ve been avoiding it for a long time especially to keep my weight in check(which still isnt 😉 ). During this recent down time, one of my aunts from out of town was visiting and she stopped by to see us, holding a bag full of gorgeous milk chocolate for my little girl. I looked at those beautiful slabs of dark heaven sitting in my fridge for way too long till I decided ‘one bite’. I’m telling you…that ‘one bite’ was pure heaven and in that moment of heaven in my mouth….no ‘down time’ did dare come close to me! I am not saying we have slabs of chocolate to feel better…but a piece sometimes can truly lighten the mood.  The little girl in me really needed it 😉

3} Catch and Trash: Ever heard of a mental trashcan? That’s the place all the negative thoughts should go after processing. If they don’t go there, they can fester and smell in the mind. Yuck! is exactly how it makes us feel is they stay on for too long. My ‘down time’ made me realize that my mental trashcan was literally empty, with negative crappy thoughts flying all around my mind. An old habit of mine was to regularly(every night) think of all the crappy stuff that has affected me and shove it in the mental trashcan. I even visualize and hear the trash compacter sound after the box is full :). I restarted this old habit and it’s feeling great already!

4} Add Romance: Another Secret about me is that I’m a sappy romantic. I love romantic movies, poetry, art…anything romance is right up my alley. The big secret is…I never show it. Never. My hubby is gonna have a shock reading this! But, in my ‘down time’ this romantic me needs nurturing. I bring out the romantic movies to make me feel all warm and fuzzy. My favorite to date is ofcourse ‘Titanic”…the against all odds kinda movies get me feeling all good. Dont even ask me how many times I have seen that movie….I have lost count!

With many of my sappy secrets out in the open…I feel like I’m already in a deeper connection with each and every one of you. I would love if you could reciprocate this connection by letting me get to know YOU a bit better.

When you want to really know someone, all the physical characteristics dont really matter. You begin to dwell in their energy, recognize the scent of their soul. You see only the essence of the person, not the shell. That is why its impossible to fall in love with beauty. Beauty can be lusted after, you can be infatuated by it, even want to own it. You can love it with your eyes and body but not your heart. And that’s why, when we really connect with a person’s inner self, any physical imperfections disappear, become irrelevant. We are all in perfect divine connectedness.

Are you willing to be in my “Trusted Healing Positive Circle of Specials”? I know I’d love to get to know you. Tell me about who you are? What makes you tick? What makes you sad? What you want to heal in your life? What is your favorite color? I want to know everything….I want to be there for you. I want to help you heal so that you can BE happy.

Hand in hand & heart to heart we shall and can heal together.

Now its your turn! Share a little bit about yourself in the comments below. Let me know you’re there 🙂 

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With Immense Love & Gratitude,

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18 thoughts on “Instant Happiness, Connectedness and 7 Years of Positive Provocations

  1. I think you know many of my secrets already, Zeenat! Sorry you’ve had this down period. I’m generally an optimistic person, but that happens to me sometimes too. We’re sensitive, aren’t we? Little things can suddenly get under our skin. I’m glad you have these wonderful ways to shift your mood when that happens. I’m definitely off chocolate thought at the moment, but I’ll try the others! Love to you and if there’s anyway I can support you, let me know!

  2. Kim Lawyer

    Hi, Zeenat! I have been tagging along with you and your views for several years. My roller coaster ride with anxiety and depression caused me to search online for someone with soft words and an understanding of falling down and forcing myself to get back up again. I had my meds and friends, but you were the “imaginary friend” who had a writing style that drew me in to listen as I read. Those of us with my problems teach ourselves little tricks to avoid “the black dog” (W. Churchill) of depression and the panic of anxiety. Music, a good book, counting and naming our blessings, time alone with pets, and giving to the community (my heart led me to The Humane Society) are only a few examples of the tricks we keep up our sleeves to dodge the thief of happiness. Suzie Cheel taught me my newest trick of really listening to my heart when I start to slip and slide.

    Thank you for giving me the tools to deal with adjusting and causing me to think. I don’t stumble into darkness as often, and when I do, I have learned a lot of tricks for quickly regaining my balance! We live. We learn. We help another who needs to get back up. We give thanks.

  3. Ellen Bard

    Hi Zeenat, sorry things have been tough recently, and I empathise. These are some great techniques, visualisation and practically! As you know, I also love romance novels, and they are definitely my indulgence when I am feeling tired or sad. Well, that and writing them!

  4. Hi Zeenat. I don’t often recognize when I need to implement my “sappy happy” strategies. My favorite thing to do is keep moving and pushing through whatever’s coming up – but I also recognize that most of the time, the “pushing” is the exact opposite of what I need. Thanks for this sweet reminder. I’m off to get some chocolate! 🙂

  5. What a sweet, honest and lovely post, Zeenat. I think we all have our down times and my ‘secret’ is that they can seem doubly hard when we declare ourselves ‘Leaders’ in terms of self-love and happiness, which is the work that I am involved in. Sharing our vulnerability is so important for others’ sake, and for our own self-healing. xo, Reba

  6. I go through emotional down-times, too. I think it’s the way I recharge my batteries. During this time you’ll find me binge watching my favorite TV shows (sappy happy or action packed!) I recently had 6 hours of complete downtime on my flight from Dublin to Boston. I binged watched 6 episodes of The Vikings. What else do I do – oh, sometimes you’ll find me in my “hole” – my big comfy chair – with my nose in a book. I also spend gobs of time in my garden (spring, summer and fall) – digging in the dirt is good for my soul. xxoo

  7. Zeenat, thanks for sharing a little bit of yourself with us. When I get down or just feeling “stuck”, I love watching sappy romantic movies to make me feel better as well. (I especially love the Hallmark movies around the holidays). I also try to find old comedy sitcoms to watch (I Love Lucy, Happy Days, Lavern & Shirley). Laughter always lightens my mood. And chocolate is my favorite pick-me-up as well! 🙂 Tae

  8. One of the things that can trigger my down times is pouring my heart and soul into a writing project and not getting any feedback. It makes me question myself. And while that doesn’t feel good, it usually leads me to some interesting places. Fortunately, I’ve always got a variety of projects to turn to. Lately, I’m refinishing furniture again. Meditative and concrete — a good combo when I’m not feeling competent.

  9. One piece of organic dark chocolate is my daily happyiness sweet hit, I too love romantce , movies and a good book is a switch off for me Love when you share a new part of you, love and hugs xxoo

  10. Although I’m not much for sappy movies, I’m definitely one for a feel good story and so I turn to reading. This most definitely helps me feel connected. Also a fan of dark chocolate; it’s a daily ritual. Thanks for sharing part of your soul with me Zeenat.

  11. Spending time with my kids in some unhurried activity that includes chatting and laughing is an instant mood booster for me. Thank you for sharing your vulnerability with us! >3

  12. Beautiful blog post . Wonderful intention. And really good tips Zeenat 🙂 I think feeling downtime is quite normal like the ebb and flow of the ocean. One thing I had to learn though was that I cannot take this down time ‘personal’. Easier said than done right? I am learning to use techniques that help me see my glorious self on soul level and that helps me move through judgement of any situation. Does this make sense?

  13. Rose M. Lichter

    hi zeenat, your such a caring real beautiful person, i know this positive information works and its so refreshing to read positive information. Thank you, I get down and read positive affirmations but being I hit chocolate too. you are a true
    positive person God knows we are truely blessed to know you. Rose M. Lichter

  14. yamilets72

    Hi Zeenat, your words touch my heart and it’s as if they were written just for me. I know that God made you as an angel to speak to us through you. We are all imperfect and complex and share this commonality perfectly. You give me hope for myself!! I need all the hope I can get for my sad sad spirit. Your positive tools are indeed helping me to revive my little spirit to glow and become big again. You were right I was meant to land on your page to help me out of this. I love the color blue 😊 it is my connection with the water and the sky. It will be where I go when those bad days and hurt feelings come. Thank you for saving me more than you may ever know!!! I pray you will continue to help others like me. Lots of loving energy sending your way…

    1. Yamilets,
      Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful energy here and for your words of encouragement. I truly appreciate them and you.
      I’m glad my words here are helping you to heal. May your sadness dissolve and be replaced with love and happiness. If you ever need more help, dont hesitate to email me. I love blue too!
      Sending you waves of love,

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